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Friday, 1 July 2011

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada day to all my fellow Canadian Bloggers and blog surfers around the world!

I had planned to make a post yesterday but took full advantage of Ruby and Rocky being at doggy daycare to get some kits ready for a workshop I'm doing on Sunday in Perth. I received an email from Christine Catherine way back in March or April asking if I would be interested in doing a workshop for some girls as the craft store they go to stopped doing classes. They've set up on their own and meet monthly  to crop and one of the girls suggested contacting me :-D I've done a few workshops over the last couple of years with my friends ... usually 8 max thought it would be a good idea to branch out and meet some new crafters. We got it all set up when I finally asked Catherine how many the workshop was for thinking it would be a similar number....I'm really glad I was sitting down when I read her reply....24!!!! More emails back and forth with one saying that because the date being during the holidays some of the girls would be away and apologised as there wouldn't be as many. So I'm thinking great...8-10....wrong 18!!! LOL now there's 19. Luckily they're all experienced  crafters so we should be ok. All I'm saying is if any of you girls that are going to be there on Sunday and are reading this...yes I am so looking forward to it but please go easy on me!! After all that I managed to get 38 kits more or less done yesterday with some last minute checks to be done today and tomorrow. There's going to be some prizes too so I'll wrap them up and decide what they'll have to do to win them :-D

In between the preparations over the last few weeks I made a boxed wedding card a friend had ordered oh about 2 months ago! I do believe my middle name is 'Last Minute Annie' lol. I thought I had another week to make it but when I saw her at Zumba on Monday she said she'd like it asap. Kits got tossed aside I got stuck into it and this is what I came up with...

This is the cover of the box. It actually looks awful in the picture but IRL it's pure white...the stitching doesn't pop out of you and it's just gorgeous (that's cuz my friend said it was lol)

Look who's inside. The chalking looks incredibly ugly in the pictures but it is very subtle.

I think this is one of the few photos I've take of glitter that you can almost see the sparkle. I used fuschia Swarovski crystals for the bouquet and her hair...and well the whole thing really.

I tried to be a bit fancy with my photography...don't think it really worked lol.

What did you think of the blog hop on Tuesday? Thank you so much for your lovely comments on the new release :-D Mind you I don't know if anyone would actually say if they didn't like them would they??? I loved seeing all the makes from the DT for the first time...I think they all did a flabulous job. I did mention that it was Julie's last day of being Guest Designer for June but we've had a bit of a change of heart. After Julie begged and pleaded to stay on (not to mention the mention of the cheque being in the post) I had to was getting a bit embarrassing .... and after going through the same thing with Pam last year I don't think I could go through it again! So now Julie is a fully fledged Ladybug...once she takes the oath to serve and obey Head Ladycow to the best of her ability lol.

The blog candy is getting bigger and bigger! I think I'm going to have to start taking the pictures outside of my photo tent as I'm running out of room. I can't believe I'm almost at my target of 200 followers. I know I should feel ashamed for bribing you all to follow me but I don't lol. I just hope that once the draw has been done you won't all become unfollowers! Hello to Debbie, Fluffles, Christine, Wendy, Nanna Donna, B. Nguyen, Donna, New Nanny, Darling Ho, Babette and Lydia phew!!! Thank you so much and welcome to the made house lol.

Well, that's it from Ladybug Central. Not sure if I'll post tomorrow...I'll see how the preparations are going!

 I hope you have a great weekend whatever you're doing.

Catch ya later x


Faith A said...

A beautiful card and box, the photography is good too, love the sparkle

Susan said...

Kerry - this is totally stunnalicious, adore Nikki's sparkly arms :-) My favourite as always is the gorgeous flowers xx

Isobel said...

Card is beautiful. Looking forward to the workshop tomorrow.:-)) Isobel

Julie said...

SIch a scrummie card,live the crystals,fabaroonie!
Shall I get up off my knees now or wait till Tuesday;)
Have a great weekend,Julie x

Whimsey said...

First question: Christine Catherine Do you really NOT know her name? LMBO

I thought this post was going to be titled "Happy early birthday Mary Poppins"; but was about Canada. Hmph again! :D

LOVE the card; is that an embossing folder on the front that makes it look quilted - love that!

Beautiful; you really CAN see the sparkle!! Gorgeous as always; have fun playing on Yeah, my butt will be glued to the bleachers in a gym...again!


Lisa Jane said...

Happy belated Canada day! Your wedding card is just stunning.. even though you say the photos are CR*P
Hope everyone has a fab time at the workshop.. cant wait to see the projects ..
Lisa x