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Friday, 29 July 2011

Costa del Glasgow

We had a great run of weather this past week. It was fabulicious to feel the sun on my skin and for the first time this year I sat out and enjoyed it :-D As you know I had visitors for a week and this is what we did....

Saturday: Sally and I went for a run then Sally, Abi, Amber and I went into town for a little mooch around and had lunch at Yo Sushi where Ben works and popped in to see Nic. Went out for dinner to D'Lish...and it was! Bought icecream on the way home and then Amber sang 4 or 5 songs for us...she's going to sing at Nic and Ben's wedding! 

Sunday: Martin, Sally and I went for a run then took Ruby and Rocky to CB then we pottered about the house then Martin and Amber left to go home as Amber was going on holiday with friend.
Monday: Woke to find Ruby with swelling under her chin so took her to vet. They decided to sedate her for a thorough check but still not sure exactly what caused it...most probably an allergic reaction to a sting. She really wasn't well at all. Then it was THE CLEAROUT!!! I really didn't think I'd have much left after Abi and Sally made me try on EVERYTHING in my wardrobe. We had a charity pile, an ebay pile and a what-on-earth-was-I- thinking pile lol. I'm telling you here and now everyone should have a Sally in their lives....she put things together in my wardrobe I wouldn't have thought possible and all I had to do was add a scarf or piece of jewellry and I had a new outfit! Sally and I went for another run (do you think I have the bug???) before dinner instead of going to Zumba later.

 Tuesday: we were going to go to Edinburgh but changed that to Wednesday and instead sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine. I've got a nice little glow now :-D After dinner Sally, Abi, Nic and I went to see Horrible Bosses. I booked the tickets online and picked them up at the cinema. We got our goodies (I had Ben & Jerry's most megalicious Fairly Nuts and Berry Nice yum!!) then got our seats and waited. There weren't that many people in the cinema which surprised me but figured there would be a last minute rush. It seemed to take ages to come on when a tiny kidlet in front of us started crying. I thought it was odd that he/she was allowed into a 15 movie but when Abi looked at our tickets it turned out ours were for Cars 2!!!!! Turned out when I put my card in the machine to collect our tickets someone had started to buy Cars 2 tickets and I paid for them. Got it sorted and we got to see Horrible Bosses which was pretty funny.

Wednesday: Edinburgh!!! Nic picked us up and we parked in town and got the train from Queen Street. It was another gorgeous day and we had a lovely time going in and out of the stores and had a lovely lunch then the train back to the car and against my will was dragged to Booty Camp by Nicole. She goes to this class 3 times a week and I can only describe it as torture. I have resisted going so far but Sally was keen to go and I didn't want to appear to be a wet blanket so went along. I hated EVERY second of it. Andy made us run at a faster pace than I'm used to then we had to do 10 push ups and run up a steep embankment and down then 9 push ups and up again etc. Then it was squat thrusts or booty burps as they call them...anyway, you get the idea...not my idea of fun that's for sure. Maybe if it wasn't so hot I might have thought of going again but I can barely raise my arms above my shoulders!!

Thursday: Took Ruby to vets then it was time to get Sally and Abi to the train. We went in a bit early to see Nic and pick up last minute bits and pieces then I said a teary goodbye. It was such a fantastic week and I loved every bit of it :-D

I had to take Ruby back to the vets this morning and although she is in better form and the swelling under her neck is gone it has moved to the right side of her face and is a bit hard and she can't open her mouth very wide. The vet says the swelling is bigger than yesterday so decided to sedate her again and take x-rays and possibly a biopsy if they find anything. Poor thing has been through the mill since we got her but she's a fighter and I'm sure she'll be fine.

After all that I'm sure you've lost the will to live but I've got a card to show you so hang on for just a bit longer lol.

This is another one of the Christmas Jack and Robyn samples I made a while back...


I still haven't heard from the winners of the candy but have decided to give it a full week for them to get in touch so if I haven't heard anything by 12 noon on Monday August 1st I will re-draw 2 winners :-D Also I've some exciting news to tell you tomorrow so make sure you check back...I think you'll like it :-D

Ok..I think I've rambled on enough...have a great weekend.

Catch ya later x


Wendy said...

Hi Kerry,Sounds like you have had a fab week,do hope Ruby is ok.
Fantastic christmas card,great image and papers.
I put a post on my blog about my win showing your fabulous stamps,thanks again.
Wendy xx

Chrissy said...

What a great time you have had..I have a friend visiting me next week, so looking forward to it.
Fabulous wee image and great colouring..apparently my tongue does that when I write and embarrassing.

Faith A said...

Great card and it sounds like you had a great but busy week, can Sally come to my house and clear up for me? PLEASE.

Mary J said...

Blimey, I'm knackered reading what you got up to!!

Gorgeous card - I love those papers and your colouring is amazing as usual!