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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Free...One 3 legged Boxer with a mind of her own!

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby not the song....but my gorgeous pup. She is perfect in every way except 2...she's a greedy girl and she just takes off and doesn't come back till she feels like it. Is she a typical female lol??? Ryan was took Rocky and ruby out for their last walk so I could get an early night. I got settled in bed at 10:30 with my new craft magazines and a brochure and got as far as the inside front cover of one when the phone rang. Ruby apparently was missing and had been for about 15 minutes. So out of bed I get, grab my jacket and in my jammies and flip flops went out to help look for her. As it was late we couldn't very well whistle too loudly (I have a pretty mean whistle which Suzy Q can vouch for) or shout so it was a case of whispering....Ruby...Ruby... Ruuuuubeeeeeeeeeeee! After 10 minutes I went back home with Rocky and grabbed a flashlight and headed back up in the car. Still no sign of her after another 15 minutes...I had visions of meeting the postman in my jammies lol. The hubster loves his bed so was quite surprised to see him coming around the corner to join in with the hunt. FINALLY in the distance with her 3 legs carrying her as fast as they could, we see where near where we were looking lol. Needless to say she got a ticking off and no treat... two things I know she doesn't like!

Earlier after dinner I took them to CB and took a couple of videos of the pair of them chasing stones I was throwing. Rocky is hilarious...I think he's part kangaroo! Have a look....

Oooooh I hate my voice!

Right...I'm off to make a card or two :-D

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Pami said...

Oh poor Ruby! They do drive you mad when they don't come back though. I have been out in nightwear trying to find Coco on occasions, you feel like such an idiot calling out Coco late at night! Then you start to panic when its been ages and there is no sign! Then they just wander over as if nothing has happened! I love the videos, they are so sweet! (How impressed am I that you uploaded videos to your blog!!) P x

Kerry said...

LOL...I impressed myself Pam! xx

Lisa Jane said...

oh my goodness... the woman who cant make the screen text smaller can upload videos lol!!
Fab little films.. we watched it a few times !!
Cant wait to see your creations

Lisa x

Amber said...

Ruby and Rocky are too cute! I think you were right when you said Rocky might be part Kangaroo.

Amanda R said...

Ok, several comments. Very impressed you shot and uploaded video, Ruby and Rocky are too cute, love how Rocky is like "cmon mom, throw it, throw it"! My Schnauzer (when I was young) use to jump like that in the snow cause he couldn't see where he was going, too funny. And I chased my cat around my yard once around 7am cause a mean stray was chasing him and I am screaming "Leonard come to mommy" the whole time if it makes you feel a little saner!