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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Happy Birthday Gaelle!!!

Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy birthday dear Gaaaa---elllle, happy birthday toooooo youuuuuuuuuu!!'s another Ladybug birthday...2 down one to go lol. I have to make BIG apologies to Gaelle as I only mailed her card yesterday and as she's in France she won't get it until next week BUT had she lived in the UK she would have got it today. I'm still living up to my 'last minute Annie' tag :-S

I don't normally post cards on my blog until the recipient has received them but I want Gaelle to see that I have made her one! So this is it Gaelle...I hope you like it....

I haven't inked up Shopping Nikki in like..forever... and she caught my eye as I was going through my stamps. I've used that yummilicious Echo Park pp I got last week (I've still got one sheet so you'll be seeing a lot more of it!)

What do you think of the blue shopping bag? I gave it an extra special treatment by colouring it with my Copics then GA'ing tiny clear micro beads over it....flabulous no?

I hope you're having a wonderful birthday Gaelle.

I went for a run yesterday although I really didn't want to as it was raining but the hubster convinced me that running in the rain was actually fun ??!! I have a route that I do that's roughly 2.4 miles and pretty flat with 2 slight hills. I decided I wanted to tackle a hill ... I would actually argue that it's a mountain but not many would believe me lol. Normally I get the train there and run back but I missed it so the hubster dropped me off and I set on my way. I got the breathing under control and was feeling pretty good...rain wasn't too bad. A few cars had passed me being extremely considerate except one. I swear when he saw me and the puddle he purposely swerved into it and soaked me from head to toe!!! I called him for EVERYTHING but kept on going. Finally I was coming to the mountain hill and decided I was NOT going to stop for any reason and I dug my heels in and at Kerry speed made my way up and up and up till finally I made it to the top!!! It was a real Rocky moment know when he makes it to the top of the stairs and raises his arms jumping for joy lol. Thankfully it was all down hill from there and as I made my way down I saw something that made me laugh out loud. There's one of those speed signs that if you go above 30 mph it flashes at you to slow down. As I was making my way down the hill it started flashing and I can assure you I was lucky to be going 3 miles an hour let alone 30 lmao!

With that I'll love you and leave you :-D

Thanks for stopping by

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

ooh its gorgeous .. i love the pretty pastel colours and the bag is beadaliscious!

Happy Birthday to Gaelle- she will love it

Lisa x

theCook said...

Hi Kerry!
Thanks, I'm happy to see the card, don't worry about the date, I like late birthday cards, this way my birthday lasts longer...
Wow, you put on microbeads, I'll be able to see (and touch) them for real!!!

Lisa said...

Fab card, love reading your blog as you always have something to make me chuckle xxx

Wendy said...

Fabulous card Kerry,gorgeous image and beautiful paper.
Wendy xx

pinky said...

Beautiful card, I love all that sparkle.

Donna said...

What a very pretty card - lovin those micro beads. Good on you running in the rain - I used to run but I'm afraid I found it really boring so I stopped! I really need to do some excercise so I might start squash again. My hubby taught me how to play and it's good fun - not sure why we stopped really! xx

Sue said...

I feel so bad... I SO need to excercise more!! Well done you on still running when it's raining :-D Fantabulous card, Gaelle is sure to love it

Sue xx

Amanda R said...

This is gorgeous Kerry! I need to get me some of that paper, just beautiful! And congrats on the run, now I will be humming that silly song they play when he is jogging around at the top of the steps in the movie!

Tip Top said...

You're braver than me!!

Thank you so much for the wonderful stamp - my kids are sick of me showing it to them!!

Whimsey said...

SUPER cute card; love the decorated shopping bags!

WOW - congrats on conquering the mountain - YOU ROCK!!!

Mary J said...

So very very pretty, Kerry!

WAY TO GO! I am so proud of you Kerry - I need to do some exercise so I will do some today!!