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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Menopausal Moments or Psycho Bitch?

Apologies for the 'B' word in the title but I couldn't think of anything more appropriate to describe me at the moment lol. For a while now...maybe 4 or 5 months I have been all over the place. One minute I'm my normal happy self then in the blink of an eye I'm so low you need to scrape me off the floor. On the low days I can waste an entire morning or afternoon doing nothing but playing Whirly Word (note to self: remove from phone and ipad!) ... I can't be bothered with anything, no energy and I know my face is tripping me....I feel like I'm going to combust! My memory is more shocking than normal...concentration almost non-existent and feel teary at the drop of a hat. I don't want to see or talk to anyone...I have to force myself to socialise. This is hard as I LOVE my friends and I'm sure they must be wondering who stole the real Kerry and replaced her with a PB!!!

 I suppose that was one of the reasons I started running and got back into Zumba as everyone knows (or should) exercise is a great form of 'feel good'. And it does but the 'feel good' is lasting less and less. Yesterday I was in great form...I went for a run then met up with Suzy Q at CB with the pups. The sun was shining and life was great. By the time I got home (less than 10 minutes) I could feel myself slipping and the rest of the day was torture. It has been in the back of my mind that I am at an age (47) that menopause could be knocking at my door. Not sure if I've had a proper hot flush as when they've happened in bed all I have to do is stick my leg out of the covers and things go back to normal lol. I know I haven't been my sparklicious self or fun to live with so today I took myself off to Holland & Barratt (thought I'd try the natural route before going to the doctors), marched in (literally) and verballed all to the poor woman behind the till lol. It was obvious she's had plenty like me come in ... she didn't bat an eye and marched me (literally) over to a row of green bottles that will hopefully be my (or should I say my family's) saviour....Angus Cactus Agnus Castus! She thoroughly explained how it works....told me a story of how she put her daughter on it when she was 17 as she was a she-devil a week out of every month and her son locked himself away in his room for self protection lol. So here's hoping it will start to kick in asap and I'll start feeling fabulicious again :-D If anyone reading this recognises themself and has found a solution other than drugs please email me ... I'll try anything within reason lol!!!

If you're still with me after that well done lol!!! This is one of my catch up's ... my neighbour's son got married recently...not once but twice! First was in a registrar's office in Edinburgh then in a beautiful chateau in France. Of course I had to make a card and Bride Nikki was begging to be inked again...

I hope you're not bored with my WOW wedding cards...I just love making them :-D

Here are a couple of pictures of Rocky and Ruby at CB the other day...

You got a bit of everything today lol. We're on the homestretch for the Blogaversary candy...I can't thank you enough for your wonderful comments and adding yourselves to my magnifilicious followers list. I am so overwhelmed and think I've set myself a HUGE task of sorting out new from old etc for the 3 prizes lol. I hope you'll stick around to see the final piece of candy I'm adding on Friday because it's flabulous!! I will  take the weekend to sort everything and announce the winners on Monday 25th...I'm so excited I can't stand it!!!

You'll be glad that's it for today :-D I hope you have a great weekend whatever you do

Thanks for stopping by

Catch ya later x


Julie said...

Oh my goodness Kerry, we could be twins separated at birth,same age,same hormonal rollercoaster,leg hanging out from under the duvet. I don't run though and not sure my bladders up to Zumba. My dr put me on evening primrose,has helped a bit but I do still lapse into the blank faced zombie playing bejewelled from time to time,might check if I can take the Angus jobbies,could do with a little extra spark. Fab card,love the WOW!!!! Now,all I need is some candy lol! Have a great weekend,Julie x

theCook said...

Oh Kerry I am so sorry about how you feel... Hope that you'll soon have a great solution to be back to your energetic self!
The wedding card is beautiful... I do love WOW cards!

DesignerDiva said...

Hi Kerry I can so relate to how your feeling, been there done that and got the T shirt!
Unfortunatly it sounds to me like you need the medical help you are trying to avoid - St Johns Wort is a very good pick me up and my Dr put me on Valerian Root before I had to have the real McCoy!

Your white wedding card is gorgeous, WOW makes my favourite wedding cards too

Take care, I hope you can lift yourself from the mood swings
Hugs Laurie x

Chrissy said...

The old leg hanging out of the bed, been there.I took 'Rescue remedy' lozenges, and they took the edge off me.

Faith A said...

Hiya Kerry, well I was not able to go the natural route,I would not be here now if I had gone that way, but the old HRT made me "sort" of sane. With agrophobia, claustrophobia, crying, hating etc etc, I was the biggest EVER. so I can sympathise, but can't help sorry.

Perhaps saying your card is wonderful may take the edge off, you are still producing wonderful work, so all will be well :)

Amanda R said...

So sorry you are having a rough time of it. Here's hoping the cactus stuff works for you! I truly feel bad for you but I kept thinking, that would make a great stamp and sentiment while reading! Of course it isn't like you could easily come and kick my butt now is it?

Lisa Jane said...

I always sleep with half my body hanging out of the bed lol! so not sure what that says about me .. and i can relate to the mood swings .. i don't ever seem to be on a level .. either high as a kite or low low low ... at the moment .. high cos of my new craft room.. but can hardly move from all the cleaning lol.. i am dying to go and play but havent got the energy!
LOve the WOW card... so pretty
Lisa x

Whimsey said...

Love the card...sorry for the ups and downs; they suck!! But we love you all along the journey!!!

Roni said...

Oh Kerry you poor thing, I hope Angus helps you and so sorry I cant! I kinda know how you feel as I ain't got no plumbing, not had any since I was 29 so I had to go on HRT and was on that roller coaster before I got there, so I hope your Angus Cactus dude pulls through for you!

Keep your chin up honey, enjoy the good days and try and push through the bad, but remember to take time for you!!

Big big hugs!
Roni :O) xox

PS Love your card and her dress is just sparkalicious!!

nnalorac said...

Goodluck with the Wedding prep Kerry, remember to chill out now and again, it's such a busy time. Just getting back on track from my Son's one. Hope the pills take care of your problems. Love your card, she is soooo pretty as is the card. Carolxx

Mary J said...

Oh honey, I'm sorry about how you're feeling. Really awful, I have no advice I'm afraid. I don't tend to do highs and lows, pretty even all the time (BORING!!)

Love your WOW cards - they are always so stunning, just like this one!"