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Monday, 4 July 2011

Perth Workshop

It was a glorious day yesterday...stunning really and hot. When I say hot I mean HOT! The best day of the year here in Scotland by far and what did I do? Stayed inside!  It was for a good reason as I had a workshop but I did feel really bad for the girls having to stay indoors for 4 hours and am thankful they didn't decide to go to the beach instead. Mind you I think some of them might have wish they had once we got under way with the first project lol. I decided to start off with a double twist easel card which on hindsight was perhaps not a good thing but there's nothing like throwing them in at the deep end! With all good intentions I typed up an instruction sheet and I think that's where the confusion started but we got there in the end. I had a great time...we had prizes and the committee made a gorgeous lunch (note to my cropping girls...don't expect that from your committee ie me'll have to make due with your apple and cinnamon scones!) Speaking of scones, Catherine made gorgeous ones with jam and cream. I took two home with me but I'm afraid they didn't make it to the 2nd traffic light lol.

Here's a peek at the girls at work...

This is Catherine (who originally emailed me) on the left and Irene...both on the committee.

First project...which was part of the blog hop and...

We did a note tin with Daydreaming Ruby on the lid....

and these are the notecards. I have to say this project went down much better lol.

They all said they enjoyed the day...I hope they did and maybe one day once they get over the stress and trauma of the double twist easel card they'll ask me back!!!

 All that's left to say is thanks for having me ladies :-D

Catch ya later x


Rusty said...

those poor girls having to be stuck with you for 4 hours! hahaha ... pics are fab! love the tin, mine is still waiting to be altered! tut!

Lisa Jane said...

oh it looks like fun .. and what fab makes .. i bet they will be asking for another day soon!
Lisa x