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Monday, 11 July 2011

Thankfully I think I've finally caught up with my cards :-D It was my DBLS's (darling big little sister) birthday on the 27th of June so comparing it to the rest of the late cards this one is positively on time. I don't feel too bad about this one because she's ALWAYS late with my cards so that makes us even ... I know even at 47 and 49 we're na na na-ing ... typical sisters lol.

ANYWHO I managed to get into my workroom and came up with this...

I don't know if many of you know this but Original Nikki was the first image I saw when her illustrator emailed over the sketches when I started LCI so I have a real soft spot for her. I saw her through my fingers because I was so excited and couldn't bare to look incase I didn't like her but of course it was love at first sight with just a bit of tweaking.

There's something about her that I just adore

Now the card is made I need to find a little prezzie to go with it then get it mailed. Unfortunately I don't have the postal strike for an excuse any more!

It's a glorious day here. I had the pups up at CB this morning and we had a great walk. Ruby disappeared for a bit which is unlike her. A fellow walker found her and she came flying over the hill licking her lips which can only mean one thing...she was eating horse poo! I don't know what they find so apetizing about horse poo but obviously it didn't agree with her as she was soon eating grass by the mouthful and brought it all back up...ewwwwwwwwwwwww...apologies if you're having breakfast/lunch/dinner while you're reading this lol. The joys of being a dog owner :-D

I do hope you'll come back tomorrow because it is probably THE most special day of the year...even more than Christmas! I think it might even become an international holiday and will be forever stamped on our calendars. What is it? Can't tell you but pop back tomorrow to find out! For me personally...I can't wait till it's over lol!

Hope you have a flabulous week and the sun is shining wherever you are :-D

Catch ya later x


Mary J said...

Gorgeous card - she'll love it when she eventually gets it with her pressie, lol!!

Yep, our Labs love rabbit poo for starters and then move onto horse poo for desserts! In between, lots of grass! Well, at least they're getting some veg....

Gaynor said...

Gorgeous card Kerry.

My dogs like cat poo! urggh, my vet told me to give them some banana and it will stop and it has, she says it's something to do with a lack of potassium.

Susan said... pleased I haven't been talked into getting dogs !!!!
Beautiful Nikki - love your colours :-)
...and so unfair to dangle a carrot, Kerry !!! xxx

Lisa Jane said...

well just had my tea lol!! Thanks for that ... i feel the same way about shopping Nikki lol.. my first ever LCI image .. fab card - and i am sure its been worth waiting for especially with a pressie in the parcel too lol

And wow .. whatever can be happening tomorro ?? i wonder??? mmmmmmm..... now let me think?
Lisa x

Donna said...

Ewwwwww - soooo glad I don't have a dog! You're card is adorable - I'm sure your sister will love it (even if it is a little late lol)

Will check back tomorrow for your news! xx

Wendy said...

Fabulous card Kerry,love the gorgeous image and colours.
Wendy xx

Faith A said...

Thought such a pretty card, then enlarged it, it's gorgeous. love the bow too

pinky said...

Yuk, bad enough going down but coming back up!! Love your gorgeous card, beautiful colours and what a bow!!

mixamatoasties said...

Gorgeous card Kerry. See, that's how dedicated I am. I'm still following you on my hols!! Susan xxx

Whimsey said...

HEY - I was going to say nice things about your card but then I saw that comment that you can't wait till tomorrow is over.

Hmph....I quit!


Amanda R said...

Thanks heavens my cats only get hairballs, no eating poo here! Yuck! Love the card, that bow is fabulous and your stitching is just about perfect!