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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Smelly dog...

Chef Ryan Ramsay update....don't think cheffing (is that a word?) is his thing lol!!! The dish smelled really good but the sauce resembled the colour and thickness of a Frosted Malt (yuuuummmeeeee...loved those when I was a kid!)...a spoon could have stood up in it! He was supposed to mix the chicken in the sauce then arrange it on a plate and drizzle this other concoction over top. Even after adding more liquid it was still to thick so he put a dollop on top of the chicken and I drizzled. As far as the taste is concerned....nah. He didn't like it (and he'll eat most things) so I don't think he'll be making that again anytime soon. I think it needed salt and this diet book says not to add it so if he did he would've defeated the purpose of the diet in the first place!
So then the birthday girl...what a little minx! I gave Ruby a lovely chicken dinner (normally stick to just toast and dog food as chicken has an adverse affect on her lol) and when it was time for her and Rocky's last walk before bed we set off. All was going well until we headed back and she went missing! I called and called and whistled and whistled (as quietly but effectively as I could at 11:30 at night!) but she wouldn't come so I headed home with Rocky to get my flashlight which had no batteries. Couldn't find any so raided the Sky remote control (remind me to put them back or I'm in trouble!) and headed off to find her. I was half way up the street when she came tearing around the corner as fast as her 3 legs would carry her looking like she KNEW she was in trouble...and she was. I don't know what she'd been up to (and I don't want to know) but she stank!! Maybe it was fox poo but it was horrible. There was no way I was washing her at that time of night so I sprayed her with doggy perfume and put her to bed. Poor Rocky having to sleep with her lol.
We're going to a friends 50th...a the weekend and thought I'd be more organised and make his card early. I had planned to make him a card using his baby pictures and the whole idea...if it worked ...would have been brilliant...but my printer decided it wanted to print the pictures with lines going across the image so after waste goodness knows how much ink cleaning the nozzles I abandoned the idea and pulled out Add-On Magnum instead. I definitely think Magnum makes making men's cards a whole lot easier :-D This is what I came up with...
With the weather being so miserable I wanted something bright and cheery. I love this Bo Bunny pp I got from Hayley. I think I just about got away with the colours for a male card.

When I designed the Add-Ons for Magnum on of the ideas was for him to hold the balloon in his tail. I think it works really well and I'm pleased with how it turned out. I also used my up-coming numbers to put Martin's age in the balloon....I think it's purr-fect lol.
What do you think of this little embellishment? One button is boring so I thought I'd use 3! They're from Bo Bunny so match the paper perfectly. I just stacked the three buttons on top of each other and threaded the PTI twine through and tied a double knot and hey presto!

I'm going to have a little tidy up now as I've neglected the house lately. Let me know what you think with a little Ladybug Love :-D

Catch ya later x


funky farm scrapbook said...

Oh dear naughty Ruby, what a dirty little stop out she was!!! You're right fox poop stinks like I don't know what and it's vile!!! The same if they roll in sheep poop but I'd rather sheep to fox LOL!! You had me bursting out with laughter at the thought of Rocky requiring a peg on his nose in order to get through the night, I think if I were Rocky I'd have turfed Ruby out! YUCK! Love the card!! I was going to ask you yesterday whether the number fit into the Magnum balloons too and you've answered my question. I love these papers and the colours are lovely! xxx

Kitty said...

Such a stunning card hun! Love the whole colour combo, its fabaroonie!!! Much love :) Kitty xx

Lisa Jane said...

oh i am laughing so much .. and didn't she smell worse with the perfume and pooh?? Poor Rocky.. i think he deserves a chicken diner for putting up with her lol..
As for the card ... its brilliant - i love the lime green and turquoise together and what a great idea with the buttons... i just got a new bag of buttons today - a whole bag for £1 .. i love a bargain.
Now befre i forget .. go put the batteries back in the remote ... it would be a fate worse than death in this house if the remote didn't work .... and the neighbour??? we what would he d if he couldn't change the channel to watch his soaps lol
Lisa ;)

Alison said...

This is a great manly card Kerry. Love doing mens cards so will be getting magnum and the add ons to add to my collection.

Hope Ruby is smelling better lol

Ali x

Elaine said...

Ewwww smelly dog, yuk! Another reason why I couldn't have a dog lol. Love the card, Magnum is great for guy cards. Oh and my printer does the same thing when I'm in a hurry grrrr. x

Mary J said...

Lovely card, Kerry! Such great colours! Love how you've coloured in your kitty kat!

I've made a card with one of your Nikki's - take a look here and see what you think!

Roni said...

Poor Ruby, she must've got such a fright to tail it around the corner the way she did! Mmmmm, now wouldnt that make a good stamp? Ruby & Rocky's little adventures!

I love your card Kerry, I struggle making men's cards so thank you for the inspiration!

Roni :O) xox

Suzy Q said...

Hey look, it was the girls birthday!!! She was just making it complete, my appling her own form of beauty pack (i'd like to think, a mud bath...of forms!!) Maybe she thought Rocky would LOVE to snuggle up next to her when she was smelling SOOOO DELIGHTFUL!! lol lol lol!
Loving the card as usual xx

Whimsey said...

Ah poor Ruby; what a funny story - love it! And I can see you out there at 11:30 p.m. with a flashlight looking around - too funny!

PS - did you put those batteries back???

What a GREAT card; he'll love it!!

Sue Upson said...

Great card for a guy, and a great idea to stack buttons up! But...eeewww smelly dog! Hope she is smelling a bit sweeter now :-)

Sue xx

Meahni said...

Hey Kery, I am SO glad it's not me with a stinky dog, mine sleep on my bed! But they do the same, roll in stuff that makes them smell, I guess it's natural for them, but they don't think of us od they now.
Very cute card, perfect for a guy!