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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Ladyubug Love

You know how I said I might sit out in the sun yesterday before it disappeared altogether? I should have known better because the sun shone for all for 5 minutes then we had torrential rain for the rest of the day! Suzy Q and I were walking around CB like drowned rats and there's no need to tell you what the dogs looked like. Starsky, Hutch and Miley are normally cute fluffy poodles (unless they've been attacked with the doggy shears but that's another story for another day!) but they were a soggy mess looking more like long haired rats!
I've been referring to comments as Ladybug Love...I thought it was a cute play on words with both the name of my Blog and comments :-D There has been a lot of LL lately and it's been appreciated so much and today I implore you for more of the same...even if you don't like my card lol. Lie if you have to but I feel I deserve some because this card has taken me 6 hours to make. Yes, you read right...6 HOURS!
Ever since I saw this image of the bird sitting on Buttercups head I knew what I wanted to do with it but as we all know sometimes things don't go to plan for various reasons. I'm not going to bore you with the details of my mishaps (I've been doing that a lot lately lol) but let's just say I'll think twice before attempting this one again!
This, my friends, is my very first shaker card! Please, please...your applause is overwhelming LOLOLOLOL (sometimes I do find myself quite amusing though at this minute I think it's because I'm limiting my intake of food to get rid of my ever expanding muffin top and I'm feeling a bit giddy!)
I only owned one set of Nitwit papers but after BFF sent me this card I had to shop for more. This set is called Snowfolk and has 22 papers and lots of other bits and pieces that go with it. You can buy the papers on their own for $2.99 or something called an FQB for $5.99 which has all the extras as well. For an extra $3 you get loads more papers than just the paper bundles and all the buttons etc that go with it. And no I'm not getting paid for that little bit of info lol.

I stamped my image, coloured it in and then followed a Hero Arts video tutorial to put the shaker card together. This is different from the ones you stick on top of the card and are raised...this one sits flat on the front of the card and goes into the card.

I used some seed beads for snow. I meant to put some glitter in as well but forgot and sealed it up before I remembered doh!! The blue snowflake is a brad I got in a Dollar store when I was home a few years ago. And yes, this is probably the first one I've used lol. I glued a silver rimmed AB Swarovski crystal in the middle of the snowflake and a few more in each of the corners. Unfortunately the camera (not me!) hasn't picked up how gorgeous the crystals are.

I took this picture as the card was lying flat so you could see how the shaker part looks.
I hope you like my card...and I'm not ashamed to ask/beg for some LL...even from those who haven't commented before!
I'm off to get something to eat before I get even sillier :-D
Thanks for stopping by.
Catch ya later x



theCook said...

I did once spend even more time on a card, but there was a lot of detailed cutting involved!
It's a pitty your first picture is a bit dark, doesn't do justice to the time you spent on the card... But the other pictures help better understand what you've done. Those white seed beads as snowflakes are such a wonderful idea!

p.maider said...

I think the card is lovely Kerry but 6 hours.... No wonder you say you will never make it again. LOL Pat

pinky said...

Ah it is just gorgeous Kerry, I'm a sucker for a shaker card as it fascinates everyone who receives one lol. Love the little seed beads you have used and those papers are so pretty. Need to go to nitwits now and your shop before my time runs out!

Donna said...

wow 6 hours! - that's dedication for ya!! Worth it though, as your card is fab! I've never made a shaker card but this looks great so I may give it a go xx

Lisa Jane said...

wow its fabulous kerry ! I love the litle beads as the shakery things! ( ot sure the correct term) i must remember that as lighter shakery things often stick to the acetate but your beads will be perfect! Well done on completing the card in 6 hours!!
Love the papers... just love it love it love it... is that enough ladybird love ..??
Lisa ;)

del-16.p said...

Your card is gorgeous Kerry - well worth the 6 hours it took you.I love the backing paper you have used.

Elaine said...

6 hours? Not sure I love anyone enough to spend that long on their card lol. Its gorgeous though! Like Lisa Jane said, the glitter probably would have stuck to the static on the acetate so the beads are perfect. x

Sue Upson said...

Great card Kerry, although I'm a bit grumpy as I'm now going to have to jiggle my posts about now (guess what tomorrows card was going to be!!), so I don't look like i'm copying! LOL :-)
You are dedicated spending 6 hours making it though, but it's well worth it, love the image too Sue xx

Helen-Ann said...

I LOVE the card Kerry, I imagine that I'd have thrown the 'towel' (or more to the point the card across the room) in long before the 6 hour mark, was definitely worth it - love the Buttercup stamp my new favourite (I think - I now feel mean to my old favourites lol) Can't wait to get it. XX

Suzy Q said...

Wow.....I thought everyone spent 6 hours making any old card!!! Hmmm must just be me then!! lol! I reckon making a card as technical as that would take me about a WEEK!!....Hey Sue can't wait to see your shaker card...again something I've never seen before...(newbie syndrome again)....xx

Rita said...

This is a fantastic card Kerry. No wonder it too you so long, mind you I take as long as I feel the need too as some cards can take me a full day to complete. Hugs Rita xxx

funky farm scrapbook said...

Gorgeous Kerry and you deserve a medal spending 6 hours making the card, it's beautiful though. I know my cards seem to take longer and longer to make! x

Roni said...

Sending you some Ladybug Love, I think your card is great and hat's off to you for even attempting it!

I would agree with the other lovely ladies and say a happy accident by not adding the glitter as it does stick to the acetate, then you wouldn't see your lovely stamped image properly! Saw a demo where they used tiny crystal rock thingamajigs (sorry I cant remember what they are called), this gave you the bling without loosing the view through the acetate!

Roni :O) xox

Rusty said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! only time I spent 6 hours on a card was when that one card became an 8th attempt! x

Karen said...

Gorgeous card Kerry and top marks for was well worth it! You've inspired us all to have a go! Mwah x

tiggyr said...

wow - 6 hours i know how that feels! I once took 6 hours to make 1 cushion cover - my mum had painted her whole bedroom in that time!!! Even though it took that long it looks fab and the next one you make will be even quicker! Love the idea of the seed beads, love your cards! x

Leanne said...

I love this shaker card!!! Even though it took you quite a while... I am going to dive in and try one myself. It's adorable!! You did an amazing job! (and a tip for everyone that has trouble with glitter and such sticking to the acetate... rub either a anti-static bag or a bounce dryer sheet on it before you assemble it and you wont have any static!) Just a trick I have learned and want to share with you all!
Thanks again for the wonderful card and inspiration!!! <3