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Friday, 20 August 2010

I'm away...

This was supposed to be posted yesterday and it wasn't for lack of trying! I travelled to my sil's by train yesterday to celebrate her 50th birthday. It was an all girls event as her husband got a new job abroad. I had my bag of clothes, laptop, lunch and magazines and handbag to the pouring rain. I got up early and took the dogs out so I didn't feel guilty about leaving them...what's with that btw???? and set off on my travels just before 10am.
I'm lucky as it only takes 30 seconds to walk to the train station from my house...unless you're packed like a mule like I was. I managed that ok, got on the train with a little help from a very nice gentleman. Once I got to Glasgow Central I had to leg it up to Queen Street station to get the train to Edinburgh with a quick stop at the PO. Just as I got outside the heavens opened and so I trudged through the rain, puddles and dozy pedestrians. By the time I got there I was definitely needing some caffeine but with only 4 minutes to get my train I had to skip it. Got on the train and settled myself down for the 50 minutes journey to Edinburgh and hoped the platform for the last part of my journey wasn't too far from where I was getting off...yeah right! But I got my priorities right and got myself a Flat White from Costa (my new coffee love!) and headed off to the other side of the station got my seat, got organized and tried to set my laptop up to do some work including posting this card. By the time I got the wi-fi working I only had about an hours worth of battery and it died before I could post anything. Then when the ticket collector came I couldn't find my ticket and you know when someone's standing over you waiting and you're rummaging around trying to find something you know you're not going to find it. He proceeds to tell me I was going to have to buy another ticket even though I had my reserved seat ticket and my return tickets!! There was no way I was forking out another £80 so stepped up my seach and thankfully found it.
Got to York where sil, mil, sil and sil's friend met me. Last night 12 of us went out for dinner and had a great time. I'm staying with my niece Ciara just outside Harrogate....She's making my breakfast for me as I'm typing :-D
The rest of the gang are heading over shortly so I'd better wrap this up. This was supposed to be quick but I don't seem to do quick anything these days!
Here's a card I made my my nephew that's a month overdue. Believe it or not this was quick as I was bringing it with me and I only made it Thursday in between all my running around!
I used the birthday cake from Add-On Magnum. I wanted to show you that you don't have to use Magnum in the set and of course the Add-Ons set gives you more choice to make backgrounds.

I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder to make another background instead of using pp.

If I had more time I would have 2D'd the cake

I punched this sentiment with a SU! punch I've had for ages (like years!) and have never used. I quite like the fact it's not round or square or perfectly rectangular.
I've really gone on far too long so I'd better go and jump in the shower before the gang arrives. I'm heading back tomorrow afternoon and will make a post about the DT. You've only today and tomorrow to apply so if you want to give it a bash send me an email.
Have a great weekend.
Catch ya x


Lisa Jane said...

Oh my Goodness kerry ... you have been in Harrogate ... thats only 30 mins away from me!!!!!!!! You sound to have had an eventful time
Love the use of the little cake - what a great idea.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend
Lisa ;)

Marg said...

"it's not round or square or perfectly rectangular."
Your tag sounds like my 'normal' cutting!! Lovely card. Hope your journey back home is less eventful.

Roni said...

Oh my goodness, I'm stressed out just listening to you! Hope you get the chance to chill a little on the way home! Another lovely card and due to your backgrounds being the same colour i think your wee cake stands out quite nicely!

Roni :O) xox

Sue Upson said...

Enjoy your weekend :-) Love the colours of this card, and great idea to use the Magnum Add Ons as stand alone stamps as well as with Magnum himself

Sue xx

pinky said...

Nothing like a big shower to make everything seem heavier and further away!! Glad you got there in one piece anyways lol. Have fun tonight.
ps got my new stamps already, adore them and one card ready to post!

funky farm scrapbook said...

Lovely colours in the card, I hate it when you can't find something and are pressured, makes it so much worse!
Glad you had a great time at your sil's. I love girly get togethers!

Lynn Ainsworth said...

oh my GOD. I LOOOOOVE this card! The colours are gorgeous - and I love the patterns... Can't wait to see you... x

Helen-Ann said...

I love this card, the add-ons make male cards alot easier x

Julie said...

I do love a nice simple card,this one's amazing,stunning.x