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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Getting nowhere fast..and great news and more great news

I'm struggling to get a card made today...I struggled to get a card made yesterday...I'm hoping I'm not going to stuggle to get a card made tomorrow! The rest of my day is filled with cleaning and cooking because I've got some very special visitors today. My cousin (3rd I think) is coming over for dinner tonight with her two kids and guess what??? I've never met them!!! She's over visiting family and my big sis (she's only met her once years ago) gave her my details and she's staying just 30 minutes from me. I've spoken to her Kerrie...yup same name as me but spelled differently...a couple of times and she sounds lovely so here's hoping it will be a good night.
I've got some really great news to share with you. You know how Jeanie aka The Spotted Chick is now my Guest Designer? Well, when I was going over her comments I noticed one from Meahni. Now there's not too many people I know (none!) with that name so I knew it could only be Meahni from Animal Factory and she left a lovely comment for Jeanie's Magnum card. I mentioned in an email to Jeanie how pleased I was to see Meahni's comment because I love her work. Well didn't Jeanie tell me they were good friends and if I wanted she would suss Meanhni out to see if she wanted to be a Guest Designer too!!! IF...hello Jeanie???!!!! So my great news is......Meahni is on board to be a Guest Designer!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Make sure you go on over and check out her blog. Not only are her cards beautiful she is a lovely, funny, warm person and I'm so happy she has agreed to design for LCI :-D Both Jeanie and Meahni are part of my DT but will be doing so at their own pace as both have a lot of committments and full time jobs!!
So as not to leave you without some eye candy I wanted to show you a 'card' that Lisa emailed to me last week. She made this fabulous replica of a Channel handbag and look who's got pride of place on the's only Shopping Nikki!!! You can check out Lisa's blog Mess2Magic to see how she did it.

It was originally Tams that planted the DT seed with Lisa putting her two cents worth in so I've them to thank for this. I've already had a few 'applicants' for a DT position...LOL...sounds like you're applying for a high powered position in a major conglomerate (000h...isn't that a big word lol...not sure where that came from rofl)!! Thank you to everyone who has sent emails. If I haven't replied to you I promise I will in the next day or two. Hmmm...maybe it's not a DT I should be looking for but a PA....any takers??!!!

Catch ya later x

PS More good news...the stamps are arriving tomorrow so you should get yours Thursday/Friday!!!


Lisa Jane said...

well all i can say if you get a PA - get one that can remember their own phone number!!
Thank you for the mention... and i just love using my Nikki stamps. Thank you
Have a great evening - it will be wonderful to meet your cousin.
Take care
Lisa ;)

Sue Upson said...

Wow, Fab Handbag! Excellent news about Meahni too, have a great evening Sue xx

Rusty said...

Fabulous news, and what an exciting night you will be having!! ... ooh I feel all famous now with the link to me! woohoo! I plan on sending you an email ... but only once I get rid of this nasty orrible virus! Great news about the stamps, maybe I should hold off emailing you until I can play with my new ones?

craftyrufus said...

Design team is a fabulous idea and I would've loved to apply but unfortunately I don't have a Blog. Never mind any time you need some cards made I'd be happy to help out, you'll have seen my cards at Craft World. Hope you have a great time with your cousin.

Rhonda Emery said...

love the bag. I am now a follower.

Mary J said...

Gorgeous handbag! That Lisa J is one talented lady!

funky farm scrapbook said...

All sounds very exciting! Enjoy your evening and beautiful card, very original and an excellent idea for ladies who love their handbags! x

Jeanie said...

Well would ya look at this??? Gor-juss!! I would be just giddy carrying this bag!! Love it!! Well, I couldn't be happier to be designing for you! You are one SWEET person and I absolutely LOVE LCI stamps, so it was a NO BRAINER for me too! Tee-hee!

Meahni said...

Hi Kerry, I feel like a VIP, lol! You are far too kind, but I am so looking forward to start colouring your images and making some cards with them. They are so cute, who would not want to! Hope dinner went well.
And I love the handbag!! Wonder if it will hold all the .... we all keep in our bags lol.