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Friday, 6 August 2010

High and Low

TGIF...that's all I can say! What a week it's been...I've had more highs and lows to keep me going for a long time. Where to do I start? Oh cousins! That was defintely a high :-D Like I said, I'd never met Kerrie and her kids but I feel like I've known them all my life now! Isn't it funny how you just click with some people. I met them off the train (it's 30 seconds from my front door!) and from that moment we didn't stop talking lol. Her kids are gorgeous...Amanda 12 and Gordie 16...and are going to break a fair few hearts! And so well mannered :-D Kerrie's mom's mom was my Grandma's (on my dad's side) sister and I guess because they lived quite far away and my parents divorced when I was 5 we didn't get to meet.
I brought out a scrapbook that Shelly made for my 40th and it brought back a lot of memories for Kerrie seeing Aunty Billie and Uncle Jack from way back. She came across a picture of Tracey and I sitting on Santa's knee when we were about 3/4 wearing matching turquoise velvet dresses that Grandma had made us and Kerrie squealed and said she's got a picture of herself and her sister wearing those dresses too!!! My mom had passed them down when we'd outgrown them . We had a great night and we're definitely going to keep in touch :-D
The next high was the stamps arrived and I had a busy time counting them and getting all the pre-orders packed up and mailed. The new images look fantastic and I love the new inserts for Jack, Buttercup and Christmas Ruby :-D
So then I came down with a mightycrash for my low and boy is this a low. I went out Wednesday night with 2 girlfriends and when I came back Pierce said my mom had called. When I asked if everything was ok he said no. I thought he was going to tell me my mom's dog Bailey had died as she'd been hit by a car a few weeks ago. But it wasn't Bailey, it was my Uncle Johnny, her brother...he died of a massive heart attack. I was and still am so shocked. He was goint to be 70 this year but he was so active and fit. Only the other week when I was speaking to my my I'd asked after him and she said he was great and off on another ball tournament (he played softball and ice hockey all my life) and I said 'at his age?!' and we had a laugh. He only got back the day before. I'm really upset for my mom as he was her only sibling and both my grandparents died years ago. This is when living so far away really sucks (apart from missing them of course). I did ask mom if she wanted me to come home but she said no. I think because it was so sudden everyone is walking around in a daze.
I took Rocky and Ruby to CB this morning for a good walk. They were pretty pooped out and had a good sleep. This is how I found them and couldn't resist taking a picture. Rocky hasn't picked the best place to rest his head LOL!!!
I got a lovely package in the mail today from Gaynor and Ann...some more fabulous samples. I think these are Gaynors best 3D's yet...take a look at this little beauty...

OMG...there are no words to describe how cute this cup and saucer with Robyn is and I adore it!

The teacup is a Sizzix die and I remember seeing it at the tradeshow in February.

Robyn looks so cute!!!!!

What do you think of the photography? A bit of an improvement? I had asked Jeanie how she takes her pictures of her cards as they always look fabulous and she told me about a light 'box' she had and step by step how she did it. I managed to track down the light box take it out of the box and immediately put it back in lol. I figured I might need a degree to work it out but I got it back out today and and a bit of a play. I'll admit to not following Jeanie's step by step instructions as it would have taken me days lol but I thought I did an ok job and I do think the pictures look much better :-D

Ok, I think I've made up for my absence so I'm gonna love you and leave you. Don't forget to sign up for the DT if you're interested. There's a link at the top left that will take you to the posting. Don't be shy and don't think you have to have years and years crafting experience to be on the team.

Thanks for stopping by...have a fab weekend and...

I'll catch ya later x


Sue Upson said...

Lovely teacup - I must get brave enough to have a go at 3Ding some of my stamps...

but, oh my, what a week you've had - glad that your meeting with your cousins went so well, but so sorry to hear of your news about your uncle :( sending warmest thoughts to you all at this sad time xx

Lisa Jane said...

OH wow Kerry that tea cup is fabulous .. the attention to detail is fabulous and i love the colours.
Sorry for your loss and thinking of you
Lisa ;)

funky farm scrapbook said...

That teacup is fantastic, I love it!!!! Another great card!
Was lovely to catch up with you earlier, was so sorry to hear of your loss and up and down week, I think up and down emotions really knock people - take things easy this weekend, sending you a hug. xxx

Roni said...

I love the card Kerry and the dogs, sooo cute! I'm so glad you got on well with your relatives but I'm so sorry to hear your sad news! Wish I could come and give you a hug, thinking about you and your family during this difficult time.

Roni :O) xoxo

Susan said... sorry to hear about your loss - not made easier with you being so far away from your mum....LOTS AND LOTS OF HUGS.....

Meahni said...

Hi Kerry, so sorry to hear about your uncle. Hope your mom will be okay.
Oh that picture of Rocky and Ruby is just the best, I LOVE it! Especially the nose up the bum, lol.
Great teacup card, looks like lots of work, hehehe.

Jeanie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
LOVE the photo of the Rocky and Ruby! Too funny and that teacup is GREAT! You did a fabulous job on your photos as well! :o)