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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bad Hair Day & Queen Whiplash!

I'll address the second part of the title first! When I sent out the confirmation emails to the new DT members I said 'we'll be starting off gently then I'll be cracking the whip!' One of my girls...who shall remain nameless ... decided to have a bit of fun with this and posted something on the DT blog. ANOTHER one of my girls ... who also shall remain nameless...decided to rename me Miss Whiplash!!! We are posting our pictures on the DT blog and a late one came in last night and she was wearing a tiara and looked rather beautiful. My comment then was 'I love the idea of you wearing a tiara while making cards' so now it's all escalated to me being Queen Whiplash and Lisa has now given us all tiara's as we all wanted to be wearing tiara's while making cards lol!I do believe I have picked a great bunch of girls all with a fabulous sense of humour!
On to Bad Hair Day! I thought I would try to colour another Jack with blonde hair...I almost ripped it up but as I left the hair to the last there was no way I was starting over again! The main problem being my Copics and Promarkers bleeding over the lines. I do try and stay as far away from the line as possible but the colour somehow knows how frustrated I get with bleeding and it speeds up and creeps over!!
This is Hide & Seek Jack... I bought this Bo Bunny pp when I was at Craft World yesterday. I thought it suited the image perfectly :-D
There's always one that has to tell...bad owl lol!!

Here's my blonde's better than it was...hard to believe I know but trust me on this one...but you can see how the colour bled over the line at the top of Jack's head. I used the blender pen to try and push the colour back but it made a bit of a mess so I tried one of Paula's tips putting a 'glow' around some of the image. Anywho...what do you think of Hide & Seek Jack? Another winner?
This next card is from Tams, one of my new DT girls, thanking me for choosing her for my team. She originally tried to bribe me with her ipad knowing I've been wanting one for a while and
although I was extremely tempted I decided I would choose her on her talent instead :-D That's not to say I couldn't be bribed with an ipad on another occassion lol.
I love Catflap Magnum and the colours of pp are gorgeous! Thank you Tams :-D
I'm making a lazy dinner tonight...heading out now to pick up a couple of cooked chickens from Morrison's. Well, I think I deserve to...I did make TWO cards today!! I'll be posting the second on tomorrow and boy have I got a treat for you. Jeanie's last card until she's finished her renovations in November!
Thanks for stopping by...enjoy the rest of your long weekend :-D
Catch ya later x


funky farm scrapbook said...

I LOVE this new Jack Stamp!!! When can we work with him lol!? He's fab!! I agree, the PP looks brilliant with the image/theme.
Love card by Tams too, geat colours.
And I'm still rolling around laughing xxx

Anita said...

Oh, this card is so stinkin cute and the paper looks great. Yes, I think you've picked a crazy and fun group of people for your DT. I do believe we are going to have a blast!

pinky said...

You just don't know what you have started Kerry!! lol. Its going to take more than a whip probably! Love your new image, really really cute. Its a real bummer when you get a bit of a bleed with the markers but the outline does help. Love the card from Tams too, another cutie.

Anonymous said...

oh Jack is so cute ..and that DP is perfect.I would never have known about the hair if you hadn't pointed it out... why do we do this? Us crafters are all the same lol
Enjoy tea.. i feel really virtuous now as i have made a ricotta and spinach lasagne from scratch - even the tomato/veg sauce has courgettes/aubergines and tomatoes in from my own greenhouse for a queen you could say lol
We've got a right old bunch lol!

Lisa Jane said...

oh lol... didn't mean for my comment to be anonymous ..or did i lol??
forgot to say how lovely Tams card is .. you know i love magnum and he looks fab!
Lisa ;)

funky farm scrapbook said...

Oh your dinner sounds delicous Lisa can I come around please?! I'm making toad in the hole for one! xx

Roni said...

It sounds as though you've got a great bunch Kerry, and we will all have great fun reading your posts and the DT's comments!

Both cards are lovely and little Jack telling us to ssshhh, lol! I wont tell a soul!

Stamping and copics are all new to me, but I noticed it depends on which paper/card I use whether I get a lot of bleeding or not, so I dont know if that would help if you were to try it on different card?? Roni :O) xox

Sew-Ink said...

Sound like you picked a great group of girls, I can't wait to see what else they have up their sleeves!

Jack turned out very cute and I love that patterned paper you used. I also agree with Roni, you might want to try stamping on a different type of cardstock.

Tam's your card is really cute too, love the sentiment you added and the little sliver cat charm.

Suzy Q said...

Hey Queen Whiplash!! loving the new Jack stamp! and well done to Tams, that's a great card with Magnum, love the colours xx

Whimsey said...

Note to Queen Whiplash - always be careful what you say to your DT; THEY love messin' with ya!!!


Love the cards; so dang cute!!!