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Saturday, 6 August 2011

What have I been up to???

STD's...that's what I've been up to!! And for those of you that haven't got a clue what I'm talking about ... I'm talking Save The Date's nothing else lol. Nicole has been cracking MY whip wanting to get the STD's out even although (is that proper English???) the wedding isn't until May 26th next year. We got to work on them on Tuesday, she writing out the addresses and me measuring, cutting measuring again and corner rounding. That's where the trouble started (is anything ever straight forward with me???). AFTER I rounded all the corners of the pinky/peachy mounting card I noticed the majority of the edges were a bit chomped so I started trimming them with scissors. I'd trimmed about a 1/2 dozen and realised I could be there all day so I downed corner rounder and started putting the flower die through my Cuttlebug....75 times!!!! I went to Craft World on Wednesday to buy a new corner rounder but they were waiting for them coming in so Donald kindly lent me a couple of theirs to try. I bought more of the pinky/peachy Bazzill just in case I made an even bigger mess but all went well in the end with only minor trimming needed :-D Thursday saw me spend 4 hours rolling did seem like a good idea at the time as it always does when you make one lol. I also GA'd the magnets to the back and glittered up the hearts on the front. Unfortunately I had to abandon the sewing as Nic was chomping at the bit to get them done (on hindsight maybe that wasn't a bad thing) but in the end it was the flat back pearls that let me down. I ordered them Wednesday thinking I'd get them the next day but they only arrived this morning set to work GA'ing them to the flowers. On closer inspection some of the flowers look a bit ropey but hopefully the invitees won't notice lol.

This is what the finished STD's look like...can you see what I tried to do when I laid them out?? Just as well I'm not making the cake...

I'm glad that's over and maybe now I can get caught up with LCI business before Nic starts cracking the whip for the invitations hmph!

As I haven't made anything other than the STD's (and make my FIL a birthday card using a NEW image {squealing clapping hands}) I've got one final Christmas Jack and Robyn card to show you.

This one is Bless This Tree - What a cutie!

I like clear lights on a tree but wish I had coloured these ones. Oh well, guess I'll have to make another one :-D

EVERY little (and big!) girl should have sparklicious slippers

I'm really going to have to get my skates on now to get some more samples to show. Also must check what birthdays are coming up...August is another killer month. I've got Ryan and my SIL on the 24th, DLS on the 26th, FIL and BIL were on the 3rd (haven't started BIL's yet!), plus I've a late engagement and wedding card to make too. I know there's a Ladybug's birthday in there as well and I daren't be late for that one...thankfully towards the end of the month.

The LCI sale is still on until the 15th. You can buy one stamp and get another 1/2 2 get 2 1/2 price and so on!!!!! I received a FABULICIOUS parcel yesterday of some new stamps PLUS I've got another set to go off to the manufacturer's this coming week and I need the room :-D Just to tempt you further I also had a delivery of 5 fabulicious new colours of felt. If you haven't already tried it I strongly recommend you do. It's lovely and soft and goes through the Cuttlebug with frayed edges or nufink!

Lilac Purple

Lush Jade Green

What a Peach!

You've Been Tango'd

Wedgewood Blue

I always find the pictures don't do justice and these certainly don't...especially the Just Peachy and Lush Jade Green. I'm going to put them on the website once I've made myself a coffee so don't go rushing off...form an orderly queue and be patient lol. I'm no good without my caffeine :-(

I had dinner with Lynn and Elaine the other night at Asia Style in was yummalicious!! If you go you HAVE to have the Malaysian style green beens....WOW. We all ordered starters and I don't know about you but I like to SHARE when I go for a Chinese. Lynn on the other hand likes to order Crispy Salt and Pepper Squid KNOWING Elaine and I won't touch it with a barge pole (though Elaine gave it a good effort the last time we were out) hmph. Maybe it's Karma but Lynn said she got a new ring tone for her iphone...said it was Linus and Lucy from a Charlie Brown Christmas (just the opening bit). I love all things Charlie Brown so asked to hear it and brought back so many memories of when I was growing up. Unfortunately when I played it to my kids they just gave me a blank stare! So did hubby for that matter lol. Anywho, I begged and pleaded with Lynn to have it as my ring tone as well. Luckily she said yes and we proceeded to download it. The Karma bit? Well, she's got the ring tone in her phone but can't work out how to get it applied whereas my phone more or less did it itself. The rest of the night I kept asking her to call me just so we could listen to it lololololol....what am I like! Click on the link above and let me know if it brings back any memories for you :-D
Ok Peeps...thanks for popping in today. I hope you're having a great weekend.
Catch ya later xx


mixamatoasties said...

Well done on finishing the STD cards! And that's a gorgeous Christmas card of Robyn :)

Susan xx

Diane's Card Designs said...

You've done really well with the STD cards. The Robyn image is adorable and the ribbon very lush.
Have a lovely weekend!
Diane :-) xx

Faith A said...

Oh! my goodness, you have been up to a lot, how do you do it?
Love the card and stamp

Lisa Jane said...

oh my - you have been busy .. and me chillaxing and scoffing donuts lol! I bet the STD's look fabarooni.. and the xmas card is gorgeous .. i agree everyone would have some slippers like that .. we saw a little girl in red sparkly shoes in Scarborough this evening and i wished i was 5 again lol!
Fingers crossed no more torrential rain tonight

Lisa x

Susan said...

Oh you must be exhausted - they look gorgeous though......I did notice your deliberate mistake in the photo though - one was upside down - now that's my OCD kicking in !!!!
Absolutely love the Christmas card - love the layout - will have to pinch that one :-)
More felt - what are you trying to do to me ???!!! Absolutely gorgeous Xxx

Amanda R said...

Love the card, didn't notice the little bunny on her shirt before and yes, I definitely remember that song. I remember the entire show but I am a Christmas cartoon/movie junkie. The STD's look wonderful and better to get them done now then trying to do them at Christmas time when so much else needs done right?

Whimsey said...

UM, I had to read that first paragraph REALLY SLOW...not because I AM slow but because where I come from STD stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease - I kid you not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, so, so happy to know we are talking about SAVE THE DATE - sheesh!

Super cute; dang, that's some serious work girly; but I know Nicole will treasure these memories for a lifetime!

Love the Christmas card; always love non-traditional colors for these! Fabby!!

Sue said...

You have been busy!! The Save the date cards look amazing, and are sure to be really well recieved. Loving the Christmas card too - who wouldn't want sparkly slippers!! And OMG the felt... sigh... especially loving the blue Sue xx