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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

3 is not a nice number..

The last 3 days have sucked! Three things in 3 days.

Started on Sunday when Ryan had a bad tackle playing football/soccer against Hearts and now needs reconstructive surgery on his cruciate. This is a huge blow as apart from being out of action for 5/6 months he'd just come back after quitting the game last year for all sorts of reasons. After time out he realised he still loved the game and wanted to play and luckily his old team signed again. He was doing brilliantly and now this.

Then last night Ruby's left side of her face started to swell. This morning when I went to check on her she looked like someone had given her a bad batch of collegen injections. See for yourself...

We have an appointment at the Vet School tomorrow at 9:30 but I'm taking her to my own vet in an hour just to make sure she's not going to suffocate as the swelling has gone down her neck. The last time it was her right side. She looks so sad :-(

Finally, today I found out treatment a friend of mine is having for cancer isn't working. I hope and pray the doctors will find something that will help her.

Don't think I like the number 3

In amongst all that I've got a busy week of birthdays starting tomorrow with Ryan and my SIL. I haven't started Ryan's yet but that's not unusual. I usually get to immediate family cards just before midnight the night before. I did get my SIL's done and here it is...

I'm not 100% about it but I don't have time to mull over it. I love The Ruffle. When I first saw the image I was quite daunted on how to colour the handbag but I actually love colouring's very therapeutic.

I'm chuffed how the straps of the shoes turned out...I don't ususally get the shading like that

A bit fuzzy wuzzy...I'll have to sack the photographer

Best get Ruby ready to go.

Thanks for stopping by

Catch ya later x


Pami said...

Oh Kerry, you poor thing. Poor Ryan, I guess this sort of thing comes with the territory, one bad tackle and that can be it. I hope he can recover quickly from it and is back out with the team sooner they can think. Poor Ruby, I can't look at her photo, I will cry. I hope she gets on ok at the vets, please let us know. And I don't know what to say about your friend. Just hope that the doctors can find something that will help her. Thinking of you and sending lots of love. P x

The card is wonderful. P x

Marianne said...

So that's what they mean when they say bad things come in threes. Still sucks, though.
At least your image turned out great. Very sassy.

A New Crafter said...

Oh goodness, what a tough time for you, hoping that things work out okay with everything, Ruby looks so sad, good luck at the vet today and hoping she will be on the mend shortly, thank goodness for crafting to take our minds off the difficult times for a short while, take care, Anne

Jo Street said...

My mum says things always happen in three's, so now you've had yours hopefully things will start to look up. Your card looks great!
Jo x

Donna said...

Bad things usually do come in 3's but crikey me, they're pretty tough things to deal with. Stay strong! Hope things turn out ok for all concerned. Keep us posted x

Your card is faberoony - great colouring xx

Chrissy said...

Gorgeous card Kerry, fabulous colouring, I'm sure your SIL will love it.Your lot are in the wars...hope eveyone improves and nothing serious with Ruby.


Lisa Jane said...

oh no.. well lets hope things are on the up from now on.I am so sorry to hear about your friend .. all you can do is be there for her .
I love the shading on your image .. they look so soft.. i might even be able to wear them with my dodgy feet lol
Lisa x

JLJ Designs said...

How awful! I hope things start to look up from here.


Diane's Card Designs said...

I'm so sorry to hear your bad news, they say things happen in three's. Hope things start to pick up.
Gorgeous card! The little pearls down the handbag are very effective and love the nestie. Oh and your inside is decorated beautifully. The printed insert looks very professional....You put me to shame.... lol
Diane :-) xx

Amber said...

Oh no! I hope things start to get better. I will say a few prayers for your dear friend and I hope Ruby's swelling starts to go down and I hope everything goes well with your son. The same thing happened to our dog Lexis too. Both sides of her face and nose swelled up a lot. It turns out it was from our neighbor cutting his grass, she has allergies to grass.

Amanda R said...

Your card is lovely but poor Ruby, hopefully it is an allergy to something since it is moving around. And will keep your friend in my thoughts that they find a treatment for her that will work. Poor Ryan too but feel really bad for Ruby cause you can't explain to her what is going on. Keep us posted on everyone please!

Mary J said...

I hope everything starts turning around for you Kerry - you must feel frazzled.

A gorgeous card - i love it! Perfectly made and love all the little pearls - your SIL will love it too!

CroppinSpree said...

Stay strong, im sure Ruby will be just fine. She is adorable!