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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Happy Birthday Ryan

It's my baby's 24th birthday how time flies! If he hadn't of been injured I probably wouldn't have seen much of him but after I took Ruby to the Vet School (more on that below) We went to D'Lish for some lunch then headed to Costco to get a birthday cake. If you've never had a Costco birthday cake then you haven't lived lol. I don't like the icing but the cake is fabulicious! Now he's icing his knee (not with frosting but peas and mixed veg lmao) and here I am. Not very rock and roll and I'm sure he would have liked to spend his birthday with his friends but I enjoyed our day together :-D

The picture below was taken when we were home visiting my mom and he crawled onto the dishwasher door

Normally I'm VERY late making my family's cards but I finished Ryan's BEFORE midnight lol. This is what I came up with...

I love how this turned out and I really enjoyed using Magnum and the Add-On's for ths card.

Lily loves a party :-D

I'd love to enter my card in the following challenge:

That's Krafty Thursday #53
I'm not sure how/why this video is on here but I can't get it off lol

I'm not sure it shows exactly how hard it's raining but it was torrential and  lasted all of 5 minutes and now the sun is splitting the sky!

Like I said I took Ruby to the Vet School this morning. When I took Ruby the last time there was barely any swelling but today he saw her at her worst. He decided an MRI was the only way to get to the bottom of it. I think he's ruled out an allergic reaction but said it could be a seed from the plants/grasses or an abcess but whatever it was it would show up on an MRI. He also said she might need surgery depending on what they find so he went off to check if they had a slot for her today, came back with a time of 1pm and a form for me to sign for the general anestaetic and a rough idea of how much it would cost if the surgery was included....are you sitting down? £4,000.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I can say is I'm in the wrong profession....AND thank goodness for pet insurance otherwise the wedding would be off lol. With all her surgeries and trips to the vets she is certainly a very expensive dog and I've definitely had my monies worth from the insurance!

I just this minute got the call from the vet. Apparently it's grass seeds that have somehow implanted in her neck/cheek (she could have inhaled it, it could have gone in through her foot and travelled up) and caused an abcess. She's scheduled for surgery tomorrow at 2pm and will be home for the weekend. The vet told me a dog is having surgery tomorrow to remove a grass seed from it's lung and will lose part of the lung. It's crazy that something so small can cause such problems!
That's it from me...I'm knackered lol!!! I'll let you know how Ruby gets on tomorrow.
Thanks for all your good wishes for Ryan, Ruby and my friend.
Catch ya later x


Marianne said...

Happy to hear they found the cause of Ruby's swelling. I've been thinking about her quite a bit today. Hope surgery goes well tomorrow and she'll be back to her normal self shortly. And like you said: thank goodness you have pet insurance. We have a few (Greek) cats that have adopted us, and I can tell you that Greek vets are expensive, too, lol.
Love the card and the Magnum image. Should have bought it when you were offering a discount, but I ordered (and received) two other ones instead. Oh well, next time...

mixamatoasties said...

Happy birthday to Ryan! We've had one of those Costco cakes. We were eating it for weeks!!!!

Love the card :)

Susan xx

Pami said...

Forget the cake, your Ryan is fabulicious!! Yummy! Anyway, hope he had a good day!! I hope Ruby is ok to tomorrow, I was worried when I saw the photo, poor baby. Card is fabby! P x

Diane's Card Designs said...

Hope Ruby's surgery goes well! Happy Birthday Ryan! The card looks lovely with the balloons and cake you have added to Magnum.
Have a lovely evening!
Diane :-) xx

Carrie said...

Flabby card lovely... I'm the same- last minute for my cards lol!!!! I am not sure he will be happy with the before pic loL!!!
Hope ruby is ok xx

The Spotted Chick said...

I'll say he's EASY ON THE EYES!! Shooo-weee! Tee-hee! Happy Birthday Ryan! Love the card Kerry and your coloring of Magnum is BEEE-YOO-TIFUL! Thanks for playing along in my That's Krafty Thursday challenge! (((hen hugs)))

Anita said...

A beautiful son and a beautiful card Kerry. Hope all goes well with Ruby poor thing.

Amanda R said...

Happy Birthday Ryan and thank heavens Ruby's illness isn't as bad as it could have been, poor thing. Love how you colored Magnum too, your fur is fantabulous! Err, maybe furtabulous huh?

Whimsey said...

Yeah, did I mention hubba, hubba, hubba? He is just so handsome! Love the b-day card too; adorable!

Gosh, so sorry about Ruby; amazing something so small can cause such an issue. BOO!!! Keep us posted on her recovery.

And speaking of recovery - how is Ryan doing? I'd save you've had just about enough this week!!!