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Friday, 26 August 2011

Happy Birthday DLS!!

I think this is my last birthday in August...if it isn't I'm in big poop lol!!!

Today is DLS's birthday and I hope she has a fantastic one :-D I sent her card and prezzie a couple of weeks (on time for a change) and she got it the other day and loved it...well she has to say that right lol?

You've already seen her card but here it is again...

Ruby update...she's doing great :-D The vet removed a lot of debris (grass seeds), dead tissue and pus from her cheek yuk! Once the swelling goes down she should look like herself though she might have a bald patch where the abscess was. Today's report is she's eating like a horse...absolutely NOTHING will put Ruby off her food lol. Although the drainage from the wound is good it sounds like she might be in until Sunday but it could change to either Saturday or Monday. As long as she's ok that's the main thing...I'd rather she stayed put and have everything right then come home too soon and something happen.
Ryan's doing ok...he's in better spirits than I thought he would be. He went into the club yesterday...I thought he would just be getting treatment but he was doing weights and riding the bike! He said it helped to ease his knee and he's able to put more pressure on it and doesn't need his crutches. My friend has been sending him Reiki and I think this has certainly helped me when I had a couple of operations 5/6 years ago. His operation is scheduled for September 22 and then the hard part really begins.

That's it from me...hope you have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Catch ya later x


Diane's Card Designs said...

Hi Kerry,
Glad to hear Ruby and Ryan are doing well!
Your card is beautiful the colours look so fresh. Love the cute image and the felt is very effective.
Diane :-) xx

Lisa Jane said...

Happy birthday to your sister - next year i think she needs a card with flashing lights on!!
Glad to hear the good news re Ryan and Ruby .. fingers crossed for them both they continue to improve. Coming home tomorro have had a lovely time
Lisa x

Susan said...

What a great card - feels like Deja vu !!!!
How lovely - so many miles apart but so close.
You lucky pair......much love Xx