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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Not what I was expecting

This is one of those cards that doesn't quite match what I had in my head! I received an email from my lovely friend Susan telling me she'd just ordered the newest MFT die from Dies to Die for and if I didn't want to be trailing her (she knows I LOVE MFT dies and lets me know when new ones are in) I'd better get mine ordered. How's that for friendship lol. Of course I did what I was told and got my die (before Susan did btw ;-p lol) and started churning out flowers with my gorgeous new felt.

I don't know if I'm rolling them wrong and although I LOVE the flower I find that they stick out quite a bit. In fact I think MFT might be in cahoots with the Post Office as I'm sure it would cost over £1 to send this card in the mail lol!!!

Let me know what you think and if I'm rolling them wrong...

The purpose of the card was to show how fabulicious these colours go together

But look how far they stick out!

Another reminder that the LCI sale ends on Monday two stamps get one 1/2 price, buy two get two 1/2 price etc :-( I've noticed if someone has ordered 4 stamps only one shows the 1/2 price  reductions. Don't panic if you're placing an order and this happens. Continue to checkout and pay as normal and I'll refund the extra that wasn't taken off. I'm trying to get it sorted so it will work automatically :-D 

Two posts in two days...I'm spoiling you lol

Catch ya later x


Pami said...

OMG this is so weird!! I was planning a card in my head to use my new felt and I was going to do a card with the felt flowers as the focus, just like you have!! Not this particular flower but still! Great minds! I love these colours together and I know what you mean about them sticking out, ALL of my flowers do that. I need to get some of the boxes that Amanda had on her blog! P x

Lisa Jane said...

ooh its so pretty ..i love those colours together and i can almost feel how soft the felt is from here .
Re your flowers .. cant you trim off the "stalky" but to make them lay flat .. thats what we did with the rolled flowers we made at Sir Stampalot.. before we rolled them... we trimmed the flat edge down

Might work
Lisa x

Faith A said...

So pretty, Kerry, gorgeous colours, pretty pretty flowers, I think your only way out is to cut the bottom of the flowers after being wound OR make a box. I think I would do a box as they would certainly make a statement card.

Whimsey said...

Oh they are very, very cute! No clue about rolling them right or wrong, but they sure are cute!!!

Sue said...

Love the soft almost ice creamy colours of your new felt! Love the look of your card, and it looks gorgeous, sticky out flowers or not!! Sue xx

Chrissy said...

Beautiful colours, they certainly look lovely all together.I buy pre-pay bags and only then, pay for weight.Gorgeous flowers though.


Susan said...

Ohhhh how I love those flowers - you have certainly got me addicted to rolling them !! - and those beautiful colours again :-)
Found these on eBay and thought they were quite reasonable ??