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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Remember when...

Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments from yesterday's challenge. It's always great to feel rewarded for your work especially when you don't think it's up to scratch and you're bombarded with comments filled with ooooh's and awwwww's. Makes us Ladybugs very happy :-D

I can't believe how quickly some of you posted your cards for the ribbon challenge. I barely got through all the DT's blogs when Lisa emailed me to say someone had posted!!

As the title says....Remember when....

Remember when you have your first baby and you look her in wonder and think 'wow' and all your love, hopes and dreams surround this letter person? You kinda wish their lives away...can't wait till she sits up, crawls, walks, talks .... goes to toddlers/playgroup/nursery/school/high school...get their first boyfriend...well you get the picture.

Trust me..this is leading somewhere lol. Oh heck...I guess I'll just tell you...

I'm going to be a MIL {scream}!!!!! For those of you that are letter challenged that translates to Mother In Law lol. Woo MIL!!

Ben proposed to Nicole on Sunday and we/they couldn't be happier. She's dropped enough hints and thank goodness Ben's a quick learner lol. There are no details at this time but no doubt the wedding magazines will start coming in thick and fast.

Hubby and I knew it was going to happen as Ben had the 'chat' with Pierce the week before...awwww.

I was waiting impatiently on Sunday for the confirmation and when it came it went kinda like this...

Ring Ring (phone ringing)
Nic: Mom?
Me: Hiya
Nic: Silence (she's crying)
Me: Nic?
Nic: finger
Me: what??? have you hurt your finger?
Nic: there's something on it
Me: don't tell me you have a wart??? (I'm trying not to laugh at this point)
 Nic: (wailing) Nooooooo....I've got a rock on it!

LOLOLOLOL...I know it was a bit cruel but I couldn't resist :-D She and Ben came over and it was all hugs and kisses and smiles and of course from me...'I don't do long engagements' lolol. I don't see the point really, do you? Especially when I want some little grandkidlets before I get too old to run after them...but I guess I'm getting a bit ahead of myself lol. Nic is so happy and can't stop looking at her rock {it's absolutely gorgeous}!

I guess I couldn't get away with not making a card and boy didn't the new release come at a great time! I grabbed 'Young Love' straight away and inked it up. Here's what I came up with...

 Not conventional engagement/love colours but there are hearts in the pp and of course it's one of MY favourite colours

 Untie the bow and it opens up...I've written a message to the left but didn't want to show it in the picture

 Don't they look so happy...and check out her rock lol!

And here are the 'real' happy couple {sniff}

So that's my Remember When...can't believe Nic was 3 weeks old when we arrived in Scotland and look at her now {sniff sniff}.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by.

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

Congratulations to Ben and Nicole! and also to you and Pierce.. what wonderful news.
I dont know what it feels like .. never been proposed to .. i asked my ex husband - should have known really and had to buy my own ring !!!
never mind - i never give up hope lol!!
Love the card - the DP is a gorgeous colour.. and did you have these stamps made on purpose or just wishful thinking lol
The sparkly green top is superliscious

Pami said...

Hi Kerry. CONGRATULATIONS to you all!! Love the card, I think the colour is fantastic, love the papers. How lucky you had the the new image to use!! Have a great day and have a glass of champagne for me!! Pami x

Rusty said...

WOOOOOOWWWWWEEEEEEEE!!! congratulations Kerry!! and Even more to Nicole & Ben!! wow what fantastic news, you will be a fantastic MIL, which is the best Ben could ask for LOL

Your card is absolutely beautiful!! I LOVE the colours!! xxx

Anita said...

Congratulations to all of you! They make such a gorgeous couple, Kerry. (Just think of the beautiful babies they'll have) Beautiful card. I love her sparkly top and the way the card ties, too.

Whimsey said...

CONGRATULATIONS; how exciting is that? They are an adorable couple....get them moving, wedding - boom, babies. LOL

Love the card; especially her ROCK! Keep us posted as plans progress; what fun!!!

Purpleali said...

Congratulations to everyone!!!!

I think you had a premonition with your new stamps! LOVE the card - who says engagement cards need to be pink and mushy!!!

Hayley @ said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww Congratulations to Nicole and Ben and to you Kerry the MIL-to-be!!!! How exciting!!!! It only took Simon about 9 years to get the hint(s) lol, I was beginning to think he's never ever going to ask, what's wrong with me... what on earth is wrong with him....
So happy for you all!

Sue Upson said...

Who hoo!! What excellent news!! Really pleased for you all :-) Love your card, the papers are beautiful, and the image is perfect, love all the glitter too.

Sue xx

Elaine said...

Great card and looks even better in real life! Congratulations to Nicole and Ben - great news. Better start looking for your MOB hat lol x

pinky said...

Ah I have a lump in my throat now Kerry :) Congratulations soon to be MIL!! Don't hold your breath on babies though, my son is married now just over two years and not a sign yet!:( Oh but you have that wedding to look forward to and all the planning and all the stress and and and.....thank goodness its over lol.

Alison said...

Congratulations to Ben and Nicole. Hope the wedding isnt too far away!!
Lovely card Kerry x

Ali xx

John & Margaret said...

Congratulations to Nicole and Ben on their engagement and to the future in-laws. What a busy time lies ahead - how lucky for the engaged couple to have (hopefully) all the wedding stationery in ypur capable hands - you'll love that!

Suzy Q said...

What wonderful news!!! I am delighted for you all!! Can not wait to see her ring!! It will be very exciting getting step by step accounts of the planning involved!! & hope you are gonna keep us updated in your blog!!
Beautiful card!! Great colours & I LOVE the ribbon ;-D xx

Lyndi said...

Aw! What fantastic news! I hope they are both very happy together. So where's the pic of the ring?? I loved arranging my wedding and Billy (hubby) says our wedding day was the best party he's ever been to LOL. Billy had the chat with my dad and he said to Billy 'If you want to marry Lynne you're asking the wrong person', ain't it funny how your parents know you so well - I kinda have a mind of my own :o)

Have a lot of fun organising (oops - don't even know - have they set a date yet?). And what are you like - wishing for kiddie-winks for them already LOL. (I got married in the August and was expecting the following May - so you might not have to wait too long!)

Big hug for both of them {{HUG}}

And love the card - the sparkly green top and hat are super. So, are you a wee bitty psychic then - making stamps for future occasions??


Mary J said...

HUGE congrats to you all! How sweet! I remember when Steve proposed to me - then we had an argument shortly after so he took it back! We got there in the end...

Valerie said...

Congratulations to Nicole and Ben :) They make a lovely couple. Have you designed the stationery yet Kerry ;)
val x