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Thursday, 18 November 2010

More Jack's and birthday piccies...

Another flabulous challenge week. I know I say it every week but my girl's (not sure where the ' should go if at all to make it plural...anal I know!) done good! Congratulations to the winners...especially to Pami who will be joining us as Guest Designer for two weeks. If you haven't already, check out her blog...she's been making these gorgeous little boxes for Christmas presents and I think anyone on the receiving end of one of these little beauties will be over the moon!

I received a parcel in the mail on Friday from Gaynor and Ann with some more samples. I just love everything they do and they've used one of my favourite pp's. They are so soft and subtly coloured and just so scrumpdillyicious. Take a look....

Embossing the image is just brilliant...I did do one card like this but must remember to do it more often. It adds a bit more interest to the card :-D

Somehow I managed to delete most of the pictures I took from Nicole's birthday dinner on Monday night so this is what I was left with...

It was an M & S was so yummy and we had no problem finishing it off...the last piece vanished yesterday but not before Suzy Q and I had a piece when she popped in for a coffee :-D

Ruby's getting her stitches out later today...I hope it's not too painful for her. I'm a bit worried as she seems to be favouring her back leg a sometimes gives way when I've got her in the harness. I hope she hasn't done any damage but climbing the stairs and darting across the room when I'm not looking! I'll see what my local vet says and although Ruby has an appointment next week with the surgeon I won't hesitate to take her earlier if my vet is concerned.

Anywho, that's it for today. I hope you've had a good week so far...TGIF tomorrow!!

Catch ya later x


theCook said...

I absolutely adore the embossed images! (what embossing folder did you use for the second card? must have it!)
The coloring and the paper are so soft... Love it!

Helen Ann said...

How gorgeous are those cards, once again am thinking I really should invest in some embossing folder (?) lol

Hel x

pinky said...

The cards are just brilliant Kerry. Love the pics, would have loved a piece of cake:)

Lisa Jane said...

Those cards are ebautiful in the softer more muted colours .. and i must give that embossing technique a try.
Mmmm that cake looked yummy - i thought you might hve whiped one up lol

Pami said...

Hi Kerry, thanks for the lovely words!! The cards are great, never thought about doing that technique before, must give it a go. I could eat a piece of that cake right now!! Hope Ruby is ok. Love Pami x

Hayley @ said...

Mmmmmmm cake!!! Yum yum!
The cards are stunning, they always do such a great job with your stamps!
It looks as though Nicole was a very happy girl! :D MIL-to-be hee hee

Rusty said...

OH OH OH!!! I loooove little Jack, and beautiful cards!! you are so lucky to have all these talented people (me not included LOL) the pictures of Nicole are gorgeous, she is the spitting image of you Kerry, such a beautiful young lady! hope she had a great day!

Good luck for Ruby xxx

Suzy Q said...

man o man those cards are just wonderful!! love the soft muted colours!
And that BIRTHDAY CAKE was DELICIOUS!!! Thanks very much!! lol xxx

Mary J said...

Wonderful cards! They are just so talented!

I can't believe you didn't send your DT a slice each!!!

Whimsey said...

Nicole is so beautiful - she looks just like you! And probably Pierce too - LOL; we need to see a picture of him!

Love the cards - wow; those girls rock!!!

Annette said...

WOOHOO!!!!! Happy impending MIL!!!! Happy Birthday Nicole and congratulations on your engagement, you must all be very happy.Can't wait to see the ROCK....! Love the card, Jack is such a little cutie, well done to all on the DT, Once again you have all pulled out the stops, such creative people AX