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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Are you sitting down Tams, Lisa & Hayley???

Nicole and I picked Ruby up from the vet hospital on Friday and spent the next 2 hours trying to get home. Traffic was horrendous as was the weather and I was knackered by the time we picked Rocky up from DDC. Ruby and Nicole were in the back seat and since it was pitch black I don't think Rocky realised they were there but he must have got a sniff of Ruby because he all but jumped from the very back of the car on top of her lol. He was so happy his best friend was back! We'd all been a bit worried about him as he'd been moping around the house on his own but he's well and truly over it now Ruby's back.

She's doing great and she's trying to move about more than she's supposed to without the harness. I've got to try and keep her full weight off the back leg for at least week. I was surprised when I first saw her as I expected her leg to be in either a cast or bandaged up but she came hobbling out with her lamp shade and her shaven leg quite the thing. The vet showed me her x-ray and she is definitely a bionic dog now lol. Apart from the amputation when she was 5 months old, she has a double plate in her front left leg from a break when she was 2 and now she's got a little plate in her knee with 6 screws going in from all directions! The screws looked about 2 inches long on the screen but they must only be about 5mm.

My big worry was getting her to do the toilet while she was suspended with the harness but we have successfully managed #1 & #2 (sorry if that's TMI lololol) and now the worry is keeping her still! She's been a bit of a minx minutes she's lying happily then I turn my back for a second and she's moved across the room! We're going to have to keep an eye on her othewise she's going to have to go in her cage.

She's sleeping in her cage at night for the first couple of weeks. I put the lampshade on her the first night so she wouldn't lick her wound but when I went down to her and Rocky the next morning she had the lamp shade and collar off AND the collar was unbuckled!!! I still haven't figured that one out lol. She's actually really good at not licking her knee (she doesn't like getting into trouble) so I left the lamp shade off last night and she was fine.

Here are a couple of pictures I took today...

 She likes this spot in the house as the sun streams in through the patio windows so it's warm and cosy

Her poor shaved leg

She was on her own one minute then Rocky arrived and this is how I found them

Awww...Best friends

Rocky has taken a shine to the cage but if he had to sleep in there I bet there would be a fight to get him in lol.

So onto a card I made the other week... Pram Nikki. I do hope Tams, Lisa & Hayley are sitting down when they see these as they'll be more than a little shocked when they see the flowers!

 I got the pp from Hayley and thought it was perfect for new baby card. 

You gotta know I was gonna glitter up the pram!

I've got a gazillion flowers and really need to start using them. I thought these worked really well with this card and the colours are perfect with the pp.

That's all the goss I've got for today. Don't forget you've only got until 9am tomorrow to get your card onto the challenge blog.

Ruby thanks you for all your good wishes :-D

Catch ya later xx


Anita said...

I'm glad to hear Ruby is doing so well Kerry. The pictures are so sweet, especially of Ruby and Rocky together. Love the card. It's beautifully colored and I love the papers. And yes, those flowers match perfectly and flabby on there!.

Lisa Jane said...

oh Kerry - those pics are wonderful... should have heard the oohing and aaahhing at this end .. and the card .. well i never i had to have a stiff drink.. flowers!!!! Just the peel offs to go now lol!
So glad Ruby is doing so well
Lisa ;)

Hayley @ said...

OK, just picked myself up from the floor, Kerry are you feeling ok? You're not suffering from a fever or flower-liking implant or something are you?!!?! LOLOOL - flabulous card, I love the flowers/colours and papers with this stamp, it's a beautiful card.

Those pics of Ruby and Rocky are soooooooooooo cute!!! I'm glad Rocky is so pleased to have her back home with him and that she's managing to go to the loo ok, bless her.

Glad to hear things are going well

pinky said...

Love the pics of the dogs Kerry, glad Ruby is home safe and sound if not always in the right place lol. Rocky definitely looks glad to see her. Love the card, that is one gorgeous stamp and so easy to use!! The flowers are a great addition so keep them coming.

Helen Ann said...

Those pics of Rocky and Ruby are so sweet they look happy to see eachother again, glad she's on the mend.

The card is gorgeous, love the glittered up pram

Still trying to narrow down my stamp order lol

hel x

Lyndi said...

Am glad Ruby is home and doing so well. The photo of Rocky and Ruby together is so sweet. Like a couple of old marrieds LOL.

Love the card, glittery pram n all. Flowers look good on it. I also have loads of flowers, but being a bit of a tom-boy (even at 25+p&p) I only really use them if giving the card to a girlygirl person.

Have posted my card on the challenge blog. Quite like the decorating inside thing, might have to keep that going with my card-making now.


Roni said...

Love your photos Kerry and the one of Rocky and Ruby together is super cute! I'm glad Ruby is bouncing back!

I'm also loving your new images and the one you used for your card is one of my top two! Now with having 3 girls off on maternity leave in my team at work, this would've been well used! 2 of them so far would've been blue and we are all hoping that the 3rd one will be pink!!

Hugs Roni :O) xox

PS Oh, you'd be proud of me! I entered your TLT challenge, not great and very last minute, but hey its a start! :D x

Julye said...

Ah doggy love is so sweet they look totally inseparable.

Pami said...

Hi Kerry, so glad that Ruby is doing ok. Just an adorable photo of them together, I was nearly in tears!! Great card! Very soft and love the flowers and papers. Pami x

Suzy Q said... cute are those two!! Glad that Ruby is doing so well & how nice is it that Rocky missed his lady so much!!
Love your card Kerry, lovely colours and the pram looks gorgeous......and....has Buttercup been to the grooming salon and had a colour put through her hair!! lol xxx

Sue Upson said...

Awww, glad to hear Ruby is home and Rocky was ahppy to see her. Love your card, fab image, coloured beautifully... and OMG flowers!!

Sue xx

Whimsey said...

LOVE the doggy pictures; they are so cute together. Definitely best friends!!

Love the card; great paper and those flowers are fabulous!!

Rusty said...

Awwwwwww those pictures are just beautiful, poor Ruby sounds like she is doing brilliantly bless her!! and seeing Rocky lying next to her, Awwwww!!
As for the card, well I have just picked myself up from a heap off the floor!!! ... love the card, and the flowers!!!!!!!!!!! you must have sleep deprevation or something? xxx