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Friday, 26 November 2010

A Post...finally!!

Wednesday and Thursday passed by in a blur...not sure really what happened to them but obviously I was far too busy to blog! I don't like missing a day if I can help it but sometimes it can't be helped. Yesterday is a bit more clear than the day before. Ruby had her appointment with the surgeon. I had it in my head her appointment was at 11am so we set off at 10. I really wanted to stop at Stirling services to get a Costa coffee flat white but didn't want to be late so carried on. We arrived just before 11 and made ourselves known only to be told 'Ruby's appointment isn't until 11:30'! (it didn't even cross my mind to look at my calendar!) I know it was only 30 minutes but all I thought about was that coffee lol. Of course those were the first words out of my mouth and without hesitating the lovely receptionist offered to make me one! How nice was that! I probably should have declined but as I was the only one waiting and the phones were quiet I accepted...milk and half a sugar please :-D

Luke was really pleased with Ruby and didn't seem overly concerned when I told him my worries ie her spasms and occasionally dragging her back leg when in the harness. The good news is we have to use the harness for only another 10 days and we can go for 2 x 10 minutes walks a day!!! Woo hoo...I can tell you we're both extremely happy with that last bit of news :-D Our first walk yesterday afternoon was more like she was taking ME for a walk lol. She was tearing up the street like a maddie and I had to run to keep up with her. She was none too pleased when her 10 minutes were up!

Rocky hasn't been himself lately. Because I have to keep Ruby from jumping around with him he goes to doggy daycare during the week. I think he's a bit depressed and is quite mopey. Normally he's flying around like the Tazmanian Devil so I'm feeling a bit sad for him. I'm going to pick him up a bit early today and take him to CB on the way home. Hopefully that will cheer him up a bit :-D

I do have a card to share with you today. It's not the kind I like to fact I don't think any of us like to make but it had to be done. A mutual friend of Suzy Q and I lost her husband a few weeks ago and I had been avoiding making her a card....not because I didn't want to but I never feel I do a sympathy card justice. Then there's the thought of what sentiment to put on it...'with sympathy' just doesn't feel enough.

When I saw Michele's post I new I couldn't put it off any longer so this is what I came up with...

My sister Tracey gave me this SU! set Happy Harmony a couple of years ago because I LOVE this 'flower'. I call it a puff ball...I know it's a dandelion weed really. When I was younger I used to love picking them and blowing the 'puff' and watching them floating in the air. Of course the neighbors weren't too happy when they ended up with more weeds in their yard  than usual!

I probably made more work for myself but I stamped  the image on kraft cs using SU! markers then typed the sentiment on the computer and ran the stamped image through the printer. I was kind of guessing the position and was surprised when I got it right first time...don't you love it when that happens :-D I sewed and distressed the cs and added the twine and button though not quite sure about the button.

I added a bit of yellowy glitter the middle of the puffs and that was the card finished. I really like the sentiment. I saw it on a PTI set but didn't have it so had to make do with the computer. I think the sentiment lends it to so many different  occassions and I will be using it very soon in another card which I'll share with you later.

I've an exciting day tomorrow. It's crop day!!! It will be the last one until February so I have made an extra special make and take for the girls. I'm sooooo excited about it and I know the girls will love it (at least I hope they do!). Suzy Q is making her debut...not sure if she knows what she's letting herself in for as we can get quite loud but it's all fun and I know she'll enjoy herself.

We've had some flabulous entries for this weeks challenge but we'd like MORE lol. You've got 9am Monday to get your entries in. Another reminder that the discount code CB 2010 expires on Tuesday. If you want to take advantage of a 15% discount you can do that here!

 That's it for me today. I've a lot to catch up on and get everything ready to put in the car for tomorrow. Wouldn't it be awful if I forgot the M & T!!!!  Hope you have a great weekend whatever you do :-D

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

What a beautiful card for a sad occasion. I am sure the lady will appreciate it and even more knowing you took the time to make it for her .
The image is lovely.. reminds me of childhood days too.
Glad to hear Ruby is making progress - you have done such a good job looking after her.
Have a great day at the crop hope Suzy Q enjoys it i am sure she will - you sound like a great bunch.. cant wait to see the project
Lisa ;)

Pami said...

Hi Kerry, the card is just lovely and very suitable for the occasion. I love the colour of the paper and the whole layout.
I am so pleased that Ruby is getting so much better. I agree with Lisa that you are doing a wonderful job looking after both of them! Give them both a hug from me!
Glad to have you back! I haven't done anything since Tuesday either :-( am having withdrawal symptoms! Pami x

Oh, hope tomorrow goes ok, wish I could join in!

Anita said...

Beautiful card Kerry. This is one of my favorite SU stamps. I'm sure your friend will greatly appreciate it. So glad to hear Ruby is doing better.

pinky said...

Those poor doggies, not sure which one to feel sorry for the most:( Love your card and its perfect for such a sombre occasion. I love the sentiment, very meaningful. Have a great weekend Kerry.

xGemmax said...

Such a beautiful card and perfect for the sad occassion :o)
hugs and xxx

Mary J said...

I always get withdrawal symptons when you don't post EVERY day - so don't do that again pls!!

Feeling sad for Rocky but it won't be long until playtime (and snuggletime) are restored hopefully.

Beautiful card, Kerry. Think the button finishes it off perfectly otherwise it could be too plain. I haven't done any sympathy cards yet and hope I don't have to for a very very very long time.

Keep warm!

Suzy Q said...

That is a beautiful card Kerry.....I did attempt to make one myself....but I ended up BUYING one!!! I'm sorry but I just didn't feel that I made anything that was worthy of the situation....I'm not professional enough yet!!
:-( xx