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Monday, 4 October 2010

Pampered weekend

As you know it was my anniversary at the weekend.  Pierce was given an overnight at Glen Eagles for his 50th last year but we were unable to use it because he slipped a disc in February. With our anniversary coming up I thought it would be the perfect time to use it but I don't think he realised it was the Ryder Cup weekend when he booked it. I wondered why he insisted I have a couple of treatments while we were there, especially as it was supposed to be a romantic weekend!

So while he was happily watching the golf I took myself off to the spa and had a facial (brightening/firming/re-aging) and a detox wrap (not the edible kind lol). I'd always wanted to try a wrap and although it wasn't what I was expecting I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought I was going to be wrapped snuggly up like a mummy (????) but instead after I was brushed, scrubbed and greased up I was wrapped in plastic wrap. The bed was heated so soon I was bubbling away nicely lol. With both treatments you get a free head massage so my therapist offered a head massage and a hand and feet massage instead. I LOVE my feet and hands massaged and it was absolute
heaven :-D

After two hours of being buffed and polished I headed back to the room to see the effects and if Pierce missed me...don't think he even realised I'd gone lol. I must say I do see a difference after my facial...I have a lot of pigmentation from the sun and that appears to have faded slightly and my skin does look brighter which Suzy Q confirmed at CB this morning (I'm hoping she had her contact lenses in). Unfortunately she didn't add that I looked 10 years younger lol.

As for the wrap I do believe I can see the possibility of a waist which I haven't seen for years now. If I squint real close I'm positively CERTAIN (or maybe that's wishful thinking heehee) I can see an indent lol. I'd love to get this done at least once a month so I'm going to make sure I buy a lottery ticket this week!!

I had planned to have a card for this morning but I'm running out of time. I have got the winners (yes, more than one) of the 'exclusive' from last week. Indeed the exclusive is Nikki has nabbed herself a boyfriend! It's been long time coming and I hope you will take him to your hearts as you have Nikki. Since Nikki is named after my Nicole I feel I have call her boyfriend Ben but I have warned them that they can't break up as I couldn't put Nikki through that too lol.

There has been a slight delay with the stamps but hopefully I'll have them around the week of the 19th. There is more than one new Nikki stamp but you'll have to wait till closer to the time for any more peeks!

So here are the 3 winners courtesy of Pierce picking them out of my trusty bowl! Congratulations to you all...send me an email with your details and when the stamps are available I'll post them out to you :-D

I'm going to the hospital to visit Jean this afternoon and then getting ready for tomorrow's blog hop. The girls and I are super duper excited for you to see the new release. We are sure you're gonna LOVE them :-D Don't forget to grab the banner and play along to win a prize.

Catch ya later x


theCook said...

Good you enjoyed your facial and wrap and massages! I did have a facial a few days before my wedding, it really made a difference... Can't wait to see the new Nikki stamps.

Rusty said...

Well done to all of the winners ... xxx

Wow Kerry sounds like you had a fantastic time, maybe Suzy didn't see that you looked 10 years younger cause it wasn't ANTI Ageing but re Ageing you used!! LOL ... shall I run fast before you crack the whip? as for a waist? whats one of them? I don't think I was born with one so not likely to see one anytime soon! xxx

Lyndi said...

Sounds like you had a fab weekend. Sounds like a good one to me too, shipping the manperson off to go and get pampered. I had a facial at one pampering weekend away for a hen night, and promised myself I would have one every month - of course life got in the way of that!

And I can't believe I have won again - my second time! I think I should stop entering your wee competitions for a while to give other people a chance to win :o) - although I do enjoy blog hopping...

I'll pop my details on an e-mail in a mo, as if your filing system is anything like mine you will no longer have my address as it will be lost in the ether somewhere.

Thanks again Kerry!

Luv n stuff

Tinkerbeth said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! You deserved it!

pinky said...

Just sounds so lovely Kerry. Had a facial while I was there to, pure delight!! As you can see I am back on line, thank goodness.

Pami said...

Hi Kerry, wow thank you so much, what a great surprise to win! I will email you now. Your pampering sounds wonderful. Really looking forward to the blog hop tomorrow, can't wait to see all the creations. Take care. Pami x

Lisa Jane said...

sounds like a good time was had by both of you . So glad - was thinking bout you.
Well done to the winners .... cant wait to see everyone's creations tomorrow
Lisa ;)

funky farm scrapbook said...

Your weekend sounded lovely, it's always nice to be pampered! I have a friend that does beauty treatments and I keep thinking I should take her up on her offer :)
Congratulations to the lucky winners - enjoy!!!

Alison said...

Wow, thanks Kerry. Looking forward to that wee parcel in the post! Thanks again. Like Lyndi, I think I better give your comps a miss for a while. This is like buses - nothing for ages then two right beside each other :-)