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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Broken promise

I've had a busy old time since Tuesday. I have made some cards but haven't had a chance to photograph and upload them onto my laptop. Some I can't show you till next week anyway {she say's mysteriously bwaahahaha} !

Today I had to take Ruby to a vet hospital to get her back leg checked. The surgeon who amputated her hind leg almost 6 years ago now works there and he wanted to check it wasn't her arthritis that has been hindering her lately and possibly her cruciate of her remaining hind leg. It is under all sorts of pressure as she has to compensate for the missing leg and because of the disease that called for the amputation in the first place it isn't healthy to start with. He wanted to x-ray the leg again and since I had an hour and a half to kill.I took myself off into Stirling town centre and met my friend Jean for lunch. I hadn't seen Jean for a while so it was nice to catch up ... short but sweet!

The long and short of Ruby's story is she needs to have an operation next Thursday. Her cruciate hasn't ruptured but it's not far off. This is quite common in Boxer's but trust it to happen to her! She or should I say we will be out of action for 6-8 weeks. She won't be allowed to run around or climb stairs in this time and I will have to hold her up in a harness for her to do the toilet. She has to be confined to a room full stop. Ordinarily this wouldn't have been such a problem but with having another dog...a crazy will be! Rocky will have to go into Doggy Daycare for at least the firsts 3 weeks as I don't think I could manage to do EVERYTHING myself ie cook, clean, wash, iron, run a business, manage 3 blogs, make cards etc. It will only be Monday to Friday as I'll have help at the weekends but I can't take any risks with Ruby's surgery failing or her getting an infection. Thank goodness for pet insurance because it's going to cost roughly £2,500!!!!

I suppose in a way it's not the end of the world having to stay at home as I'll be able to make cards without worrying about Rocky not getting a decent walk.

Referring to the title 'Broken promise' ... I did promise not to post any more pictures of Ryan but since I don't have any cards to share at this point I didn't think you'd mind :-D These and a few others (I'll save them for another time lol) came through last night....

I {heart} this one
On another note's the Christmas craft show at the SECC starting today till Sunday. This is the first opening day I have missed since I started crafting but Suzy Q and I are going tomorrow. This will be her first and I can't wait to see her face when she's there. I might have to take a paper bag in case she starts to hyperventilate lololol. BFF arrived last night and I saw her briefly when I dropped some samples in to Gaynor from CW at the SECC. BFF always stays an extra day after the show so we can have a bit of a play which is always great fun. I'm hoping to get a Copic lesson in while she's here.

Anywho, I'd better get going. The buzzer on my oven is going and I have to get Rocky from DDC. Tonight is pensioner night...I'm seeing Sadie. She's getting a new bed delivered tomorrow so guess what I'm doing tonight...dismantling her bed ready for the new one!

Thanks for stopping by today :-D

Catch ya later x


Hayley @ said...

Enjoy your evening (dimantling Sadie's bed) and day off shopping tomorrow!!! And you copic lesson with Karen too! I wish I could have a colouring tutorial!
Poor Ruby, she's going to need lots of cuddles and TLC! It's amazing how much surgery costs, when my horse had colic his bill was astronomical for his surgery and care but I was so grateful for the care and thankful for insurance! I hope her surgery goes well. xx

Pami said...

Kerry, do you ever STOP!! Poor poor Ruby, I felt so sad reading what you said. She is so lucky to have you to look after her. Give her a big KISS from me. Thanks for the eye candy :-) Pami x

pinky said...

That sucks about poor Ruby, hope she recovers quickly. The rest of your post I would need a decoder, all those letters, haven't a clue what they stand for lol. But have fun whatever you are doing.

pinky said...

See was totally distracted and forgot to say how handsome that boy of yours is even with the tattoo!!

Lisa Jane said...

oh so sorry to hear about Ruby, but i am sure she will be ok. Its just time i guess after the op.
Hope you have a great time dismantling the bed lol.. i once dismantled/put up/dimantled / put up /dismantled a bed in the space of 3 days lol!! So i am an expert lol.
Lisa ;)

theCook said...

Sorry for your Ruby, hope the surgery goes well. I don't really like tattoos by I admit this one seems well drawn.

Mary J said...

I totally sympathise - it's going to be a lot of hard work looking after poor Ruby. Poppy, our three year old Lab, is only three years old and she had already had two major ops - the first when she was a year old to replace one hip and then a year later we had to get the other one replaced too. We had to help her do her number ones and twos, poor babes! Luckily we had insurance too - £5k per hip! Vets earn more money than doctors and it's easy to see why!

Yowsa, stop with the temptation!!

Roni said...

Oh Kerry, poor Ruby and poor you! I wish I could come and help you, but I'm hopeless at ironing, allergic to dogs and I wouldnt be able to keep my hands off that tattoo!! Lol!
I was at SECC today, loads of stalls, so many that my mum and I didn't manage to get round everything, so I am sure you and Karen will have a great day! And if Karen ever does a copic tutorial, please count me in!!
Take it easy and I hope you don't get too tangled with the dismantling of the bed!
Hugs Roni :O) xoxo

Anita said...

Aww, poor Ruby. And poor Kerry are gonna be so busy! I hope everything goes well with her surgery. As for your son, I could get arrested for the thoughts I'm having about him lol!

Sew-Ink said...

Sorry to hear about Ruby, hope everything goes well! Are you sure your handsome son doesn't like his picture taken because I think he photographs really, really well. I think I like the first one the best!

Lyndi said...

Aw! Poor doggy. Hope she's better soon. Your boy is a bit quuaaawrr in those pics. He'll be needing restraining orders for all of us soon :oD.

I was at the SECC today - didn't see you tho. Surprised I could see anyone in that sea of people. I was quite good and only spent £100!! But I am going back on Sunday to help on a stall, trying really hard to not take money with me, but was already saying 'I can get that on Sunday' when I was walking around with my friend Ali :o).
OH! AND got Fluffy Stuff - it was on the Craft World stand - so that's a nice wee handy place to get it!
I'm half way through a card with a certain stamp on it and will put it on next week. Hope you like it!

Rusty said...

SLOW DOWN!!! you are rushing round doing so much!! you must be mad! ... still trying to catch up with blogs but had to pop in to send you lots of hugs!! sounds like both you and Ruby will be needing them!! Love the pictures of your son!! He is a strapping young man!! he must have the girls chasing him!! sending lots of hugs your way! xxxx

Shelly said...

my little Ruby.... give her some kisses and hugs.