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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Careful how you write things down!

LOLOLOLOL...I had a good chuckle to myself yesterday. I had to send a couple of boxes via Parcel Force yesterday and wasn't sure of a couple of things. I remembered I had a number for a girl who was assigned to me when I started LCI so called her...or so I thought. I punched in the number and before it even rang this recording came on....Welcome to chat or date...for gay press 1...for straight press 2!!!!

Oh my word! I hung up straight away not sure of what I was going to hear next. I figured I had dialled the wrong number so I punched it in again....and I got the same recording lol. My thoughts now were 'have PF branched out into new ventures'???? I went and checked my paperwork and realised I had written one number down wrong. Needless to say I quickly changed it and in future I will be more than careful when I'm writing something down rofl.

I was asked to make some samples for invitations for a corporate dinner and this is what I came up with....

This is a typical situation where the picture doesn't do the card justice. For a start the middle thistle doesn't stick out as obvious as it does and the glitter looks so much prettier. Also the Swarovski crystals in the corners are a gorgeous Tanzanite which IRL are really sparkly. I'm not a big fan of using these kind of flowers but they wanted a Scottish theme so this is what they got. Luckily for me they loved this one so I don't have to make any more samples :-D I've got to make 15 invitations and 21 place cards so guess what I'll be doing next week!

I'm loving Saturday nights now...Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor {sigh} .... tv heaven AND it also helps me get through my ironing lol. For SCD I think the boys are stronger this year...Mo and Anton are hilarious! My favourite dancer is Flavia...I want her body!!! After every show I vow to get out my little trampoline, my ball and to start eating healthily but that only lasts until I put the kettle on lol. As for X Factor I love Matt with the hat and Aiden...Aiden's performance last week was stunning {imho}. Also the young boyband are going to break a lot of hearts {sigh}. If any of you watch either show let me know who you're loving :-D

And finally (phew says you lol) I've got some exciting news coming up which I think you'll be very happy with indeed ...all will be revealed this week :-D

Enjoy your weekend!

Catch ya later x


Patty said...

I am so glad someone else can get themselves in a pickle with wrong numbers! LOL Thanks for giving me a good chuckle!

Pami said...

Hi Kerry, interesting phone calls!! Poor you! Well I am the same as you, Saturday nights with SCD and X Factor LOVE IT! I will be in my comfies on the sofa with chocolate and a glass of red wine, perfect! I didnt expect to like Aiden but he was stunning last week, I watched it a couple of times afterwards, just brilliant. I like Rebecca's voice also. Strictly, I just think the guys are great, Matt, Jimi and the other guy from :-) Great invitation by the way!! Pami x

Pami said...

What I meant to write was "the guy from Eastenders" !

theCook said...

What a good excuse! Not my fault, I had written down the wrong number... ;)
I'd love to see how the card looks for real...

Lindsey said...

Hahahaha! I would hate to see your phone bill when it comes!
Love the invites, very sylish!
Linds x

Purpleali said...

Aiden was great last week, but then he did have a fantasic song. However for me nothing beats Adam Lamberts verion of it theat he did on American Idol a coulple of years ago - it was stunning!

I love SCD also but watch it mainly to drool over the costumes! Sewing is my first love and always will be!

Lisa Jane said...

I Like the invite - and i bet the crystals are gorgeous IRL.

Interesting phone call lol... better then talking to my mother lol!!

Getting all set for the x factor ... have a houseful.. so will have a laugh i am sure
Lisa ;)

Sue Upson said...

LOL, watch out how that comes up on your phone bill!!
I'm getting into SCD, agree with you regarding Flavia - how on earth do they move their legs that quick... not picked a favourite yet though, even though she used to be my MP I can't pick Ann!!
Great invites, love the ribbon too!!

pinky said...

Gorgeous invite Kerry, definitely captured that scottish feel. Your phone bill will be ear marked now you know lol.

LuLu said...

Stunning invites and love the simplicity of design but the striking colour of the thistle.

Have to say don't watch either programme . . rest of the family do though! Let's me catch up on my blogging in peace!


pink lady said...

Oh how your phone call fiasco has just had me mortifying!!! Love your card, the black and white looks so elegant and stylish...gorgeous. I'm not an X Factor fan but I love Strictly...come on Scott!!...hugs Shelly x

Elaine said...

X Factor! Love Matt and Rebecca. Can't stand Katie and Cher. Wagner and Diva Fever make me smile - they're funny x

Anita said...

Wow, what a gorgeous invitation. It's so elegant looking. I love your story about your phone crack me up, Kerry!

Gaynor said...

Ha Ha that's hilarious. Your cards are always stunning. I don't watch X factor, I am a Strictly girl and I am loving Kara & Artem and Pamela & James, my favourite professional dancer is Flavia & Vincent they are Amaaazing.

Gaynor x

Mary J said...

Come on, own up Kerry! Which option did you choose?!!! lol!!

A very elegant and professional looking card. That white cardstock looks gorgeous - where did you get it from pls?

Whimsey said...

I'm with Mary J - you KNOW you pressed one of those options just to see what it was like, didn't you? LMBO!!!

What a GREAT card; very elegant; no surprise they liked it, truly flabulous!!

Lyndi said...

Haha - at least you wrote the number down wrong and it wasn't given to you by someone!

Card is fabby! Simply stunning, bet it's even better IRL.

I'm not a big X-factor fan, but LOVE SCD. Makes me wish I had stuck to my ballroom dancing lessons when I was little, but as I always had to lead (coz not enough boys in the class) it kinda put me off...

I love Scotty boy - he's gorgeous and Matt isn't so bad either. Although Pamela Stephenson is doing the middle aged ladies proud - what a mover she has been.
Paul Daniels??? What is he doing on there PMSL! Mo is doing her best, bless her, and Anton du Beke is such a good laugh.
I'd like to see Scott win though. He's hot, hot, hot!!!
Can't wait for your exciting news - keeping us in suspenders like this..ooohhhhh!


Rusty said...

That invite looks beautiful!! ... you know if you are so desperate for insane conversation that you have to call these gay and straight chat lines then you have my number lol I can guarantee that within 5 mins you will be hanging up from laughter!! God help you in a couple of weeks when we meet lol xxx