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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down..but I do!

Hello from a windswept Glasgow!! We've had such nice ie dry weather lately but today it's howling a gale and not very pleasant at all.

I've got some great news to share with you ...

1) I know it's only been a couple of days since Amanda bid us farewell after her GD spot but I've managed to persuade her to stay on as a permanent Ladybug (stash is in the post!!!)

2) New ribbon and felt arrived this morning!!!! I had a little shopping frenzy the other night and decided to add a few more ribbon lines and felt colours to my website. I hope to have them on very soon and I hope you'll squeal as much as I did when I opened the box lol.

3) Tams is a bit more mobile since her back operation and she's managed to make a card for next weeks TLT!!!

I saw this card on Diane's blog and loved the unusual shape (as well as the image lol). I commented as such and before you could say Ladybug Crafts Ink she'd emailed Lyndsey and asked her to send me the instructions!! No getting out of making it now lol. Make sure you check out both Diane's and Lyndsey's blogs...they make flabulous cards. Diane takes classes that Lyndsey teaches and you can see the instructions for this Diamond Fold card and others on Lyndsey's  Lora Crafts Tutorial blog.

This is my take on the Diamond Fold Card. I hadn't made one before so I did a practice run on scrap paper and it was pretty easy once I got the hang of the folding part.

My friend Pat's daughter and her husband recently adopted a little girl and I wanted to send Pat a card. I love how it turned out though I thought it a bit plain compared to Diane's but the pp I used was really busy and every time I added an embellishment it didn't look right so just settled for the flowers. Pat loved it so that's the main thing. The picture doesn't do it justice :-(

I thought Robyn was the perfect image

Jean's progress hasn't been a fast as we thought after my initial visit after her surgery. She's developed a lot of fluid in her lungs and doesn't seem to be able to get rid of it. She's on 100% oxygen which they'd like to get her off. She has post surgery pain which is understandable but they seem more concerned about her lungs at the moment. She's a fighter and I'm sure it will be just a matter of time before they throw her out of HD and onto a normal ward!!

I took Rocky and Ruby up to CB yesterday and met up with Lynn and Pepper. Rocky and Pepper have a great time chasing each other but you'd think they only had a small area to run instead of miles and miles. On one of their passes they flew passed within inches of us and I managed to jump out of the way just in time. But on the second pass I wasn't so lucky. Too busy gabbing to Lynn I didn't see them until it was too of them (neither Rock or Pepper is owning up!) clipped my legs. I thought I was going to do a Weeble (you know the phrase...Weebles wobble but they don't fall down) but my legs flew out from under me and I landed flat on my back with my head hitting the path and my teeth clashing!! As I lay there stunned I could hear Lynn saying OMG Kerry are you alright with me replying...can you hold the flippen' umbrella over my face please lololololol. She helped me up and dusted me broken bones or anything but I was worried about my teeth more than anything. I thought I'd chipped one as I had bits of grit in my mouth but it was either part of a filling or some dirt from the path. I was fine but later on I could feel the effects and was more sore from that than the 20 minute run I had done with Suzy Q the day before... that's a story for another day!!

Right...I'm going to drool over my new ribbon and felt and try and make a card or two.

Have a great day and thanks for popping in.

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

I love that design. I have made a couple like that in my time .. and they always go down well.
I think the design of the card means you dont need a lot of embellies .
Its so pretty
Cant wait to see the new stuff
Lisa x

Lyndsey Marie said...

Wow fabulous card, you have done a brilliant job on that
Love the cute image and the papers look fab so bright and fresh. Great flowers too.
Lyndsey xx

theCook said...

Wow such a great card! I haven't tried my hand at funny folded cards yet... I always think I should and then I go back to plain square... well, thanks for reminding me once again, that will infuse in my brain until I'm ready...

pinky said...

So much news in this one post I'm not sure what to comment on lol. The card is a stunner, glad your teeth are ok and sorry to hear your aunt is having problems with her lungs. Phew I'm going to lie down in a dark room now!!

SusanJDalton said...

...hope you've taken a long soak in the bath to avoid any potential aches and pains tomorrow :-(
Love the card Kerry - and a HUGE thank you for my order today - are you trying to get me hooked on the ribbon too ;-)
Looking forward to logging on tomorrow to see the newbies xx

Diane's Card Designs said...

Fantastic Kerry! You've done a great job of the Diamond Fold card.
Love the cute image and those flowers are gorgeous Diane :-) xx

Amanda R said...

Have never tried a folded card like that but yours is flabulous (now I'm even talking like you guys!) Will keep your Aunt in my prayers.

Anita said...

Very pretty card Kerry. I really like that fold and Robyn looks beautiful. Love the flowers with the pearls too.

Pami said...

I used to love the weebles!!!! Hope you are feeling ok today and not too bruised, you poor thing! How is Jean today? Great card as well, i dont think you need loads of embellies on this, the paper is fab. P x

Mary J said...

YoOu poor thing! The shock must have been awful - I hope the soreness goes soon! Wine helps, I find.

Fingers cross for Jean - I bet she's dying to get back to normal.

Beautiful card - you clever thing!!

Can't wait to see the ribbon and felt - off to see that now!!

Whimsey said...

Beautiful card; amazing fold - love it!

Take it easy; hope your feel better soon. Anxious to hear about Jean; just can't believe the progress she has made!!!

Can't wait to see the new ribbon and felt!!