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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Flat Stanley's Advenutures

Jeanie aka The Spotted Chick emailed me a while ago asking if I'd help out with her SIL's neighbours daughters school project (still with me lol). They had read a book called Flat Stanley whose main character Stanley gets flattened by a bulletin board which allows Stanley to have many adventures. On one adventure Stanley gets mailed to visit some friends who live far away. Each of the class got to colour their own Flat Stanley and send them on their own adventures. My Flat Stanley arrived via Switzerland the other week and after resting today was the day we went for our Scottish adventure with Rocky and Ruby in tow....

In the car ready to go but....

safety first...we buckled up!!

First stop

on the bridge

Second stop

I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of Stanley at the door ready to go in. Being a Girl Guide once upon a time I came prepared with blu-tack. Unfortunately when I took Flat Stanley off the wall some of the paint came with it!!!!! Oops ... I made a quick exit!

On the beach in Troon

Rocky and Ruby

Royal Toon Golf Course Club House in the background

Playing in the sand

That was our adventure this was great fun and I'm really pleased Jeanie asked me to play along :-D

I went to see Jean last night. She was so much better than I was expecting and she definitely wasn't loopy lol! In fact quite the opposite...bossing me about. She wasn't happy with the clock in her room and insisted I take it down off the wall and change the time as she thought it was 2 minutes fast! Today she was getting out of bed for a little stroll and hopefully will be back to a normal ward in a few days.

That's it from me today. I hope you've had a great weekend and you have a great week ahead.

Catch ya later x


Whimsey said...

LOVE IT!!! What a great adventure!!

Lisa Jane said...

ooh what a fabulous adventure .. i love the idea. We once had to take a backpacking bear to florida with us and record his adventures ,, he met Mickey Mouse and all sorts lol
She will be really pleased with the pics.
Great news re Jean.. lol... good to hear she is back to her old self
lisa x

Pami said...

Well thats confirmed it, now I know you are mad!

Glad Jeans is getting better.
P x

mixamatoasties said...

Fab! I loved Flat Stanley as a child and have introduced my boys to it now too :D xx

Anita said...

Sounds like you and Flat Stanley had a grand time Kerry!

The Spotted Chick said...

Eeeeeks!! Kerry this is AWESOME!! Looks like you two had a BLAST! I'm SO JEALOUS of that flat kid! Hmmmmm, think maybe I can fit in an envelope? Tee-hee! Thank you SO MUCH for doing this. I know she's gonna be thrilled. You're the BEST!

Mary J said...

What amazingly good fun!! I was in stitches laughing!!

Suzy Q said...

LMAO!!! You are TOO FUNNY!!! What a GREAT blog!! thoroughly enjoyed your adventure & I am sure all the school kids in SWITZERLAND?? will just love seeing all the exciting places he has been!! => xx