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Thursday, 24 March 2011

2 weddings????

What a great morning Nicole and I had yesterday! Not only was it a beautiful and warmish day but wait for it....we found THE dress!! OMG...can't believe it's done and dusted. We arrived at our appointment and looked through all the wedding dresses. Some were stunning and some were, well...OTT lol. They had the dress Nic and tried on on Friday and I picked one, Nic picked another and the lovely lady helping us picked one. She tried on the one she picked and it was nice but I wasn't gaga (not Lady!) about it. Then she tried on mine and it was absolutely stunning. I could feel a lump form in my throat and when the veil went on I'm afraid I lost it a bit....I wanted to bawl  but managed to hold it together by nodding my head and blinking furiously lol. I was like one of those bobbing head dogs in cars but with a quivering lol. I knew then that that was the dress and she really liked it but she tried on Friday's dress again, then the saleswoman's, the 4th dress then mine again and I'm so happy to say she picked mine! I would love to show it to you but Nic's decided only I'm to know what it's like until her wedding. That's the whole element of surprise...the grand entrance of the bride. We're also going to change the order of who goes down the aisle first. Over here (though it's slowly changing) the bride walks down the aisle first followed by the bridesmaids. In NA it's the other way around. I thought it very strange when I went to my first wedding here. I just presumed the bride didn't want any bridesmaids when I saw her first with the bridesmaids following behind her. Not sure the point in that really...the bride really should be making that grand entrance and getting all the gasps...hopefully in a positive way lol.

The other day a friend of Nicole's dropped off some wedding magazines. She was flicking through them when she came across a familiar face...Ryan!! He had done a modelling shoot for Scotland's Best Weddings last year but we never got a copy of the magazine. It was strange seeing him in print like this instead of just the photographs I've shared here in the past.

Here he is....what do you think?

  This is one of my favourites

My other favourite

I've never seen him in a kilt before and I think he looks pretty good. I know Ben and his family (the male side!) will be wearing kilts for the wedding and I would love to see Ryan and Steven wearing one too. I think I can safely say Pierce won't be lol.

Finally, I got an email from The Spotted Chick aka Jeanie the other day with a flabulous LCI card. I think you're gonna love it!!!

How cute is this card!! That sentiment is perfect with Cheeky Jack and I might just have to steal  erm borrow it lol. Thanks Jeanie for another flabulous card :-D

That's it from me today. I've got my Zumba dvd on pause so I'm gonna press the play button and have some fun!

Hope your day is as sunny as ours here in Glasgow!

Catch ya later x


theCook said...

How fun to find your son in a magazine you didn't get for that purpose!
Happy Nicole found her dress and that you like it too!

Lisa Jane said...

Your wedding dress story sounded just like when i picked mine .. both me and mum were bawling.. not quite as much as when i saw the solicitors bill for the divorce mind you!!
Nic will look absolutely gorgeous i am sure .. and quite right to keep it a secret till the big day.
Great mag pics.
Lisa x

Whimsey said...

W@@T, W@@T - dress done; doesn't that feel great!

And you KNOW how I feel about need to even GO THERE. LMBO!

Lovin' all the updates! Hugs!

Pami said...

Wonderful that you have found THE dress! And agree no one should see it before the big day! The magazine photos are amazing! Gorgeous!! :-) Pami x

pinky said...

Mum knows best eh lol. Glad she got the dress sorted. Love that gorgeous card but was it fair to show it with your son in those pics lol. He does suit the kilt:) Hows is that zumba working out, noticed anything changing yet? Still waiting on an update for those kettle bells too;)

mixamatoasties said...

Glad the dress is sorted!!

Love the Jack card too xx

Anonymous said...

Ah - how lovely. Have to say I have three girls and and Rachel has two, and can only imagine we'll be the same. Bet our husbands will be worse still though blubbering away at their little girls!
Onto the card though. How gorgeous and so very cheeky. We love it.
Thanks for sharing
Rachel and Angela of
Rainbow Studio's Clear Craft Stamps

Suzy Q said...

Wow!!! Check out Ryan with his ready made family!! Dogs 'n' all!!! Lol!!
I can not WAIT 2 c Nic in her dress!!! .... Am I wishing my life away or what!! Lol! Glad that's another thing ticked off the wedding list :-D xxx

Anita said...

I agree that no one else should see the dress till THE day. So glad she found one she really loves.