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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Update on Jean

Jean finally had her operation to reverse her stoma yesteday although it was touch and go whether she'd get it as the day before her blood results weren't great. We've known for about a month now about the surgery and it has been quite a worrying time as her health has been up and down like a yoyo. She's been in hospital since August last year at which point we thought we were going to lose her so it's incredible that she got to this point. It was a major operation as her heart, lungs and kidneys have been affected badly so I was on tenderhooks all day yesterday. I couldn't concentrate on anything, started half a dozen jobs and completed none. Even colouring couldn't take my mind off it. I spoke to her at 9:15 am as they were about to take her to theatre and was told the operation could last 3 hours or 6 hours all depending on what they found. I kept watching the clock and at 2:30pm thought it was safe to call. She wasn't back...4 pm not back, 5:30 not back 7:15 not back. At this point I started to really worry but she had finally arrived at High Dependency by the time I called at 8:45. I was told the operation had gone according to plan and she was groggy but that was all...they couldn't (wouldn't) tell me anything else on the phone. I called this morning to be told she was talking and doing great and she told the nurse to tell me she wasn't loopy! When Jean had her operation last August the anesthetic made her hallucinate. One day when she was in HD she pointed out the window to the apartment buildings and said they were c**p (her word not mine!) because they'd fallen down three times that day lol. She also had a rabbit on her shoulder she wasn't happy about and a biker at the foot of her bed in full leather gear! This went on for months afterwards and really traumatised her although it kept us highly amused if not concerned when we visited her lol. I think she was more scared of this happening than the actual operation. So her saying she wasn't loopy meant the anesthetic hadn't the same effect thank goodness. I'm going up to see her tonight and speak to the nurses about her op. All going well she should get out of hospital in 3 weeks but it's early days and with Jean's history of being well one week and not the next all that could change. I'm just glad it's over and we can work to get her well to finally leave the hospital.

I received a parcel in the mail from BFF this week. In it was a book, some soy bean seeds and my newest Copics!!!! Karen loaned me a book when I was staying with her last month called The California Club by Belinda Jones. If you want a good book for your hols get it because it's flantastic!!! This next one is called Divas Las Vegas and it's coming with me when I go home in May. So you're probably thinking soy bean seeds...that's a bit random. But you should know by now that I usually have a story about most things I write here and this is no exception lol. When we were in LA and went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner we orderd edemame beans for a starter. I'd never had them before (I belive they're the rage in N/A) but they come in their pods, warm with salt on top. You pick them up with your fingers and slide the beans out of the pod with your teeth. Well, Karen and I couldn't get enough of them and more or less finished them between us. Tracey and Shelly were lucky to get any lol. When we came home Karen and I scoured the supermarkets to find the edemame beans and do you think we could...NO! I'm sure I saw them a couple of years ago when it was revealed Posh Spice was an addict but they obviously didn't take off here. Healthy eating in the UK??? Nah!!! I was so obsessed with getting them I spent ages googling them and finally found a company in England that had them in the freezer section and would mail them to me!!!! I was about to order them when I realised that after p&p it was going to cost me about £20 for 4 small bags!!!! I decided that although I was desperate I wasn't THAT desperate. I have since found them in Holland & Barratt but they're not in the pods and that's half the fun of eating them lol. So with my parcel came a card and inside Karen wrote 'we'll have to grow our own' lol.  I don't think I've told Karen that I don't have green thumbs so I might have to give them to my neighbour who has a greenhouse to grow them for me!!!

This is the card Karen made for me...think it suits our cause perfectly don't you!!

I'm sure Tulip Ruby wouldn't mind a few bean stalks growing amongst her tulips lol. Karen's sewing is amazing...I don't think she knows how to sew crooked!

I think I've got enough time to make a card before heading to the chippy for dinner.... I feel I deserve a night off from cooking :-D

Hope you're having a good weekend and are enjoying the same good weather we are.

Catch ya later x


pinky said...

Crikey Kerry you are in the wrong business, you should be writing books. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every bit of that lol. Glad the opp went well and hope it continues that way. Gorgeous card from the BFF and you should give it a go and grow some, you might be able to do it indoors:) Enjoy the chips!! I would love a chip and some chocolate;)

Lisa Jane said...

Oh so glad jeans op went well i was only thinking about her the other day .. goodness was it August she went in.. doesn't time fly?
I bet those beans taste delicious.. i will have to try growing some in my greenhouse ..if the sun comes back lol
I love karen's card .. this is becoming ANOTHER fave image of mine . I love that patchwork background
Hope you enjoy your chips.. tin of soup and crackers for me lol
Hope you are well
Lisa xx

Pami said...

Hi Kerry, glad Jean has come through it ok, that is good news. You van get edamame peas in Pret in little pots, I gave a pot everyday for lunch! Also Itsu sell them, do you have any in Itsu's Glasgow?! Card is great, love the patchwork effect! P x

theCook said...

Hope Jean is finally going to be OK!
I have never tasted edamame beans, have fun trying to grow them! (if you really love them, you'll find the way to be green thumbed...)