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Saturday, 5 March 2011

A Wedding Venue, Liam Gallagher and Ribbon!!

I have been MIA....again! I thought the hard work finished once the shows were over but it seems it just starts lol. I've been busy getting orders gathered and shipped and now have just loose ends to tie up before I can get back to my normal routine, though I've forgotten what that was lol. My tv room is starting to look like a tv room again and it's nice to see I have a brown couch and cream carpets!

Nicole hasn't talked much about the wedding since she got engaged last year. I almost thought she was having second thoughts then I thought it was all about getting the ring lol but finally talk of venues came up and Nic, Ben and I went to see one on Thursday. Luckily it was a beautiful day so we got to see it at it's best. It certainly was lovely and Nic was ready to sign on the dotted line lol but we're going to see a few more and look at our options. Here are a few pictures from our afternoon....

The Happy Couple!

Bride and MOB!

I'm sure this should have been Nic and Ben and not me lol. Get me having champagne at 3 pm!!

Here he is...the lucky guy :-D

We had afternoon tea and it was yummalicious!

This strawberry tart was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!

We were taken around the hotel and as we were waiting for the Wedding Hostess Sharon to get the keys to some of the rooms, Liam Gallagher walked past us! For those of you who are scratching their heads and asking Liam who??? he's the bad boy of the now defunct band Oasis. He was in Glasgow to play a couple of gigs (get me and my rock lingo lol) at Barrowland with his new band Beady Eye. We didn't see his wife Nicole Appleton (former All Saints) though it says in today's paper she was there getting pampered. We did get a look around the spa and it was so inviting and would have been wonderful to get a treatment {sigh}. We've got an appointment to see another venue next Saturday so I'll let you know how we get on.

I told you the other day that I had ordered ribbon when I was at Stitches and it was arriving soon ie Thursday. Well it did but I was blowdrying my hair at the time and didn't hear the door bell so I had to wait another agonizing day to get my hands on it!!! As it was I had made plans with Annette to go to the SECC on Friday so I left the card for the ribbon to be left in a secret location (not telling just in case I have to do it again and get raided lol) We arrived back home to a box of the most lush ribbon EVAH!! I decided to choose ribbon that was a bit different from the normal check, grosgrain, satin, organza so there's a bit of suede, ruffle, lace, velvet to name but a few. I didn't go wild with my first order as I wanted to test the water first but if the ribbon is popular I will add more ranges and colours. I spent last night loading it up onto the website so you can check it out here now. It has already proved popular this morning which makes me think I made the right choices :-D

Now all that's left is for me to get my bahookie into my work room and get playing. I know exactly which ribbon I'm going to use with this weeks TLT card. Ooooooh...I'm so excited lol.

Hope you all have a great weekend...thanks for stopping by.

Catch ya later x


theCook said...

Visiting the wedding venues is a great part of wedding planning, love the anticipation feeling that goes with it... Seems you had a nice time!
I went to the shop... Will it be possible to add bigger pictures of the ribbons? It's quite difficult for me to see precisely what they look like...

Lisa Jane said...

what wonderful pics and the venue looks amazing.. i make no wonder she wanted to sign up there and then.
Although no more strawberry tarts lol... or you wont fit into your MOB outfit lol!!
The ribbon looks wonderful and cant wait to see what you create
Lisa x

Diane's Card Designs said...

Hi Kerry, what a lovely couple they look so happy together. Good luck with the planning.
I just want to thankyou for my BFF stamp which I won on the blog hop. It arrived this morning and I can't wait to make a card with it. If you visit my blog I have put a thankyou on there.
You were one of my first followers which I was privileged as my first stamps I put on my blog was yours. I'm not sure if your receiving my new posts anymore, silly me changed my user name by mistake and my first three followers which you were one couldn't get to my blog through the link and stopped receiving my post. They had to stop following me then if you go into this link and start following me again you should start receiving my new posts. Sorry for the inconvenience I know not to do that again lol.

Diane xx

Pami said...

Hark at you mixing with the rock dudes!! Looks like you had a lot of fine, a glass of champagne at any time of day is always a great thing to do! Am going to check out the ribbon!! P x

Sue said...

Wow, the pics of the hotel look amazing and the tea looks yummy :-) And great celeb spot too :-)
I have had a sneeky peek at the ribbon and it looks stunning!! Can't wait to see what you create with it (no pressure there then!!)

Sue xx

Mary J said...

Liam who?!! You must be soooo old! What do you mean, I'm older than you...don't tell anyone...

What a fab spot! But it's fun to look around at the other's too!

Ben looks like that that actor who plays a cosmetic surgeon in that US TV series. Can't remember the name - that's the trouble with watching only the BBC channel on the TV!!

I've bought my ribbon thank you very much - can't wait for it to turn up! May Arts ribbon is such excellent quality and I bought some felt too - 100% wool - it's gonna be gorgeous!!! Oooohhh sooo excited, come on postie!!

Suzy Q said...

mmmmm....strawberry tarts!! DEELICIOUSSSS & washing it down with champagne - how decadent!! lol!! looks fabulous!! the 3 of you look right at home...funny that!!
oh and LOVING THE RIBBON! must get me some of that xx