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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Super Six

I don't know if you saw on Jeanie's (aka The Spotted Chick) blog the other week that she was chosen as one of Card Pattern's Super Six. Well she was though personally I think she's The Wonder One lololol

Anywho, today is her day as Guest Designer and she chose a Ladybug Crafts Ink stamp for her card!!! I was over the moon when Jeanie emailed to tell me though she wouldn't tell me which image she was going to use. I should have known it would be a Magnum stamp as she has a 'thing' for Magnum & Lily...just love's them.. so she chose Magnum & Lily Sledging...

This image ALWAYS makes me smile when I see it. The fact that Lily is oblivious to Magnum's terror at flying down the hill cracks me up lololol. I love this LO and think I'll be giving it a try...maybe even for TLT this week!

The rain didn't come to much last night so we still have a lot of snow and thank goodness it doesn't look like it's frozen over. I haven't been out in the car for a week now and I'm feeling a bit stir crazy. Hubby's off to get new tires fitted so hopefully I'll get out this afternoon to CB with Rocky and the supermarket. My fridge is looking extremely bare and that's not good with 2 growing boys ...literally. I think Steven has grown even more...measured him the other night and he was 6' 6 1/4"!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Catch ya later x


Hayley @ said...

Hello! WOWEEE Jeanie has produced yet another Stunnilicious card (This lady never has an off day!) I agree, she's the wonder one! I love Magnum and Lily, Lily is super cute and I love her feistiness, for a little gal she's most certainly a strong!
Goodness me, we two strapping young boys in your house I bet your grocery shopping bill is huge each week! Grace has starting eating a lot better recently and I don't know what has hit me lol!!

Whimsey said...

WOW - Jeanie has rocked it AGAIN; that girl can do cards like none other, always amazing!

Go forth Wonder One!!

xGemmax said...

Its fantastic, image is brilliant and great layout too, Jeanie is very talented :o)
hugs and xxx

Lisa Jane said...

this is just full of gorjossity.. i love love that image .. i was chuckling when i saw it on Jeanies blog this morning.
We NNeeeeed her to do a card for TLT lol..

theCook said...

Jeanie sure made a beautiful card!

Elaine said...

Great card! BTW you're not missing anything with not driving in the snow. It's been hard going! I got stuck the other night - took 3 people to push me out! x

Mary J said...

That Jeanie is so darn talented! Gorgeous card!

Lindsey said...

This is gorgeous! I LOVE this image, it's so funny. Your papers are lovely too. To quote yourself....."it's flabulous!"
Linds x

pinky said...

Jeanie's card is absolutely stunning, I love all her work.

Anonymous said...

Great card design, I love Magnum and Lily. I was thinking that it would be nice to have some Christmas themed Add-Ons to use with my Magnum stamp..?
Any chance of something like that for next Christmas?
Joanne x

Suzy Q said...

Yet another great card from Jeanie xx