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Saturday, 18 December 2010's almost Christmas!

I know, I know...I've neglected my blog  lately but in my defence it is a busy time of year and like everyone I have a lot on. Time is steamrolling ahead and Christmas is exactly one week the heck did that happen???

Before I start my rambling I want to wish BFF a very happy birthday! Happy Birthday Karen...hope you have a megamazing day :-D I can't show you her card because I've still got it lol. I tried to get to the PO today but failed miserably so you'll have to wait until she sees it first!

This past week was so jam packed that by Wednesday I'm sure I fell asleep standing up! My MIL arrived Monday morning and I tend to wait until hubby comes home before I disappear into my workroom. I hadn't had a chance to make my bloghop project until after dinner that night and by the time I made it, photographed/edited and posted it on my blog for the following morning it was almost 1am.

The bloghop was Tuesday...and what a bloghop it was! Didn't my girls do well! Judging by all the comments you enjoyed it and we've had some gorgeous entries for the challenge. Don't forget to send in your WOA (works of art lol) as you've only got until 9am Monday. Also each DT asked a question on their blog and the first letter of each answer (if you follow the blog in the correct order) spells out a Christmas word. Email your answer in to for your chance to win one of their flabulous prizes. There will also be an overall winner who will get to choose a stamp of their choice :-D

MIL bullied me into putting my tree up on Wednesday but I haven't decorated it yet...except for Lisa's beautiful bauble she made for last weeks challenge. I read on Tuesday there was 8 days of snow ahead so MIL and I headed to Costco to get my turkey and ham then went to see Nicole at work before hubby picked MIL up to take her to the airport. By the time dinner was over I could barely string a sentence together (keep comments to yourself thank you lol) so decided it was early to bed for me. I managed to get one of the boys to take the dogs for their last walk and I was in my bed for just after 10...bliss! I'm sure I was asleep before my head hit the pillow and when I woke on Thursday it was the first time in months I didn't wake up tired.

The weather has disrupted mail deliveries all over the country and it took weeks for some of my birthday cards to arrive...even from the UK! I think most of them have arrived and I wanted to share them with you. Some you might have already seen on blogs but I've got them all together on this post. I'll warn you now that ALL the cards look so much nicer IRL. It's a pretty dull day here so even with Photoshop the cards are still a bit dark but you'll get to see them ok.

Here we go...


Suzy Q

Suzy Q's hubby...long story lol






Mary J



Pami (I added the dots at the bottom like you told me :-D)

Aren't they flabulous! Thank you everyone who took the time to make and send me a card :-D

It's the final of Strictly tonight and I CANNOT wait! I think I want Matt to win though I love Kara and Pamela too! Not sure what I'm going to do now I'm a Celebrity, X Factor and Strictly are finished. Maybe get some work done lol. I guess we have Dancing on Ice and Britain's Got Talent to look forward to in the new year :-D

Don't forget about the buy one get one 1/2 price stamp sale that ends December 31st. I know the mail is all over the place but you'll still have fun when it comes.

Lisa has some Blogaversary Candy to give away so why don't you go check it out. Apparently she's blaming ME for getting her into blogging...the cheek!!! Anywho, she's got 2 surprise prizes to give for the winner and one for a crafter they nominate. All you have to do is leave a link to your favourite Christmas picture past or present and leave a comment. That's it!

If you've managed to get this far without falling asleep congratulations lol. I hope you have a great and safe weekend.

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

Helloooo... i thought the tree had fallen over and you were squashed underneath it lol... lovely to have you back here in blogland .. goodness you need a holiday by the sound of it!! But i bet it was lovely to see your MIL.
Thanks for the blogaversary mention.. i hope everyone takes part .. and i promise no peel offs or naff stuff.. lol.. but some nice new shiny stamps lol
Your cards are beautiful..thank you for sharing. I am so glad they all arrived in the end !
Hope you are slowing down a little now.
What will you do tonight now there's no x factor???
I am crafting like mad to get all my "special" cards done.. and Michaels Birthday card for Weds!!!
Have a great evening
Lisa ;)

Helen Ann said...

wow all the cards are fab - think you're as bad as me for December birthdays.

OOOOOOOOOOOOO nearly time for the show dances
think am rooting for Matt, or Kara or maybe Pamela lol

Hel x

Lindsey said...

Gorgeous cards! Love 'em all!
Linds x

Sew-Ink said...

Ohhh...lovely cards!

Pami said...

I can't believe you told everybody you had to add the dots!! :-). So glad all your cards turned up in the end! They are all fabulous!!! Pami x

Mary J said...

Gorgeous set of cards, even if I say so myself, lol!!!

I didn't realise you were so popular queen Whiplash!!

theCook said...

You must be happy to have received such a nice bunch of cards! And with the weather conditions, they have been trickling in not all on the same day, which means... more good surprises when you didn't wait for them anymore, right?

Sue Upson said...

I'm getting fed up with the white stuff now, but at least you have got the food for Christmas already, my shopping delivery has been cancelled and I've got to brave the mad hordes at the supermarket!! Eeek!! LOL at the tree - if anyone questions it, tell 'em that it is a new style trend - literal rustic, and the one decoration is to showcase it's beauty :-)

Sue xx