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Friday, 10 December 2010

Still on a high

Goooooooood mooooooorning everyone! How are you all doing? I'm doing great. I had THE bestest birthday yesterday and I want to thank everyone for their wishes. My phone was ringing, pinging and zinging all day lol.
Sadly  :-( Postman Steve never made it because of the weather so I didn't get any of the cards I'm being asked if I got or not. I'm hoping since we had a bit of a thaw yesterday and overnight that I will have an avalanche of cards to open today :-D

My day started with my annual phone call from our friend Peter back home in Vancouver. Apart from  December 9th being my birthday it was also 26 years at 8:30 am that Nicole and I landed on Scottish soil! I'm sure the story is somewhere on my blog so if you have nothing better to do (yeah right!) you can have a seach. Basically Peter worked for BA (ground staff) all those years ago and he was instrumental in getting Nic, myself and 42 pieces of luggage to Scotland in one piece! He's only missed one year and he got into such trouble for it that he's been terrified not to ever since lol.

From them on the phone didn't stop ringing. Nicole called to say she had a surprise for me and wanted to know what time I'd be in town. Now for some idiotic reason I thought maybe Donny was in town and was having lunch with us (and no you are not too young Suzy Q to know who Donny is! I'm sure you were more a David Cassidy groupie lol) ... I did say idiotic! I managed to get the train into town and slushed and slid my way to her work. Upon arriving she told me she'd arranged for me to have a manicure! Can I tell you right now that daughters are flabulous and everyone should have at least one lol. I went off for my manicure and she met up with me later where she bought me my first Gingerbread latte of the season yum! Nic didn't have enough time for lunch so we had a quick look around the shops then went our separate ways. I did a bit of Christmas shopping and I must say I got a little bit more in the festive mood.

I grabbed my favourite sandwhich out of Pret a manger....turkey, stuffing, cranberry and crispy onions...on the way to the train...I haven't had one of those in years and it was flab! My first train was cancelled but me and a hundred others caught the next one. We were like sardines but at least we got home. Nic and Ben picked up a takeaway on their way home from work and Pierce got a pavlova for a birthday cake. I had such a sugar rush when I went to bed I couldn't sleep lol.

So that was my birthday...over for another year. But I guess you don't really want to read all want to know who won my Birthday Present giveaway. You guys gave me a giggle with your comments and the cheques are in the post for those who were super kind guessing my age. Wasn't too happy with 49 but then I set myself up didn't I lol. I was born December 9, 1963 so that makes me 47. I was a child bride...married at 19!

So the winner chosen by the random generator ie glass bowl is......

Patty said...

Happy some of the others I will say going by the number of years you have been married you are 47....but I will are not old you are well preserved! LOL! I became a new follower a few weeks ago!

Congratulations Patty!!!! Send me an email with your address and I'll get your prize off to you :-D

I'm hoping to have something to show you later so make sure you check back.

Thanks again...have a great day!

Catch ya later x


theCook said...

I'm happy your birthday was nice!

Pami said...

Glad you had a great day Kerry!! And at least you have all your cards to look forward to now as well!! Pami x

Suzy Q said...

David WHO???? Lol!! Sounds like u had a wonderful birthday!! Can't wait 2 c ur nails!! Pictures please!!! & I want regular updates on how long u manage 2 keep them looking good!! Lol!! Congratulations Patty!!! Have fun playing!! Lol xxx

JLJ Designs said...

Lovely birthday! It made me happy just reading about it.


Sue Upson said...

Sounds like you had a great day :-) A slightly belated "Very Happy Birthday to You"

Sue xx

Whimsey said...

You mean Donny DID NOT show up? Hmph - that snow must have kept him away?? :D

Sounds like you had a GREAT day. Sad I didn't get props for guessing 29 again. :)~

Have a great day; hugs!!

Roni said...

Well done Patty and Belated Birthday Wishes to you Kerry! Been in bed with a viral glandular something or other since Wednesday so not been online so I missed your post, but I'm so pleased you had a good day!

Happy Birthday!

Hugs Roni :O) xoxo

Lisa Jane said...

Well done Patty- you lucky thing.
So glad you had a fantabulous day Kerry - i was thinking of you... your daughter is a star!
I hope Postman Steve didn't have Hernia trying to lift his bag with all those fab cards people have sent !!
Lisa ;)

Rusty said...

Sounds like you had a flabby day!! glad it was good! x

Hayley @ said...

YAY, WELL DONE PATTY!!!! You do make me giggle Kerry, a child bride lol!!
That sandwich sounds delicious, I love turkey, cranberry and stuffing, the crispy onions on top would be devine!!! (yum and the pavlova!)
It sounds like a perfect day and a lovely treat!

Lyndi said...

Well done Patty!
Married at 19!!! You were just a baby, I was far too busy partying at 19 to even think about getting married and having kiddy-winks LOL.
Glad you had a flabby day. I'd love a daughter, but have been told I have to win the lottery first - and he doesn't mean a tenner :oD
Pret is fab - I love their stuff.