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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas pictures and reminders!

I haven't stepped foot in my workroom except to look longingly at my stash and walk back out again! Which means I don't have anything crafty to show you yet but thought I'd share some photos from Christmas day with you.

Here's Rocky looking in his Christmas bag. I had his and Ruby's sitting in my workroom the day before and they kept going in and staring up at them on the counter lol. They must have sensed/smelled the 10 tennis balls, chew ring, squeaky toy and chew bone.

Ben went up north to his parents so Nic stayed with us for the weekend. It was great having her back. Here she is talking to Ben while opening the presents he gave her.

Nic received some Nails Inc polishes and was doing her nails. Ruby settled down beside her...

...then offered her paw! I'm sure the polish isn't doggy friendly but Ruby never licked them once. She loved getting her nails done and is very proud of them lol.

It's always the quirky pictures I like best :-D


Here's me washing up (pre Christmas dinner clean up...everyone cleaned up after :-D) with my Domestic Goddess gloves that Suzy Q gave me. Nic and Ben gave me the slippers...they are sooooo cozy :-D

King Steven lol


Now for the reminders. If you want to take advantage of the buy one get one half price stamp offer you've got until midnight on Friday to do so. Why not treat yourself so you can enter the LCI Challenges. We've got some flabulous entries for the Song Title Challenge...some songs I hadn't heard of in years...some real blasts from the past. The challenge closes at 9am on Monday 3rd January and it would be great to see more entries.

Lisa has her blogaversary candy to win and the closing date is January 16th. You can't win if you're not in!

I have a few exciting things to share with you next week ... I am extracited and am fit to burst but you'll have to wait lol.

I hope to find a spare hour tomorrow to play so hopefully I'll have something crafty to share with you.

Thanks for stopping by :-D

Catch ya later x


Rusty said...

Looks fab, and I {heart} Ruby's nails! LOL!! sounds like you all had a fabulous christmas xxx

Julye said...

And dogs aren't supposed to see colour, Ruby obviously knew the polish was her colour and wanted it doing I think she looks fab, thanks for sharing your fun piccies.

pinky said...

Love having a nosey at other peoples Christmas:) Great pics, love the nails lol. I got slippers like those this christmas too and I love them. And like you, our dishwasher gave up the ghost the day before Christmas eve so I have dispan hands now, must get some magnolias lol.

Suzy Q said...

Lovely pictures Kerry! Glad to see you've put your rubber gloves to good use already :-D lol xx

Alison said...

Hi Kerry, glad you all enjoyed your day!! Your slippers look similar to mine. They are so cosy to wear!!!
Ruby is a typical female who likes to get
Hope to see you soon
Ali xx

Mary J said...

Sounds like a blissful time, Kerry! Love those slippers! I have huge pink fluffy ones - yours are much more elegant!

If I tried applying nail polish to my dogs, it would definitely get eaten - they are walking bins!!

Lisa Jane said...

Flabby pics Kerry - the tree looks gorgeous , and Ruby looks a real diva with those nails lol..
Maybe you should enter your washing up pic into the LCI challenge "you can always find me in the kitchen at parties !"
Lisa ;)

Pami said...

Fabulous photos Kerry!! I'm like Pinky, I love nosing at other peoples pics!! I love Rocky and Ruby!! I want them!! Although Coco may have something to say! Ruby is so cute just sitting there getting her nails done! Thank you for sharing. Pami x

Hayley @ said...

Lovely photos Kerry, you've reminded me that I need to put mine on the computer!
LOL at Mary's comment. Bless Ruby, she deserves some pampering after her op! Rocky looks so sweet investigating his Christmas bag, I bet he was like the 5 year old child, "come on Mum I need to open my pressie now!"