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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

There's no place like home, there's no place like home...

Any guesses for the title? Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz...that's how I feel at this exact moment. It is howling a gale outside and I'm surprised the house is still standing. I wish I had some red ruby shoes to click and wish myself away from the wind and rain!!

Apart from the weather I have been busy as a bee with family stuff and trying to get these 70 cards finished for Pierce. I'm so behind and they need to be done for Friday hence my lack of posting. I thought it would only take me a couple of days to colour them...yeah, as long as I didn't have to cook, clean, iron, take the dogs out etc!!! I had a date with my friend Jean today but unfortunately I had to cancel last night as I've still so much to do (Sorry Jean). And on top of the cards there's our village craft fair which is the first Sunday of December which I didn't realize was just over a week away and I don't have anything to sell at it!!! So I guess I won't be stepping out the door much till then.

On a positive note Country Lane in Langley BC have taken possession of Nikki & Friends and Sandy (part owner) says they're getting great reviews woot woot!!! Also Nikki is going to be in Papercraft Essentials out at the end of this month which is any day now {biiiiiig grin}. Country Lane used to be 2 minutes from my sister Tracey in White Rock but is now in a triangle between Tracey, Shelly and my mom so when I'm home I can go from one to the other though guess where I spend the longest???!!! Sandy and Bob moved to bigger premises about a year or so ago and I think I've only managed into the new store once. They've got a fantastic selection and I do tend to leave with a lighter purse! One day I'll time a visit when I can take one of their classes :0

AND...I've got our monthly crop this Saturday and I can't's been ages since we've got together as we didn't have a crop in October. I've got a pretty fab make and take (if I do say so myself lol) with another possible and then everyone can do their own thing. December might be a bit tricky to have a crop as everyone will be busy with Christmas so will probably skip to January for the next one. I have a full house...8 including myself and I'm sure there will be plenty of chat and laughter as we go. I'll post the m & t after the crop....don't want to give anything away before hand.
Anywho...I'd better get going...these cards aren't getting made by themselves. Hope you have a good day despite the weather.
Thanks for stopping by....catch ya later x


Elaine said...

Go on, give us a hint about the m&t!!! Is it something christmassy? Looking forward to seeing everyone x

Annette said...

Hi Kerry
Just sorting my bag out for Saturday have so much STUFF !!!!!!don't know what to bring. Hope m&t doesn't involve the glueing like last time !!! cause I have the Firemans Ball on Friday night HE HE ! AX