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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Sorry I haven't been about...I've been too busy putting the finishing touches to my Ark!!! What is this weather like??? Torrential rain...gale force least we're slightly better off than poor Cumbria. I was looking at an aerial view of the floods in the paper this's unbelievable that rain can cause such destruction. Those poor people will be out of their homes for months and months and my heart goes out to the family of the police officer who lost his life trying to guide people to safety.

Yesterday was a non crafting day...didn't even step foot into my workroom! The day before was a different matter...I sat and colored 35 snowmen and 4 sets of 3 snowballs with only 31 more to go for Pierce's office Christmas cards! I'd already cut and assembled the base card for the snowmen weeks ago and stamped out the snowmen (cuttlebugged and embossed)...I've only the sentiment to add and type up the inserts on the computer. The snowballs are another story...I'll be another day or two colouring those babies!! Why do I give him time consuming cards to choose from??? Next year will be different....I hope lol.

Nikki is doing well...I've had a couple of orders on my blog which thrilled me to no'd think I'd won the lottery lol. I also sent an order to Country Lane in Langley BC who have had enquiries about Nikki. They're about 20 minutes from Precious big sis is delivering the stamps this weekend ... Thanks Trace :- )

Here is another Ruby ...

There is a story behind the ladybug that has popped up in a couple of the Ruby images and the name of my blog/company Ladybug Crafts Ink.

My Grandpa Tom (my mom's dad) took ill in Oct 1996 and I rushed home to be with my family. On one of the days before he was moved to pallitive care there were 5 ladybugs on the wall above his bed which we took to symbolize his 5 grandchildren. My sister Tracey had been in the hospital gift shop and bought each of us (me, my mom, my sister Shelly, cousin Colette and herself) a sunflower magnet with a little ladybug on it. Sadly Grandpa died October 16th and a week later we had the reading of his will in his apartment. After the will was read we were looking through his photo albums and such when Tracey called us into his bedroom and there on the wall were 2 ladybugs...Grandma (who died in 1966) and Grandpa!! Now I know you're probably reading this thinking...that girl's lost it big time!!!.. but it gave us great comfort after Grandpa died whenever we saw a ladybug. And how many ladybugs do you see in October??? Now my Grandpa loved to travel and can I tell you that he has been to visit when we've been in Portugal, Florida, Dubai (yes Dubai!!!!), Troon and when Nicole was working on the farms in Australia this time last year he visited her every day for about 2 weeks!!

I don't remember my Grandma at all...I was only 2 and a bit when she died but her name was Ruby and when I was dreaming up a new image I wanted to call her Ruby...and I think the name suits her perfectly. Also if I had of had another girl I wanted to call her Ruby...unfortunately I didn't but I did get a dog and called her Ruby instead LOL!!

When I started stamping almost 9 years ago and wanted to call myself something Ladybug Crafts was the obvious choice. And when I seriously thought about doing it as a business Ladybug Crafts Ink fit pefectly :- )

That's all for today...writing all that about my Grandpa brought back a lot of good memories and stories which got me a bit teary...just in time for more rain!!

Catch ya later x


Elaine said...

I had noticed the ladybugs and was going to ask you next time I saw you! I noticed it was on a couple of cards but not all of them so thought it was just coincidence. Nice story x

Annette said...

Great story Kerry,and for all the years I have known you I didn't know that was why you called it that. A nother thing I didn't know was abou the new stamps !!!! ruby indeed !! LOL I feel a " GOT TO HAVE THOSE COMING ON" HEE HEE
Annette X

Annette said...

Hey Kerry wanted to ask you what you used on Ruby's wings ? glamour dust ? And adore the paperstock AX

Shelly said...

you forgot to mention the freakish invasion of ladybugs i had on my apartment wall just outside the sliding doors! remember me telling you? it was on the anniverary of his death (1yr) and i went to the screen door to kill what i thought was a spider and low and behold it was a ladybug, so i went outside to get him and when i stepped out on the patio there were hundreds of ladybugs on the side of the building... they were flying about and landing on me and in my hair.... it was the weirdest, but most comforting feeling. :o) hmmmmm love you gramps.

Kerry said...

You never told me that!!!!

Shelly said...

uh, ya I did.. you just never listen to me! lol