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Thursday, 30 July 2009

A year and a day ...

I don't know where the last 2 days have gone...what happened to Wednesday??? The only thing I remember about yesterday was that it was a year to the day when Nicole left for Australia....I can't believe it! She's due home by December 22 at the very latest or her dad will hop on a plane and drag her back lol.
This is a picture of us before she left. She was taking pictures of her and her dad together and me her and I together the week before she left. I didn't think anything of it until the day before she left she presented us each with a montage of the pictures she had taken. Mine is hanging in my workroom and Pierce has his beside his bed and in his office. To say we shed a few tears at the airport was an understatement...I think it was the first time she'd seen her dad cry which makes you cry even more!!! Sometimes this year has flown by and other times it's dragged. We've been pretty good with phone calls, talking at least once or twice a week and she's sent photo's of the different places she and her boyfriend Ben have been. All that was fine until she sent us the link for the sky dive that she took...thank god she didn't tell us till after she jumped!!!! Watching the video was quite emotional because it was the first time we'd seen her outwith a photograph. Seeing her walking, talking and laughing was brilliant .. even the swearing lol!...of course I started bawling like a baby...brings tears to my eyes now just thinking about it. Time is flying these days so it won't be long before she's home.
I've still a lot to do before's project day!!!! One is all ready to go and another 1/2 way with a bit more punching and cutting. Luckily the 3rd isn't as involved as the first 2. Sorry clues here!!
If I can manage I'll post a card tonight.
Catch ya later x

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