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Friday, 24 July 2009

What a difference a day makes!

Well you know how yesterday I woke up and there was great news all around? Different story this morning! It started at 3am, then 5am then 6:30am...and the cuprit??? Rocky!!! Now don't be fooled by the face...yes he looks cute and innocent but he wasn't innocent this morning!! He can open doors...doesn't matter which way, inward or outward swing, he can do it so we have to put a chair up against the kitchen door so we don't get any night visits. At 3 I woke to hear him banging the chair to get out so I hauled myself out of bed, stumbled downstairs turned off the alarm and let him out. Waited 10 minutes then let him back in, turned on the alarm and back up to bed. Felt like I'd just closed my eyes when I heard the banging again...5am!!! Same again though this time I while I was waiting I checked my emails...I like to call it multi-tasking!!! I had to call him this time as I think he was happy to stay out but got him back in etc, etc. I guess you might be wondering what Pierce was doing while this was all going on??? Pretending to sleep!!! When the banging started for the 3rd time I was determined I wasn't getting up so I pretended to sleep lol. I had great plans for this morning...get up early (though not 3am!!!) take the dogs to the Braes, wait for the electrician then get to the dentist for 10:20. So far I've done none of the above! Time has run away from me, the electrician hasn't arrived and I'm going to be late for the dentist. Will post a card when I get back...hopefully I won't fall asleep in the dentist's chair!!!


esmernicki said...

Jim is really good at that 'pretending to be sleeping' routine too. He perfected it when our two were still having night feeds! I do it as well now and I have a STUBBORN streak so he has to give in sometimes hehe

Hayley @ said...

This pic came up underneath one of your posts in the "you might also like" and I had to take a look at Rocky's gorgeous pic! How adroable is he!!? I'm sure he wasn't adorable at 3am though!!!