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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Busy week

The chances of 2012 being a bit slower than 2011 are slim to nil! This first week has raced by and all my NY's resolutions have fallen at the first fence lol. It did start off promising though...I got my card made for posted on time and I sat down to comment. I was partway through when all heck broke loose and fast forward to today and I'm no further forward!

My sale discount didn't activate so had to wait till the offices opened. My sale flyer wouldn't send so spent 4 hours on Tuesday sorting that out. I took the dogs to CB and was slapped by sleet and whipped by the wind. We were invited to friends for an afternoon get together with the neighbors...I was 2 hours late!!! I came hope tipsy (I had one Jack Daniel's with cranberry juice and lemonade and I swear they poured the whole bottle of JD in!)...I don't drink much ... in fact that was my first drink since October when we were at our niece's 21st... and have never cooked when enebriated but I must say I enjoyed prancing round the kitchen lol. At least I didn't knock myself out or give myself 3rd degree burns (that was #2 incident of Baking Is Dangerous - It's official!!) so maybe the key is to have a drink or 3 BEFORE cooking a meal lol.

As Steven was going to Milan on Friday, Wednesday night he presented me with a load of washing he NEEDED to take with him! Well that put paid to any crafting I was wanting to do. I have mixed feelings about him going...on the one hand he's my baby (21 next month!) but is quite self sufficient so I wasn't worried about him looking after himself. The fact we didn't have much information on where he was going/staying/working etc was the bothersome bit. Then on the other hand I was thinking...that's one less person to cook for, clean up after, wash/dry/iron clothes for AND I might just have some food in the fridge for a change!!! I finally heard from him last night. He managed to get to the agency who then took him to the apartment he was to live in. I asked him what his apartment was like and if he was living by himself or sharing. He messaged back saying he was sharing a bedroom with 3 others and 2 boys were sleeping in the kitchen! Oh my...the life of a model lol. He  sent me a picture of his bed...

I really do hope that all 6' 6 1/4" of him fits on that bed lol. Knowing he was living with other guys gave me peace of mind and he says they're all really nice. He might have a casting for Calvin Klein tomorrow so fingers crossed he'll get the job. The agency asked if he had any restrictions on the length of time he could stay and when they heard there wasn't they said ' might be here longer than a month then!' so who knows how long he'll be away.

I haven't managed a card but I do have something to show you. We all have our storage problems when it comes to Copics...especially as they're always introducing new colours so we're always having to add or alter what we're using. When I was demoing for Craft World in September, another demonstrator had fabulicous storage for her Copics but unfortunately the company that used to supply them are having problems getting them in. I decided I would get one by hell or by high water and guess what? I did!!! It's not the one Caz has but one I had made. It's a bit big and heavy but I love it and it's exactly what I wanted...except for the size lol. Have a look....

{squeal} isn't it magnifilcious!!!!! I have it sitting on one of the windowsills in my workroom (I have a bay window) and on hindsight I think 12 cubby holes would have been suffice but I can always put other pens in the other holes. As you can see I LOVE my E's!!! All I'll say to Copic is....bring it on...make as many colours as you want cuz I have the space to put them lol.

Nicole has turned into Bridezilla and is chomping at the bit for the wedding invitations. She wanted them to go out at the end of this month (the wedding is May 26th) but I said no way so we have sort of compromised (I'm actually humouring her but don't tell her please!!) that they'll go out mid February...still far to early as far as I'm concerned... but when she starts asking for them I'll kind of just keep saying they're 'almost' finished ;-D

I've some projects I want to get finished this weekend and mailed on Monday so I'm gonna say Ciao (isn't my Italian amazing heehee)

Hope you're having a good weekend.

Catch ya later x


Chrissy said...

What a great post Kerry, love a good read...and you certainly are busy...keep smiling..


Lisa Jane said...

ooh love the new storage .. you just Have to fill those cubby holes!
Lisa x

Faith A said...

Hope you are over your inebriation LOL, YOu must be proud of your son and his get and go. When he's famous he will have 5* accommodation and it won't be long by the look of it.

Love your unit, and ALL your Copics.

Pami said...

oooh love the storage!!! Should copics be stored flat? Mine are all in wooden cup things at the moment! P x

Sue U said...

Sniffer a tipsy Kerry! Hope you are all recovered now :-) and aren't missing Steven too much, hope it all goes well for him
Love your copic storage!! Mine are in a box that I have to dig through every time and guaranteed that the one I want is at the bottom!!
Congrats on being featured on Make It Monday too!!
Hugs, Sue xx

Jane said...

You are certainly one very busy woman Kerry ! Hope the hangover settled quickly -lol! What a great experience for your son- he will gain so many life skills from this. Hope the sale is going well your stamps are really fab and such good quality too. Take care
Jane x