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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Woot woot!!

I have had ANOTHER brilliant many great things have happened but I can only tell you a few for now and the other's will have to wait for another week.
My daughter Nicole (Nikki!!) has been travelling for over a year now with her boyfriend Ben. We've talked at least a couple of times a week...sometimes more (!!) since she left... but she's been in Thailand for the last 2 weeks and we haven't had the same communication as it's so expensive to phone from there. Also I don't think they have many internet cafe's on the beaches lol. Anywho...she called today (at great expense!) and we had a very quick and condensed chat. She's very happy at the way Nikki is going and excited at all the things I'm not going to tell you about just now LOL. They are also on their way home and I can't wait to see them. Here is a picture of them:-
I {heart} this picture : )
I gotta scoot...I need to get something in the mail before the 5:30 pickup in the hope it gets there tomorrow...could this be one of the things I can't tell you just now????
Catch ya later x
ps I've just realized I've only told you one of the few things but that will have to do for now lol
pps don't forget to post your BLOG CANDY guesses!!!

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