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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Midweek Reminder - CAS

Confession time...I didn't have time to make a card for today's midweek reminder :-( But I found a card using Billie is 1 that I haven't posted (At least I don't think I have!) so I hope my card is CAS enough...I think it might just squeak by lol.

This post is a bit picture heavy so be warned!!

I made this card for our friend's grandson who turned one 2 weeks before Coen. I love Billie with or without a number...she's just the sweetest little bear. 

Do you remember those wedding invitations I've been working on for what seems like forever? Well I've finished both sets and I handed one of them over on Sunday. I was really nervous but was relieved when the bride to be cried ... with happiness I might add lol. It was well worth all the hours I spent cutting, scoring, tying, printing etc. 

Because the invites were made using kraft cs I wanted to find a box the same. I thought I'd never find one but Paperchase had a PERFECT shirt box. I bought a ceramic heart that says 'Happy ever after begins today' and looped it through the ribbon before tying the bow

The inside of the box is lined with red paper which picks out the red in the hearts. I was really happy with how they turned out and they look fab in the box.

Coen's Corner

I have a 'few' pictures of Coen to show you...I just couldn't choose one this week lol. 

I posted a few of these on Facebook the other day so you might have already seen them but I couldn't resist posting them here. We went to the park again as the weather last week was glorious. Of course you can't go to the park on a hot sunny day and not get an icecream lol.

Ahoy matey lol

I love this picture...I just want to kiss those cheeks all the time lol

Nic and Ben left for a wedding in Italy yesterday and Coen moved in!

On the way back from the airport Coen and I stopped at an Outlet Mall and had lunch at Pizza Express. He was getting a bit grumpy so I put all the stickers on his face lol. I thought it was hilarious (as did passers by) but unfortunately I didn't think about how it would hurt when I had to take them off...he screamed blue murder ....bad Grandma lol.

I'm getting more and more excited about going home next week though I still have loads to do, most of which will get done when Coen goes for a nap! I hope to have some scheduled posts while I'm away and if you're lucky I'll pop in to let you know what I'm up to ;-D 

That's me for today...hope you have a great week

Catch ya later x

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