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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I need a holiday!

Boy oh boy I really think I've lost the plot. A friend I went to school is coming to stay with me for two weeks. I got it into my head she was coming on Saturday of the weekend just past but when I checked her email I saw she was leaving on Monday and arriving on Tuesday . Great...that gave me an extra few days to tidy the house lol.  Yesterday I cleaned like mad. Vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms etc. I went food shopping and and whilst putting it away found jars and cans dated 2008 and 2010 so I started checking everything in the cupboards. When I was putting the food in the fridge I thought it was looking a bit grubby so hauled everything out and cleaned all the inside. Then I went through all the piles of papers etc I had dotted over the kitchen and polished the counter tops. After dinner while hubby held the ladder and my legs I changed 12 light bulbs in the ceiling (I've done this a gazillion times before on my own but thought I'd just let him so he felt he was being useful lol)! Feeling absolutely pooped I thought I'd check her email again for flight number and flight time only to discover she's leaving TODAY and arriving on TOMORROW!!!!! I've also got the 16 year old daughter of a friend arriving Wednesday for 5 days :-O Wish me luck lol.

This was the first card I made using Christmas Handbag Delight from the new Christmas Delight release. I really love how it turned out....

I've got some news ... I'm starting a new venture at the end of the month. I've signed up to be a Pampered Chef demonstrator yayyyy!! For those of you who've never heard of PC before we do in-home cooking shows using the PC products to make a recipe and the guests get to sample the results! I LOVE gadgets and I LOVE their products...especially the potato masher lol. I'm having my first show August 6 and will be a fundraiser for The Teenage Cancer Trust for Sophie. If anyone is interested let me know ...they are so much fun :-D

That's it from me for today. I better get back to my tidying from yesterday for tomorrow lol.

Catch ya later x

ps Can anyone help...I seem to have a toolbar that appeared from nowhere and it covers most of the top buttons when I'm typing my posts (I can just about get the arrow to touch the buttons) and I can't for the life of me get rid of it. Normally it's a right click and poof it's gone but this one is stubborn. Any suggestions?


Marianne said...

Hmm, let me get this straight: you start by saying you need a holiday and finish by telling us you're starting a new venture? LOL
Just take a deep breath and smile. I'm sure you'll have loads of fun once BOTH your guests have arrived tomorrow (= Wednesday, right?)!
Love the fun and funky Christmas card!
Marianne x

Jane said...

Goodness me Kerry I think I need a holiday after hearing what you have been up to! I wish I was nearer I would LOVE a pampered chef demo...never heard of it but sound like fun and a good excuse for opening some wine and having a laugh. Your new card is really gorgeous...LOVE it! Now take a deep breath, meet you guests with a smile and say.."Me Busy...never.. I have enjoyed such a relaxing few days." Enjoy ;0)
Jane xxxxxxxx

Whimsey said...

Super cute card; love the colors.

You're nuts - I never allow anyone to stay with us - ha ha ha - SO TRUE!! :D

You will have such a great time!

HOW do you have time to sell PC???


Lisa Jane said...

i have just booked one lol! A holiday i mean.... i am fed up of the rain and damp and not being able to lift my arms.. so the new carpet will have to wait as i have spent the money lol.
You card looks fab... love how you coloured the vases
A new venture? when will you fit that in lol
Lisa x

Rusty said...

And breathe ...... or make yourself even more busy than before haha!! Firstly your card is gorgeous, except maybe the pink bits? lol only joking! I love this image and your colouring is perfect! what did you add to the vases? looks great! Secondly never heard of PC, but I think I might need to if they do gadgets, especially as we have gadgets in our new kitchen which is still not finished!! haha!

Julie said...

Boy oh boy Kerry, I'm loving it in pink! Fabulicious!.x