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Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I don't know about you but I'm so over the weather here in Scotland. If it's not raining it's cloudy and muggy and the forecast doesn't look pretty for the rest of the week either hmph! Having spent the last couple of weeks being a tourist with my friend Sharon has been fun and we haven't let the weather stop us but it would be nice to leave our jackets and umbrellas at home. Crafting has been almost non existent but normal services will be resumed tomorrow when Sharon flies home. We've had a great time getting to know each other as we've only spent a couple of days together since graduating a couple {cough 32} of years ago. It could have all gone pear shape if we didn't end up liking each other lol.

So far we've explored Stirling and Edinburgh Castles, Scone Palace (my favourite), Modern Art Gallery (least favourite), Troon (tied favourite with SC) and Sunday we went to the Art Galleries...and so did 1/2 of Glasgow lol. It's the perfect place to go if the weather is bad and it is HUGE so you don't notice the amount of people. A man was playing the most amazing pipe organ ... the sound was stunning and echoed throughout the building. It's also free so those with lots of kidlets aren't out of pocket!

It was Ryan's girlfriends 19th birthday in June and lucky for me they were on holiday at the time so bought me an extra few days to make her card. This is what I came up with...

I used Winestool Nikki without her pooch and paper pieced her dress using the aptly named Basic Grey paper pad Little Black Dress.

Hope you like it...Kat did :-D

Weather permitting we're heading to Loch Lomond today...I really do hope the rain holds as it's a stunning part of the country.

Hope you're all having a great DRY summer

Catch ya later x


Marianne said...

Don't you just love it when you have a few extra days to finish a card? Esp. if you're of the making-a-card-at-the-very-last-minute kind of person like me LOL. A friend was asking me the other day if I could make her a bd card for her brother who's turning 40 next week. I said yes but aftwards I realised I'll need to have the card ready this weekend. ;-(
No complaints about the weather here, except maybe that I need my mobile A/C unit almost every day. Still, I'd rather have this than grey and dreary weather. Glad that didn't stop you and your friend from having fun.
Marianne x

Marianne said...

Forgot to say I love the card, very classy. Also love the different size of the card.
Marianne x

Lisa Jane said...

well its stunning here today ... sun shining .. nt a cloud in the sky.... but way too hot for me lol
LOve this card dahling... the papers are just megaliscious
Lisa x

Whimsey said...

Cute, cute!! Love the papers - don't think I've seen that paper pad...??? So much sparkle and glam - fabulous!!

She's 19 - how old is that boy? Your kids "seem" older to me, maybe cuz your ancient...I mean about my age? LOL I soooo wish I could use "strikethrough" on that word, and yes, I realize I'm in trouble...I live there!


Julie said...

Oh wow! Love the papers they look amazing paper pieced like that! Could you knock one up for me,it would be perfect for my daughters birthday in a couple of weeks,I really should have one at least started by now.! Sorry to hear about your weather,ours is so hot I feel the need for an afternoon doze! X

mixamatoasties said...

Gorgeous card Kerry. I have a several cards that I've run out of time to do... I really need a kick up the ****

Susan xx

Susan said...

This is stunning - love the paper piecing - suits Nikki down to the ground......

Jane said...

Yo GF, I should not really be on the computer but I am taking a break in the sunshine between packing. 2 more sleeps....eeeek but SO exciting. I really hope you are getting some of this weather as it has been stonking hot since Saturday and due to reach 31c here today. Love your card; really 'You Tazan,Me Jane' stuff...brilliant and I am sure well received. Normal blogging will return next week when I have become a I have to grow a hooked nose and curled nails for that. .LOL
Take care, speak soon, Janexxxx