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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to dads all over the world, especially mine :-D

I kind of cheated this the time I got back into the swing of making cards after recovering from the W (feel like I've bored you to tears with the wedding...oops!) I was way behind and my FD cards didn't even make the planning stage :-( I remembered the card I made for my dad last year didn't even make it into the mailbox so rummaged around and voila...found it! I also remembered I had turned it into a 'Enjoy Your Retirement' card for a challenge but lucky for me I only used light tac tape to hold the retirement sentiment down so when I gave it a slight tug low and behold there was my Happy Father's Day sentiment lolololol. I'm just so resourceful or some might say jammy ;-D

If it looks familiar it is cuz I DID post it last FD but just to refresh your memory here it is again....

I used 'I'm not asleep, I'm resting my eyes' Wrinkley...isn't he fab! If you haven't got him why the heck not??? You could use him for umpteen of those hard to make male cards.

I think he enjoyed his second 15 minutes lol.

I've had a bit of a computer 'mare today. My pal Gayle has this fabby gizmo for her computer and said my life wouldn't be the same without it. Well those weren't here EXACT words but I'm sure that's what she meant ;-D It's a Wacom Bamboo tablet thingamajig and it's supposed 'simplify' things for me such as coloring in with Photoshop, editing graphics from my illustrators (which was the main reason for the purchase), add notes to pictures etc.'s not gone according to plan and my laptop has had an allergic reaction to it and although I'm using my laptop just now it is not a happy camper. The USB wasn't registering and the warning notice kept flashing...even when the USB wasn't plugged in! I uninstalled my drivers as Mr PC World Call Center suggested but that didn't seem to work. I restarted my laptop 3 times and in one last desperate attempt tried to restart it again. I went off to my craft room when all of a sudden screeching sirens went off in the kitchen (where said laptop was) which then set Rocky off on a barking fit. I turned off the laptop but it was still screeching....called PC World directly and was told to take the battery more screeching. I thought all would be ok but for some reason I can't Microsoft Word to come up, a Norton crash notice flashes every time I try to open a page and it's just not responding they way it normally does. I'm going to have to take it to the laptop hospital and hope they'll be able to fix it and pray the bill won't put me in the poop as I don't have an extended warranty anymore :-(

Happy Father's day dad...hope you're having a better day than me!

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

oh i am glad the card got to be sent lol.. its too fab not to be !
And you could always say you were super organised and made it last year!
Hope the IT issues can be sorted without too much hassle
Lisa x

Mary J said...

Oh dear - hope it gets sorted, Kerry! I forgot FD too - luckily I had two male themed cards in my stash and just changed the sentiments!

Shhh, don't tell them!

hey, sent you an email - you can ignore it now as I got it sorted! But hope you are ok!

Faith A said...

Love the card, so many uses for this image as you say.

As for your LT OMG, I would be pulling my hair out now and being admitted to hospital for care.

Whimsey said...

Gosh - that's just adorable - love the papers; LOVE your coloring of the chair - I'm so intimidated by that chair! Coloring it I mean! LOL

Hope you get the 'puter figured out - hate when they have an allergic reaction!!