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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Happy Birthday Tams & Wedding Lowdown so grab a coffee!!

Surprise!!!! Ok I guess it's not really a surprise cuz I let the cat out of the bag yesterday but I was soooo excited lol. I just want to wish Tam's the happiest 30th birthday...I vaguely remember mine almost 20 years ago eek! Unfortunately I fell at the last hurdle making her card but now my house is oh so quiet I will get to it toot sweet!

Yesterday was a funny old day for me...I made my 6th trip to the airport in 7 days (one day I had to be at Glasgow airport at 7 am then Prestwick airport at 9:50am!) as one by one (sometimes 2 by 2) left to go back to Canada. The last to leave was my DLS and her fab hubby and we had a good bubble. After almost 29 years living in Scotland you'd think I'd get used to saying goodbye but I always feel abandoned and empty when they walk through to security. They all went home to each other and yes I've got hubby and my kids and my new son in law but having other family close would be nice too.

Speaking of my new son in law...OMG we had the best day. It started with the run up with my mom, dad and sister arriving the Saturday before and running around getting fluffed and buffed and nails done in time for the ferry on the Wednesday. I'm not a fan of driving long distances but I must say with SIL as my sat nav I really enjoyed the trip. It took 1 3/4 hours to drive to Cairnryan, 2 hours on the ferry (they make the most amazing macaroni cheese and fish and chips) and 2 hours to the in laws. We had a few more days of running around before moving into the hotel on the Friday (I can't tell you how much we were all looking to that lol). Hubby, the boys and their girlfriends flew over Friday afternoon and hubby was dropped off at the church in time for the rehearsal. The priest is Nicole's Godfather though he was an insurance salesman until at 50 went into the seminary in Waterford for 5 years then settled into his first parish in Atlanta Georgia and has been there ever since. We always said we'd love Frank to officiate Nic's wedding so it was very special he was able to. 

After rehearsal we returned to the hotel only to find hubby couldn't find his suit for the wedding!!!! OMG can you imagine it...walking down the aisle in a tracksuit lol!!! The guest had been arriving all day and congregated in the hotel pub (amazing fun) but I was clocking up the miles trying to find the suit (along with hubby and hotel reception) checking in at the pub to say hi to new comers and down my first French Martini (note to self...sip slowly in future lol) ;-D Suit was finally located in Steven's room and I could enjoy the rest of the night meeting some of Nic and Ben's for the first time and Ben's extended family. I have to say all their friends are the most wonderful of people and I loved every one of them. 

I got up bright and early Saturday morning leaving hubby to get some breakfast and then head to hair and makeup :-D I would love to get pampered like that on a daily basis lol. Everything was set up in Nic's room which was adjoined to the in one room, makeup in the other. We had such a laugh and were oohing and ahhing as each of us was preened to within an inch of our lives. I headed back to the room to change (I loved my outfit...not typical MOB but very me) to find hubby writing his speech on the balcony!!! I know he was extremely nervous about his speech and said it was going to be the shortest on record (it wasn't lol). I forgot something in Nic's room so headed back, went in one room, walked through the bit that joins the rooms to the next  and stopped dead in my tracks. There was Nic standing in her dress ... I stood there just staring (it was like something out of a movie) then I could feel the prickle of tears and the tremble of the lower lip and I dove into the bathroom swiftly followed by one of the bridesmaids offering hugs and kleenex lol. Damage control done I managed to hug her without breaking down then headed to reception.

The guests met in the reception and buses took them to the church. Ben's mom and I were driven by his brother and we took our seats. We didn't have to wait long for hubby and Nic to arrive and to the strains of Pachelbel, the two ring bearers (5 and 14 months) lead the procession followed by the bridesmaids, maid of honor and finally the bride. It was easy to see that hubby was trying really hard to hold it together but Nic was as cool as a cucumber and you could see she was loving every minute of her day.

The service was beautiful and everyone loved it. Outside the sun was shining and you could tell it was going to be the best day ever. After the pictures were taken the buses took the guests back to the hotel where there was canapes and drinks in the Secret Garden and more photographs before heading to the reception for the dinner, speeches and dancing! Breaking with tradition we had the speeches first so hubby, Ben and the best man could enjoy their meal without nerves. I must say hubby's speech was fantastic...there was a lot of laughter and emotion and I don't think there was a dry eye in the room when he finished. Ben's was equally fantastic and the Best Man Andrew did Ben proud though he was extremely emotional throughout and had to stop and compose himself a number of times. He brought up a few things Ben had obviously forgotten and his parents learned the truth about a few of his escapades lol. The three speeches were brilliant and bring a smile when I think about them :-D

The meal was gorgeous and the wedding cake....what can I say about the wedding cake? I'd been dreaming about eating it since I started my MOB diet (I lost almost a stone [14 lbs] but a few have found their way back lol) back in January and I can tell you it didn't disappoint lol. 

The first dance was to Delilah by the Plain White T's but Nic and Ben's good friends Chris and Penny dueted and it was fabulous. From that moment on I rarely left the dance floor. The band were fantastic and had the guests in a frenzy at times. Suzy Q and I invented a new dance step which we put to practice most of the night. We'd stand side by side and step, step, step to the right and flick our foot and head to the direction we went then headed back the other way. We thought we were amazing but I'm sure we looked ridiculous lol. Chris sang 500 Miles by the Proclaimers and EVERYONE joined in...what can I say except after all the stress and strain of planning it was easily the best day of our lives. 

Everyone made such an effort to make Nic & Ben's day what it was from the hotel staff (especially Ciara and Lisa) to all our friends and family. I was a bit concerned when they decided to have the wedding in Ireland but that went out the window when I saw how much everyone enjoyed themselves.

There's so much more that I could share with you but I think you'd lose the will to live lol so if you have any questions feel free to email me.

Thank you to everyone that emailed their good wishes, sent cards and gifts...we were all overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and once the dust settles Nic and Ben will put pen to paper and thank all of you. 

Now you're probably wondering where the heck the pictures are?! I sat last night and made a separate page (tab at the top) of photos from friends and family and a few from the official photographer and I'll add more as the come in. You can see them all here...enjoy!

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

Thank you for sharing..
Lisa x

Pami said...

Have left a comment on the photo page! P x

Jane said...

I left my comment on the photo page Kerry but just wanted to say I could feel the panic when hbs suit went missing. OMG I am so glad it turned up! So glad to see you back :-)
Hugs, Jane x