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Friday, 7 October 2011

A card, Ireland and the Mobo's!

Helloooooooooo! I have finally found some time after my hectic week to write up a post. I'll warn you right now it will probably be a long one cuz I've got a lot of catching up to do. That and the fact as you know I don't know how to tell a short story lol. It's also going to take me twice as long as I've still got my Mobo nails on lol. I'll post my card first so if that's all you've come for you can have a quick look and scram. If, however, you want to see how I got on in Dublin and the Mobo's then put the kettle on and make a flask lol.

Ok my card. It's Suzy Q's  hubby's b'day today and I probably wouldn't have normally made him a card but it's a special one...the big Four Oh AND he made me one for my birthday last year! He raided Susan's craft room (nee dining room!) when she wasn't looking and made me a flabulous card using Birthday Robyn.

When I was designing the new Magnum Digi's and saw Missed a Bit Magnum finished I knew it would be perfect for Jim as he does a bit of gardening on top of his regular job. This is what I came up with... looks like magnum is mowing the grass in the sky...I got a bit carried away with my clouds. The card is a big one for me ... 7 x 5 1/2 ish but you know one of the first things to go when you hit 40 is your eyesight so wanted to make sure Jim could see it!!

Lily looks as comfy as anything and Magnum none to happy!

Who says you can't have flowers on a man's card????

I gave Susan the card and some of my beloved Tim Horton's coffee for the birthday boy. There is a story attached to it but I'll save that one for another day!! Needless to say Jim appreciated the humour in it and liked his card :-D

Steven and birthday girl Ellyn

Steven and Ciara

Me and Nic

Steven and Uncle Dave (this one's for you Pam!)

Steven, Nic, Me and Ben

The whole family (less hubster and Ryan). Poor MIL got caught mid yawn!

Me and SIL

Sibling love

Woot Woot

FIL and Steven

Steven doesn't dance!



We had a ridiculous start to the day...flight was at 7:30 am so we were up at stupid o'clock. Nic and Ben stayed the night so we had extra minutes in bed before leaving at 5:30. Unfortunately Ryan and hubby didn't make the trip but they were probably happier still in bed lol. All went smoothly till we got to the airport. I booked on line and printed out the boarding passes but when we went to go through the x ray machines we were sent back out as the barcode hadn't printed. We legged it to the other side of the our passes stamped but when they got to mine they said I had to get my visa checked. I still have a Canadian passport and I have NEVER in the 26 years I've been here needed a visa to get into Ireland! Went to the 'visa' desk only for the official to glance at my passport and send us on our way. With minutes to spare we got through to the boarding gate and finally on the plane. Once on Nic set to work gluing my nails on and before you know it (30 min max) we were landing. Both Nic and I needed the loo so headed straight there. I turned to flush the toilet and to my horror saw my passport floating in the bowl freshly tinkled on!!! Yup...I had put it in my back pocket for speed when we got to passport control...NEVER again!!! I fished it out and rinsed it and practiced what I was going to say to the passport officer when I handed over my christened soggy passport!!! In my best Oscar winning performance and looking him in the eye I said I had dropped it in a puddle (the only time I was thankful for the rain)!!

From there it was smooth sailing. FIL was there to meet us and we went to his place where MIL was waiting with a cooked breakfast yum. We then went to the wedding venue which I hadn't seen apart from online and I have to say it is absolutely beautiful and the people so nice. The florist met us there so we sorted all the flowers then went to a place where they 'dress' the venue. Now I know we want the best day possible for Nicole and Ben's wedding but it's not an open cheque book!!! Back to the apartment to get ready for the party where we danced the night away. The Irish sure know how to have a good time and everyone had a brilliant night. Ellyn looked gorgeous and I know she'll always remember what a great birthday she had.

Sunday was a day of recovery and after dinner I went and stayed at SIL's as MIL, FIL, BIL, SIL (different sil), and niece were going away on the Monday for an overnight as BIL was playing in a charity golf tournament. We had an appointment on Monday to see a photographer and wedding cakes. The cake shop was amazing and we've ordered the cake!!!! We even got to taste the different types of cake we could choose from and each one was megalicious!!! I cannot wait until they cut the cake lolCiara are in the wedding party. They both looked stunning and that sealed it...another box ticked!
Home late Monday night and run around Tuesday trying to catch up and get organised for my next big event...the Mobo's!! I knew Mary J was coming to Glasgow for business and we had planned to meet the next day for a quick lunch before she headed back but instead invited me to be at her table at the awards night. Like I said my kids were 'well jel' lol. Mary J and I have never met and it's one thing emailing or having the odd chat on the phone but I didn't need to worry. She's as lovely as I thought she would be and we didn't stop talking. I was a bit aprehensive as I was rubbing shoulders with Partners, CEO's and Project Managers and all I seem to rub is dirty paws! In the taxi on the way to the SECC I said I was only a domestic engineer where Mary J quick as lightening said I was a DE lol. Mary's collegues were all lovely and Julie, a sister of one of them, Carolyn, is getting married either this weekend or next so there was a lot of wedding chat going on. Good luck Julie..hope you have a fabulicious day :-D
Here are a couple of pictures from the night. Most of them were rubbish because of the lights but a couple turned out ok...

MP...notice the rubber dress lmao (Ladybug inside joke)!!!

JLS presenting an award to Boyz to Men

How gorgeous is Mary??!!!!!
 Yes it's the same dress I wore to Ellyn's party but as I 'don't do dresses' I thought I did well to wear one lol.

It was a great night...we saw a lot of 'celebriies' though didn't know who most of them were lol. Mary was in charge of taking pictures of famous people so she was snapping away not knowing if they were famous or not :-S I love people watching and there were plenty of 'interesting people' around believe me!!Thanks again for a great night Mary J :-D
Well, I think that's me caught up. I have a surprise 40th tomorrow so need to make a card then I've got Rhianna on Monday with Nicole Ben and Ciara...I'm going to need a holiday to recover!
Have a brilliant weekend whatever you do.
Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

wow fab card , and even more fabarooni pics.. everyone looks gorgeous .. and you and Mary were most definitely the coolest chicks there!
What a hectic social whirl lol..
Lisa xx

Lyndsey Marie said...

OMG sounds like you have had an amzing few days am very jel lol!!!, thanks for showing us the piccys you and Mary J both look fabalishious.
Lyndsey xx
PS your card is fab too lol!!

Suzy Q said...

Lololol!!!.... Wow! I'm exhausted after reading that blog!!... You certainly have had alot on recently!!! Lucky you & Mary J rubbing shoulders with the stars at the mobo's!!! Looked like an amazing night!!!..... Thanks again 4 jim's card! He LURVED it!!! Can't believe you made my hubby's card before I'd even THOUGHT of it!!!!!! ;D xxx

Mary J said...

Whew! You must be so tired Kerry! What fabby piccies - looks like you've just had far too much in just a few days!

What a fab night at the MOBO's - thx for coming along and everyone LOVED you!! I'm still verrrry tired and will post my photos later!

Here's to our next event!

M xx

Mary J said...

I meant to say "far too much FUN!!!"

Julie said...

LOL!!! What a brilliant post,so much excitement in your life! Fab sentiment on the card too!
Tis a great one too by the way! Off to grab that coffee,wish I'd opted for grabbing one B4 lol!x

Whimsey said...

What fun - LOVE all the pictures - you girlies are gorgeous.

And you KNOW I think your family is fabilicious!! :D

Pami said...

What fabulous photos!! Sounds like you had a great weekend and night out!! I think you will need a holiday after it all!

I do have to say though I am way more impressed with the photo of Uncle Dave than any stars at the Mobos!! How cool!! P x

Sue said...

Lol I've heard of people dropping phones down the loo but never passports!! Has it dried out yet? Looks like you all had a fabby time so it was all worth it :-).
Great pics of you and Mary too, you both look amazing!
Great card too - just adore Magnum
Sue xx

Amanda R said...

Fabulous card Kerry and loved hearing the little bits about your life. Much more interesting than mine for sure! and now I know why you look tired in the picture, cause you were!