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Friday, 15 April 2011

Stop the clock!

TGIF!!! Phew...I don't know about you but my days are disappearing faster than an icecream on a hot day!! I'm getting nothing done fast and my 'to do' list is growing by the second.

 Ok that's enough complaining from me...I want to show you a card I recieved from BFF the other day. I knew one was in the making and thought it would be the usual square card we both love to make. But oh no...Karen pulled out all the stops and made me THE most gorgeous card. I'm not sure what the style is might be double easel but I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong lol!!

Have a looksee and let me know what you think... gorgeous is this!!!!

Thought this angle showed it off better

Phoebe & Olivia
 (notice my fancy schmancy watermark...finally figured out how to do it and not sure if I should keep it red or not...suggestions on a post card)

I love this sentiment :-D

This is the celery faux suede ruffle ribbon

I just love this card and I was keen to try it out and I did but you can't see it till next week lol. It was a bit tricky at first but it probably isn't and just me being thick!

Now I'm a bit concerned because my friend Susan has been holding her breath because I mentioned in my post on Tuesday that I had something I was going to share the next day and I haven't posted anything since TLT!!! So before she loses consciousness I'll share a little teaser with you....I've a new release coming up!!!!! And breathe Susan lol. OMG...I'm so excited about it and the Ladybugs loved the new images when they saw them. They're different from what I've got at the moment from a new (to me) talented illustrator. More details will be given over next couple of weeks so make sure you check back.

I've got a busy day of Nicole's bridesmaids (her cousin Ciara) is travelling down from Harrogate tonight and tomorrow we're going bridesmaid dress hunting. We've got 3 appointments booked...10am, 1pm and 4pm and they're about 45 min-hour apart!!! I think it will be a trip to the chippy for dinner lol. Wish me luck!

That's it from me for today...thanks for stopping by

Hope you have a great weekend

Catch ya later xx


Diane's Card Designs said...

Hi Kerry, the name of the card is Double Twisted Easel and I bet you know who taught us this design at class lol......the lovely Lyndsey.
This is beautiful I love the image on one side and the verse on the other. The shiny swirls are very effective. Also the stitching is very neat. Can't wait to see yours next week.
Good luck with the bridesmade dresses!
Diane :-) xx

Pami said...

wow gorgeous Kerry, love the paper as well. I see a lot of these easel cards but no idea how to do them!! Have a great day tomorrow! P x

Carrie said...

Oh my this is just lovely.. lucky you.. can't wait to see what yours will look like!!!

Have fun shopping.. and did I just read a new release is comming???????

Gaynor said...

What a stunning card, really lovely details. I got my SU word window punch today , i'm so excited lol. Can you post a tutorial on how to do the watermark please...

Thanks Gaynor.

Susan said...

Phew !!! Now I am excited :-)
Love this card and the colouring - need lessons !!
Enjoy your day tomorrow - what colours has Nicole got in mind ??
Have you chosen your outfit ??


Suzy Q said...

Wooohhhoooopppddeeeedddooooo!!!!!!!! A new release!!!!! Lololol!!!
Love, love, love this card!! INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE!!! lol!! & check you out with your watermark!!! Very professional!! :-D xx

Lisa Jane said...

wow this is stunning. I love the card ... so pretty

And check out that watermark.. fabuloso

Lisa xx

pinky said...

Its adorable, love all the bits and pieces on it. Hope the dress hunting went well, I can smell those chips over here lol.

Amanda R said...

Ok, let's see, love the watermark but don't think I care for the red only cause it might clash with a card you make. Love the double easel, easel cards might be a good challenge huh? And have a fun and safe trip tomorrow looking at bridesmaids dresses!

Whimsey said...

SAH-WEET card...Amanda, we can do easel cards but don't you go throwin' a DOUBLE easel in there - uh huh, that be wrong. LMBO!

Have fun, sounds like a crazy - crazy day!

Love the watermark - you are so talented!!

Mary J said...

Really pretty card, Kerry! It must have taken you aaages - I don't think I'll be joining in this challenge cos it will take me months to do!!

Great watermark - good point by Amanda but then again ladybugs are red!! Does it work in bold - might make it stand out better?

Shirley-anne said...

Hello Kerry .Fab creation is that double easle card .INSPIRATIONAL .
I think your watermark signature is ok .clear enough , bright enough but not intrusive .