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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Hostess with the Mostest

Those Royals sure know how to throw a party! Ok so they probably had hundreds of people working flat out to get Wills and Kate's big day organised down to the finest detail (with some help from the happy couple) but boy oh boy it sure was something else. I loved EVERYTHING about it though it took me till the end of the ceremony to love her dress. Now don't get me was a beautiful dress and she was a stunning bride but I wasn't expecting lace for some reason and I also thought it would be more figure hugging. But by the end I was won over lol. Her sister's dress was AMAZING as was her mom's...The detail on the cuff's of the coat was stunning so I'm thinking since I'm going to be a MOB next year I might just go for the coat dress setup. I'm not a dress person...I own a couple but it wouldn't be my choice...I think it's the tomboy in me. Give me a sweatshirt, jeans and a pair of converse any day lol. But Nicole says I'm NOT allowed trousers in any shape or form...I was thinking really wide palazzo trousers with a nice jacket but I've been overruled!

Had a great time at Suzy Q's yesterday for the WOTY. I DID manage to get tiara's when I was out with Sadie on Thursday night...Claire's Accessories came to the rescue. I wore mine to pick Lynn up...I'm sure I got some funny looks, especially from the guy who was doing Lynn's grass. He did a double take when I got out of the car lol. We arrived at Susan's and  very quickly we were transformed into princesses for the afternoon....

The Three Princess's

Princess Lynn

Princess Susan & Princess Lynn

There's always one lol!

Princess Ladycow & Princess Lynn

I thought I'd better take some pictures of the wedding itself...

The Beautiful Couple

The Kiss!!!

I was so excited when I got this picture of them kissing lol.

Susan had a great wedding lunch for us...salmon and cucumber sandwiches, quiche, potato salad, salad, coleslaw and yummy icecream and strawberrys for dessert. We started with non-alcoholic cocktails then swiftly moved onto champagne with strawberries although I only had a tiny glass since I was driving. I left about 1:30 and the other two princesses carried on with the celebrations. Thanks Suzy Q for a flabulous time :-D

And since we're on the wedding theme, Nic and Ben asked us to go see another venue this morning that they had visited during the week. It didn't get off to a great start when the receptionist asked our name and I told her O'Leary, she picked up the phone and said 'that's O'Leary here' (which she repeated about 3 times)! Now I don't know what you would think of that but we weren't impressed she didn't say 'Mr & Mrs O'Leary are here'. The other thing we picked up on was that once she finished the call she didn't come over and say 'Stephanie will be with you in a moment'. We were just left hanging so we decided that if we owned the hotel she would be sacked lol. After all she's not given us a great first impression of the hotel and I believe first impressions count for a lot.

Stephanie was lovely though and more than made up for the receptionist but I don't think we're convinced. Nicole LOVES this place and I know she was unhappy we didn't love it too but she did want our opinion and I wasn't going to tell porky pies. At the end of the day it's what she wants and if this is the place then this is the place. And here I thought finding the dress was going to be the tricky part lol.

We've got a stunning day today so I'm going to go and sit outside for half an hour before I get stuck into some work.

Don't forget to take advantage of the FREE WORLDWIDE POSTAGE this weekend!!

Have a great weekend :-D

Catch ya later x


Suzy Q said...

aaahhh....what a day!! The wedding was just wonderful and the company at my house wasn't TOO BAD either!! lol! I hope Nicole and Ben realise that the bench mark for weddings has well and truly been set!!! ..... any plans for TREES at the ceremony?? xx

Lisa Jane said...

oh you girls look Princessaliscious!

You could have given any of the guests a run for their money .. and Harry would have had his eye on you i am sure lol
Glad you had a fabarooni day
Lisa x

pinky said...

Lol so many princesses and not enough princes lol. Sounds like you enjoyed the day, I did too. A real fairytale. How on earth are you going to match that MOB outfit, its was just gorgeous.

Sue said...

Hi Kerry, glad you all managed to get Tiara's... you all look very regal :-D, I wasn't that bothered in watching, but was hooked when I saw her leave her hotel, and awww, bless didn't they both look happy :-)

Hope the ongoing search for a hotel turns up something good soon - maybe the receptionist was having a really bad day, no excuse I know, but it must be really hard having to be nice and smile at people all day ;-)

Sue xx