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Thursday, 7 April 2011


I received the following email last night:


I am flattered that you use one of my sketches for your challenge 22.
Tams is claiming the sketch as hers, well it is mine..
She has just cropped my name away.
Here is the original sketch;

Would love to have my name still on it, and even a link over to me.

Thank you!

Maya Stenshagen

If you read Tam's blog she never claims the sketch was hers. I contacted Tams straight away and she was horrified. She couldn't remember a name being on it so had a search and found the email she'd sent to Lisa with the sketch attached and which had Maya's name on. I then called Lisa and she realised she had unintentionally cropped Maya's name off. I immediately contacted the Ladybugs asking them to change the sketch to the one with the name and add a link to Maya's blog. There are still a few to do this but it will be done. Lisa has emailed Maya to explain her mistake and apologise for any upset we had caused. I thought that would be the end of it but unfortunately 4 or 5 mindless people thought they should leave nasty and horrible comments on Tam's blog. I will now categorically say that neither myself nor any of my DT would knowingly 'steal' a sketch, we are not cheats or liars. I am a big advocate of giving credit where credit is due. It was an honest mistake and Tam's is rightly upset that she is being targeted like this.

Now that I have explained and Maya has been rightly credited for her sketch I hope this will be the end of the matter.


Susan said...

How amazing someone so far away is reading your blog !!
How sad people feel the need to leave nasty comments :-(
Love your blog - love your design teams cards and blogs - just carry on doing what you do best - and make my day xxxxx

caz209 said...

Oh Kerry its quite sad that adults have to be nasty. Anyone that reads your blog and those of your design team would realise what genuine nice people they are and would never knowingly do this very sad. Keep up the good work Cx

A New Crafter said...

Mistakes happen, and can be rectified quickly, unfortunately, for whatever reason people wish to leave nasty comments, perhaps the "instant" technology age, encourages "instant comments" to be made without thinking things through. Maya's email is friendly, and not nasty, others should follow her example. I must say, I have looked at her blog and her creations are beautiful. Kerry, your followers know that all at LBCI and genuine people and, as I said earlier, mistakes happen....Anne

pinky said...

Oh dear, I can categorically say that no one on our team would endeavor to hurt anyones feelings or say that something belongs to them that doesn't but we are all human!! As you say let that be the end of it.

Rusty said...

Look at me, lil miss trouble maker lol ... bet you wish I had stayed on leave for a while longer eh? LOL xxx

Maya said...


I am sorry for saying that Tams was claiming the sketch as hers, but the image was filed under her name..
And when i read the challenge post, it said that Tams had choose a sketch, and no word about nothing where she had found it.
So then we all asumed that it was hers, right?!

But i wasn`t mad or anything that you ladies used the sketch, i was flattered!
So i have nothing to do with the nasty comments!

And i would have loved to be notified about my email was published here...

Have a wonderful week, and happy crafting to you all :)
Hugs from Maya