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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bumpy landing

BFF and I weren't too sure if we were going to make the landing at Heathrow. Everything seemed to be going well until we landed when I think a gust of wind came at us from the side and we actually were skidding from side to side before we skidded to a stop! I don't think we were in any danger as the pilot seemed to be in total control but there was a stunned silence when we did stop. All the passengers just looked at each other as if to acknowledge we had a lucky escape. Luckily for Karen Heathrow was her final stop...I still had to get to Glasgow. I'd heard the weather had been horrendous...snow, sleet, wind, name it they had it. It wasn't until we started our decent that the turbulence started and we were tossed about like rag dolls. VERY scary and I was surprised at how gentle the landing was. Well done and thank you to both pilots!

I thought I'd show you the rest of the pictures from CHA and afterwards. I PROMISE I won't mention those 3 letters again...till next year lol.

This post is a bit long so you might want to grab a cuppa before you begin!!

This was the opening you think it was for my benefit lol

Team Ladybug ready and waiting!

Do you like the uniforms?

My neighbor...the lovely Debbi Moore and an extremely gross picture of me

There was an exhibitor selling body paint and glitter. Karen disappeared and came back with a sparkly ladybug. I went off to get one myself and look what I came back with....

...a ladybug on my face!! It didn't feel like I had anything on my face and I soon forgot it was there. I couldn't understand why I was getting funny looks and then remembered lol.

Here was Tracey's tattoo...

Now I mentioned that someone famous from the crafting world in the US came onto our stand and was filmed admiring Annette's Cupcake Cutie chipboard book. Well here she is but I can't find her card to tell who she is!!! If anyone can name this lovely lady please let me know so I can give her the credit she deserves :-D

I took pictures of some of the amazing stands...I thought my little 10 x 10 look flabulous till I saw these lol. This one is Doodlebug


This one's for Hayley....Bo Bunny!!! Check out the ribbon to the left of the picture...yummy! Please get the 5/8" spotty ribbon Hayley!!!!

The Girl's Papiere

Ranger...I saw Tim Holz!!!


EK Success - think Martha Stewart punches!!

Another one for Hayley!

Me and BFF fooling around

Ladybug love between Shelly and Karen

Look who I found on set up day...Emily from Stamping Bella!!! I'm afraid I did have the 'can I have a picture' moment lol.

On the first day I had a bit of an embarrassing moment when 3 lovely ladies appeared on our stand. I was chatting away to them when I noticed one of them was Betsy Veldman. Before I started LCI and I had more time, Betsy's blog was one I visited daily. She designs for PTI and just does the most amazing things with paper, stamps etc. Well, when the penny dropped I looked at her and said 'I love you Betsy'...{cringe} I'm sure she couldn't get away fast enough lol.

With the show over early on the Tuesday Team Ladybug headed for a spot of retail therapy. Karen and Shelly did their homework and found this little jewel...I think it's called the Americana in Glendale (please correct me if I'm wrong!). It was a stunning place to go shopping with lots of outdoor stalls and fabulous shops and a cinema. I loved it here and could picture it at Christmas with snow falling (I know they don't get snow but it would be stunnalicious if it did) and twinkling lights

This was the dancing water fountain

Our next shopping trip was Wednesday and we went to The Grove...apparently Monday through Wednesday were the days the stars shopped or appeared as the paps weren't allowed in. We weren't disappointed....look who we saw....

All you Star Trek fans will recognize William Shatner. He's in a new sitcom that Tracey and Shelly say is hilarious.

We had some lovely weather...this was the best day so the sunnies came out!

We went to The Cheesecake Factory twice. The first time we didn't have room for dessert so when we went to the Grove we made sure we saved room. I chose Caramel Pecan Turtle Cheesecake...yummalicious!! No wonder I've got such a round face these days lol.

Karen's was yummalicious was Dutch Apple Caramel Struesel

Shelly and Tracey left for the airport first...this was us before they left in the shuttle bus {sniff}

Team Ladybug!

 Hope you enjoyed our little trip as much as we did....we had a blast! We met some wonderful people from all over the world including Aruba (believe it or not they have 5 craft stores!!), Hawaii, Mauritius, Korea, Australia, South Africa, Spain, France, Germany, Tasmania, Taiwan, Singapore, Brazil and Canada

My next trade show will be at Stitches in Birmingham February 20th - 22nd. I'll be in the Bright Sparks Pavilion again....Stand BS16 so if you're attending make sure you come and say hello.

That's it for tonight....thanks for stopping by.

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

Woweee..... just flabarooni.. looks even better than i imagined..your stand was amazing.. and who could resist you lovely lady's .
Thanks for sharing ..w e have been waiting all week to see lol..
You will be an old Pro when you get to stitches
Lisa ;)

Pami said...

Welcome back Kerry! I have been dying to see photos and what you got up to! It all looks fabulous!! The stand looked amazing, you did good girls!! So pleased you had a great time and your shopping trips looked like fun as well! Good to have you back! Pami x

theCook said...

Sounds like you had a great time, except for the landings... Thanksfor the pictures and - wow - you saw Tim Holtz!!!!

Suzy Q said...

Hmmmm.... No wonder you never mentioned the DANGEROUS landings 2 me!!!! Oh that's far 2 scary!!! Never catch me on a plane (till march!!) lol!!
Glad you are all back home safely, sounds like you had a ball although I would have preferred BRAD PITT pics over WS!! lol!
Your stand looked fabulous!! In fact the whole place looked amazing! I don't think I can fully appreciate the size of the venue, guess U've gotta be there.
Right I'm off 4 a slice of cheesecake seeing as you've put me in the mood!! :-D xxx

Sue said...

Welcome back Kerry, your stand looked amazing, but I don't envy you those landings :-)
Glad you had some time to relax after the show too, great pics too, but like Suzy Q, Brad Pitt or George Clooney would have been preferable :-)

Sue xx

Hayley @ said...

THANK YOU!!!! (For the amazing pics of Bo Bunny and Prima, I am swooning around thinking about gorgeous papers and the most amazing flowers/embellishments and papers that will be arriving this week - eeeeeeeek!!!!)
That apple strudel cheesecake looks devine yum yum!!!
Beautiful photos Kerry, it looks as though it was a huge success and that you had the most amazing time! Can't wait for Stitches!!
And er, how long is it since you've looked at my website... I have 5/8" Bo Bunny ribbons :)(honestly tut tut, anybody would think you'd been busy with some major show... CHA was it?!) LOL!! There's a selection of the 5/8" in the double dot ribbon section. Oh and you should see the twill I'll be ordering very soon by May Arts! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Mary J said...

Thx for sharing - we've been dying for news!!! It all looked so fab - wish I could have been there although I'd probably come back bankrupt!

Brad Pitt please - over anyone!

Amanda R said...

Kerry, everything looked wonderful! Wish so much I could go someday, have to add that to my bucket list. And the lady you asked about I believe is Sandi Genovese. She is a bigtime scrapbooker and use to have her own TV show, not sure if she still does or not.

Rusty said...

Beautiful!! love seeing all of the pictures, can't see any of my samples though!! LOL ... sounds like you have had a fabulous time, well done Kerry, lets hope it all pays off! x

pinky said...

Wow what a trip, I am so jealous. So many wonderful sights and TASTES. Nice to have you back home again though:)

Whimsey said...

Oh looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! Hope it went well; anxious to hear.

Your shirts are adorable - an that ladybug on your face? LOL Love it!

Our youngest daughter is named Kaitlyn, although we call her Kaity-bug Ladybug ALL.THE.TIME! :D I'll have to share these pictures with her.

Glad you are home safe and sound - hugs!!

Annette said...

It all looks fantastic, looking forward to D'Lish tomoz to hear all about it!!!!!!!!!!! think LCI's stand was the cutest on the block and the t'shirts..... I hope we are all getting one of those to wear at the next crop AX

Roni said...

WOW, Wow, wow!! {Sigh} It looks amaaaaazing! I just love the way you tell your story Kerry, I feel as though I'm there with you and I can just about smell the cheesecakes! Yummm!

I also loved your uniforms with matching tattoos!

Glad to have you back and I'm glad you are all home safe and sound!

Hugs Roni :O) xoxox

cdm317 said...

I hope you enjoyed your visit to America! I believe the picture you asked about is Sandi Genovese. Love your blog!

Marsh730 said...

It is indeed Sandi Genovese, She's the host of 'Scrapbooking' on HGTV/DIY. Love your booth with all the cute Cricut cards/decorations. Hope you have a safe trip back home. Joined your Blog for all your updates!